Nigeria's 419 Constitution 4: An Igbo President? Mission Impossible!

by Bode Eluyera

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell


How can a country test the patriotizm of its citizens? What do you think? Please try to answer this question before reading on. In my opinion, it is through the number of its citizens that are ready to pick up arms voluntarily, and defend its territorial integrity, if the country is attacked. You will surely agree with me that nothing is more valuable than life. Do you agree with me? How many people can the Federal Government count on today to pick up arms happily, voluntarily and defend its territory incase of attack? Are you ready to pick up arms and die defending the integrity of Nigeria? Please answer before reading on. It is very important.


If you answer yes, you are either out of your mind, or most likely from the north, or you benefit tremendously from the present regime and structure, or all of the above. Personally, I am not ready to do that now, and I will never do it! And, I am sure millions of Nigerians will not too. Mind you, I am not saying that one’s country is not worth dying for, but not today’s Nigeria. Olorun ma je! So, who wants to die for today’s Nigeria? Are the Ndi-Igbos that the Federal Government massacred mercilessly between 1967-1970, and not long ago again in the north, expected to carry up arms and defend Nigeria’s integrity? Or, does the Federal Government rely on the oppressed, terrorised, suppressed, colonised Niger deltans out of patriotizm and gratitude to do that?

I am 100% sure that if Nigeria is attacked today by a foreign country, instead of voluntarily carrying up arms, and lay down their lives defending it, in contrast, a large number will be glad to collaborate with the “enemy?” for free. Millions will cross to the other side. It is unfortunate, though, it is the bitter truth, that after the forced and unequal marriage between the south and the north, known as “amalgamation” in 1914, the Federal Government can only rely on a very few to defend it. If any senior government official disagrees with my assertion, I openly challenge him to conduct an independent opinion poll in different parts of the country, and make the result known to the public.

As I have already said, personally, I can’t even risk my health; talk less of my life for the integrity of the present Nigeria. However, if an enemy attacks Yoruba land, as a true son of Oduduwa, I am ready to carry up arms voluntarily and fight till my last blood. Oduduwa Republic is totally different from Nigeria.

The bitter truth is that only the north or northerners will carry up arms to defend Nigeria’s integrity simply because their existence and survival depend on Nigeria’s existence. Today, only the north is for the integrity of Nigeria because the Niger delta oil is their lifeblood. Only the descendants of Othman Dan Fodio care most whether Nigeria breaks or not, because they benefit most from the present Nigerian political system and constitution. It is the lazy, barbaric, backward, illiterate, unproductive, parasitic and lovers of Bin Laden that today’s Nigerian political structure favours most, and they will do everything within their capacity to maintain the status quo. Political events unfolding now are an evidence of my assertion.

You probably need further explanation. From my analysis, with the present political structure and constitution that Nigeria operates, all things being equal, if a presidential election is held at any time t, at least in the next 50 years, the probability or chance of a northerner becoming the president is 75%, compared to 20% for the S.W., and 2.5% each for the S.E. and S.W. respectively. This data can also be interpreted like this: If 10 consecutive presidential elections are held from today in Nigeria based on the present constitution and political structure, the north has a good chance of producing the president 7-8 times, the S.W. 2-3 times, the chances of the Ndi-Igbos and the S.S. Is practically zero. You might want to know how I arrived at these figures or percentages. I will definitely explain.

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Paul (USA) April 18, 2007 - 9:20 pm

Bode, while doing this analysis, please you must include the political interests which Obasanjo and some brainless southerners like him share with the North. At least, looking at the present situation in the country, where Obasanjo single handedly selected Yar"Adua to become the president of Nigeria in next Saturday's presidential election, you will agree with me that there is something practically wrong upstairs with some Southerners too. They have to share in the blame or sell-out to the North. Don't you think that some of the Southerners (OBJ) inclusive are also selling the hope, dreams and aspirations of the Southerners to the North for peanuts? At this critical hour of Nigeria's political emancipation, a bloody person like the president is still licking the ass of the North. All I can say is that the president is giving back the presidency to the North just as the North gave him the election in 1999. If the harpless senators collecting bribes had impeached OBJ all these while, the Southerners would not be in this perpetual bondage. OBJ should therefore be held responsible for the plight of the South. It is a shame on this criminal and fraudster called OBJ.


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