Odimegwu Onwumere ‘arrested’?

The Abia State Governor T.A. Orji’s boys have been spreading falsehood with
their pseudonyms and through blogs they create and on social networks that
I was arrested in Delta State a fortnight ago. They said that it was due to my
attempt to collect money from the Delta State government, according to
them, because I wanted to blackmail the Delta State governor and, he

They have also laced their fabrication with and, sheepishly said, that I’ve
implicated the former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, as my
sponsor. They also added their shame for the public to continue to ridicule
them, saying that the honourable body for journalists in the country –
Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) – has distanced itself in the faked

They labeled me fake journalist, madman, rapist, blackmailer, kidnapper and
whatever unprintable name you may think of on the mother earth. My only
‘sin’ was that I’ve been writing series of articles directing the
government in Abia State to change its non-performing attitude and give the
people dividends of democracy.

This is just the reason the government wants my head! But Gov. T.A Orji’s
media goons thought otherwise and started to write against me in the only
approach they know how to handle media matters – blackmail. They have been
using this method to silence dissenters. Many people I knew who raised
their voices at the early stage of this government and saw that their names
were peevishly associated with such grumpy behaviours, they chickened away.

The media hooligans to and, with the governor of Abia State, could be
surprise how I’ve resisted their evil agenda against me since 2012, they
have been in this ugly trade of blackmailing me, for my critical views.

They will soon write that I am using Kalu’s brain to write, through
cloning. Hope you read that I was arrested in Asaba, rapist, blackmailer,
extortionist, fake journalist, madman etc.? My people, don’t mind the T. A
Orji’s media-hoodlums.

Such write-up is all that they know how to write better. Anyway, thank you
my people for your concern. I did not want to write about this type of
tantrums targeted against me by the Abia State Government again, because
I’ve written against such severally, for the records. And I’m responding
again because of you; because you said that I should.

Please, am not working for Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu or for anybody, but for
posterity of our children here and unborn. I’m working for my conscience.
I’m very sure that the blackmail is coming from the media aides of Gov. T.
A Orji. They have done this before. I don’t think they will stop. This is
all they know how to do better.

They can’t deter me from my journalism practice. They are towing the line
of the government in Umuahia they serve: A failed and denounced government.

As you can see am a very free man walking the streets and doing more
investigative works than ever. They pose as ladies online for their kill,
their gibberish-nuisance called my arrest in Delta State. Gov. T.A Orji’s
boys have been peddling this about for so long. The media-assailants of the
governor use different names and styles to blackmail their target.

They had once circulated that I raped a 10yr old, caught in extortion in
Port Harcourt, arrested by Governor Chibuike Amaechi in extortion… But in
all of this, if I was ever ‘arrested’ it is in our state of Abia State,
where the governor is using blame and propaganda as tools for governance,
where agberos have a field day and the quest for power becomes the shoddy
ordeal of the masses.

I was ‘arrested’ in Abia where nobody in the government is ashamed,
responsible for the woes that have become Abia State. I was ‘arrested’ in
Abia State where Gov. T.A Orji is still blaming Kalu for the mis-governance
he is exhibiting in Abia.

Imagine, Kalu who has left office as governor for close to 7yrs now, a
governor in power is still blaming him for his failures as governor. Let us
agree that Ndi-Abia are crying that had Kalu known that T.A Orji would be
the thug to good governance he has become, he would not have supported him
to become the governor of the state.

And Kalu has apologised for the apology that Gov. T.A Orji has become in
the state.

I was ‘arrested’ in Gov. T.A Orji’s Abia State, where the government has no
solution to direct the many issues confronting it except to marshal out
media-mobsters to fight in conk manners against anybody that is perceived
to be telling it the truth.

This is the limit of desperation to duty of the Abia State Government. I
pity this government and its agents that have taken to habitual blame-game
and falsehood to keep people away from communicating genuinely with others
about it. Claptrap!

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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