Nigerians, Jews & Humanity's Common Good

by Paul I. Adujie

American Jewish Committee Celebrates 100 Years of Public Service & Nigerians In-Diaspora Organization’s Partnership With AJC Culminates In Launching Of African Institute, Nigeria Peoples Forum 7 Years; Attainment & Debates Of Common Good, Public Good For All Humanity – Adujie

American Jewish Committee or AJC for short stands for public good. Nigerians In-Diaspora Organization or NIDO for short stands for public good and so does Nigeria Peoples Forum, hereinafter referred to as NPF. And for convenience, we will now refer to these three organizations as AJC, NIDO and NPF respectively.

Published schedule of the above organizations informed the world of their activities spanning Thursday May 4, 2006 through the weekend in Washington DC. The events were all directed at the attainment of public good, the common good of all, and in particular, the good of Jews and their Nigerian counterparts.

The United Nations was represented by its Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan, the United States was represented by President Bush, Nigeria, was represented by Ambassador George Obizor and Ambassador Aminu Wali; Germany was represented by its new Chancellor Angela Merkel, and those who could not attend in person, attended via electronic means, as goodwill messages poured in from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel, Prime Minister Howard of Australia, and many more messages from governors of the states of the United States, Arnold Schwarznegger and New York’s Governor Pataki among others. It was a surprise to me, as to how many foreign heads of governments there were, which sent felicitations to AJC!

One of the reasons that I write here about AJC is because of its parallel goals with NIDO, and perhaps NPF. I have not read NPF’s aims, objectives or mission statements. But its activities, in which I participated several days ago, are clearly geared towards a better Nigerian nation. And as everyone knows, NIDO is an umbrella organization that encompasses all Nigerian socio-economic, cultural, political organizations outside the shores of Nigeria. NIDO is therefore a clearing house for all the Ummunah, all the Parapo and all the Zumunta associations through which Nigerians in-Diaspora and their friends congregate and associate in the name of a better Nigeria for all Nigerians at home and abroad. I understand that NPF was founded almost a decade ago, by Professor Bart Nnaji

AJC is a similar organization for Jews. There are a plethora of Jewish organizations in the United States and across the world, who, are in the hot pursuit of the interests of Jews. But AJC acts as an umbrella organization or clearinghouse for Jewish organizations, it is safe to describe AJC as a conglomerate of Jewish organizations.

NIDO is in a mutually beneficial partnership with AJC. Some months ago, AJC provided for free, a workshop or seminar for representatives of NIDO worldwide, on how to serve Nigeria selflessly, let me add, to serve Nigerians and humanity, selflessly. It was an eye-opening event. AJC’s formative years experiences are quite similar, if not identical to the growing pains of NIDO. But now, AJC has accumulated laurels in public service, selfless service, over the course of 100 years (1906-2006)

AJC invited Dr. Ola Kassim, Engineer Jumoke Akin-Taylor and my humble self, to its gala night in celebration of AJC’s centennial or 100 years of service to humanity. AJC was formed in May of 1906 and this penultimate May 4, 2006, AJC clocked 100 years of doing public good, attaining common good for Jews and non-Jews.

NIDO goals, aims, objectives and mission statements are quite like AJC’s. NIDO aspirations are to corral every idea, every effort, energy, every technology and every processes and procedures that will benefit Nigerians, Nigeria and the world.

NIDO has therefore found wonderfully spectacular opportunities in partnering with AJC. NIDO is open to other organizations that are similarly favorably disposed to sharing ideas and methods with NIDO, as NIDO learns the ropes, the conquering of the challenges that beset those who aspire to do volunteer and selfless work. AJC has push and pull and clout

AJC is a veteran organization in this regard. It has a wealth of experience in the service of humanity, particularly Jews. And AJC has had an open door policy towards NIDO as it has been willingly, sharing its ideas and methods with NIDO representatives.

AJC invited Dr. Kassim, who is the current chairperson of NIDO North Americas, to witness AJC celebrations of a hundred years of accomplishments and achievements as well as the launching of The Africa Institute, an organization with strong support and affiliation with AJC. AJC acting as coordinator and an organizer, a motivator etc, as it provided the essential impetus for the African Institute founding.

So, Dr. Kassim, a Nigerian physician, who lives and has extensive medical business, in the form of a series of medical outfits in Canada, left his business for several days, in the hot pursuit of Nigeria’s national interests. So did Engineer Jumoke Akin-Taylor, a NIDO coordinator extraordinaire, who similarly left her professional obligations and family obligations, just like the good doctor, all, in order to mind the store for Nigerians, at home and abroad, and yours truly, was just happy to be in their wondrously esteemed company.

Dr. Kassim and Engineer Taylor will answer you at 2:00AM or at other most inconvenient times, if your inquiry concern Nigerians and Nigeria and that is an understatement, considering their demonstrated sense of patriotism and commitment and, my experience with them, working assiduously on Nigeria’s behalf.

The activities began on Thursday May 4, 2006 In Washington DC, we witnessed the AJC gala, which included speeches of commitment to Jews and Jewish causes from President Bush and UN Secretary General Annan and other eminent personalities from across the world. The Africa Institute was launched.

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