Nuhu Ribadu: A True Defender of The Rule of Law

by Paul I. Adujie

Neither pain, intimidation nor death threats will derail the EFCC he said. Our fight against corruption is a worthy fight. It is total. It is imbued with national, continental and global implications. Winning the war against corruption is of substantive significance. Winning the war against corruption will determine Nigeria‘s place in the world says Nuhu Ribadu

Mallam Ribadu in his very specific and pristine manner, outlined the role rich and corrupt Nigerian citizens are presently playing in maligning the EFCC corruption fight efforts. He pointed to how the news media in Nigeria is controlled and used by the corrupt who he described as a tiny cabal, with a vice grip on Nigeria’s national affairs and Nigeria’s wealth.

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the chairperson of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is the real champion in Nigeria for the rule law and due process. Mallam Ribadu is a passionate and dedicated Nigerian public servant. He continues serve Nigeria with all his wisdom, strength and positive fervor, despite threats and great risks to his life and the lives of those EFCC employees, EFCC employees who are doing the heavy-lifting on behalf of all Nigerians.

This Assistant Inspector General of Police, Nuhu Ribadu, is a gem, a courageous man with so much grace under barrages of intense fire and brimstones!

The EFCC chairperson repeated his avowals again recently, his avowal, to defend Nigerians and Nigeria, against corruption. His passionate commitment to the total annihilation and elimination of corruption from Nigeria. In his comments made in New York, United States, at a one day seminar on the war against corruption. Ribadu’s dedication is absolute and it always shines through, it is a commitment that is total.

Mallam Ribadu is clearly the true champion of the rule of law and due process. The ideals, the true tenets, meaning and implications, put in proper contexts. Nuhu Ribadu and the EFCC have been the ones reminding Nigerians that no one is above the law. The EFCC chairperson has been the one, reminding Nigerians and everyone else, to abide by and obey the laws of Nigeria; from constitution of Nigeria to local regulations.

He has been the one, letting the corrupt amongst us, know that they are not above the laws of Nigeria. And that no one is above the law

During these past several years, the EFCC chairperson has sought to implement and follow the rule of law and due process, by putting the feet of he corrupt to the fire; By visiting corrupt persons with penalties, punishments and consequences for their illegalities, regardless of their prominence and high profile statuses.

He has brought down a corrupt Inspector General of Police Mr. Tafa Balogun, Mr. DSP Alamieseigha and several state governors, despite their corruptly acquired wealth, false prominence and clouts. The high and mighty, have paid stiff price and very dearly. It is the expectation that the train has left the station, the train that will eventually take many more corrupt officials to the jails they rightfully belong. It might take a bit more time, but, surely, the time will come for Mr. Orji Uzor Kalu, Mr. James Onanefe Ibori, Mr. Joshua Chibi Dariye and many others.

At a recent seminar, there were copious references to purchases there were made and some, still be made by corrupt pubic officials. He mentioned specific items as boats, planes and houses, as specific reference items on which corrupt politicians squander looted public money. He described how many of these corrupt Nigerians pay for homes in America and Europe and pay cash down and pay in full, a feat no American can accomplish, unless they are winners of a lottery jackpot. In America and Europe, houses are usually purchased and paid for by installments, frequently over an extended period of thirty years and sometimes, more years!

Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, a vice president at the World Bank, was among the panelist at the corruption war seminar. She made a concise presentation in which she averted the minds of all present to the major distraction and derailment which is caused by the corruption phenomenon in Nigeria

In very precise manner, she demonstrated to the audience’s delight, just how money budgeted for infrastructure are diverted. This diversions of money budgeted and targeted toward specific challenges, invariably lead to direct negative consequences such as bad roads, electricity or power failures and the near complete collapse of educational institutions, institutions that were hitherto, pride of our nation

Dr. Ezekwesili’s presentation was so well received, that the moderator, after the applauses, commented that Dr. Ezekwesili may have been taken away from Nigeria to the World Bank, but that Nigeria could never be taken out of her!

In recent times, there have been an upsurge of efforts, by certain persons who are attempting to rewrite recent Nigerian history of public events. These revisionists seem have literarily turned good logic in public debate on its head. Some people certainly are, by insisting and pretending that the only way to interpret compliance with the rule of law and due process, is to allow high profile and prominent citizens, public officials, who are looting public treasuries, is to set them free. Set them free, despite incontrovertible evidence of corruption against them. Why must Nigerians, in good conscience, let these looters go unpunished?

In June 2003, we wrote Adherence To The Rule Of Law And Due Process As Nigeria Advances and it was published; well before recent revisionism. Revisionism, started by shameless revisionists with their attempts to pull wool over the eyes of poor Nigerians. These futile attempts to shield brazen criminals, criminals, who have pillaged and plundered Nigeria of public resources. It is now common, to witness rote recitations and regurgitations of the rule of law and due process as mere cover and cloak for looters and common criminals who paraded themselves as public officials in our land!

We wrote Consequential Thinking as well as Certainty of Rewards and Punishments
Well before some duplicitous supporters of looters started preaching the rule of law some of us and the EFCC were already saying, No Need to Apologize No One is Above The Law.

Discerning Nigerians, know, as a matter of fact, the height of ignominy and extreme depravity in which public officials have engaged, for many years, and at great expense to all Nigerians. The desire, the burning desire, by the average Nigerian, I suppose, as far as these public officials are concerned, is to crush them with their revisionists liars. That would be a true justice. Nigerians and Nigeria have been deprived of billions of dollars in infrastructure and service, so deprived for years, it is estimated to be 400 billion dollars or more. Nigerians will be justified therefore, that they seek a pint of blood in legal penalti

es, for looters and the corrupt. Killers of our national dreams, all of them.

It seems in vogue these days, for these revisionists to engage in confounding obfuscation and confusion of the issues with their hypocrisy or false preachments of the rule of law and due process. Before these sing-song about the rule of law and due process came to be, there have been the brazen criminals who shredded our constitution and broke every laws and rules with impunity. Nigerians citizens now want penalties and consequences to be visited upon the pillagers and plunderers, who had established impunity and glorified it.

There will be vindications for all Nigerians, as we must take solace in the efforts of the EFCC, the ICPC and others, who continue to work tirelessly, in spite of the stiff opposition and resistance armies; the opposition that have been raised by the gluttony and greed of these corrupt public officials and their friends-sympathizers!

It is saddening to see these revisionists and sundry pretenders, who now seek to lectures us all, about the rule law and due process. It would appear that the priestly behaviors of Mr. Alamieseigha, Mr. Dariye, Mr. Kalu and Mr. Ibori, were what led them to have money and assets found with them, confiscated by Britain and elsewhere. Are these defenders of looters, now telling the world that Britain does not adhere to due process and the rule of law? Or is it simply the case that looters are finally being made to account for their criminal conducts in Nigeria and overseas!

Nigerians should support the EFCC. It is clear that the EFCC is unflinching, unwavering and unrelenting in its vehement war against corruption. Nigerians must stop vacillating about this fight against corruption and corrupt persons. We all must support the EFCC’s worthy cause. We must support, encourage and give credit to the EFCC for achievements and accomplishments! Our actions will determine the development, advancements and greatness of Nigeria

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