Of Political He-goats, She-goats, Rattle Snakes and Turn-coats in Nigeria

Among the Nigerian political class, there are political he-goats, she-goats, rattle snakes and political turn-coats. They infest the political landscape like maggots.

From dawn to dusk, like a “restless run of locusts” Femi Osofisan), they criss-cross the enfeebled nation, making promises, raising hopes, attending funerals, birthday parties, sponsored newspaper self-advertisements, hunting for and purchasing DOCTORATE HONORIS NON CAUSA degrees from primary school-turned into universities and engaging in group dynamics on how to grab political power, in their own interests.

The he-goats and she-goats engage in concupiscent relations that weaken the authority of the he-goats to act against failure in office.

As a junior clerk in the Nigerian Ports Authority, Portharcourt, I used to go and pay dock workers in Okrika, Abonema, Buguma, Opobo, Azumini, where had encounters with the Owuminis of Rivers beautiful people. These are real daughters of the Queen of the Deep.
They love silver and gold, they have very high tastes and they can afford their expensive lifestyles.

If you are taken to their underworld kingdom, you will see raw materialism; affluence and the good life. They can entertain you till day-break or till cock crow.
They avoid poor men and stingy people. So, what is in car?

Our people go to England to see Princess Ann. They do not appreciate our queens and princesses. What a pity!

Nigerian politicians glibly talk about the “dividends of democracy”, which they appropriate to themselves.

The rattle snakes, with asps under their lips, pontificate what they never learned, that they are not sure about, but are sure of publicity by a solicitous press.
The political turn-coats jump unabashedly from one party to another looking for lucre. Dressed in resplendent “agbada”, with high quality lacings, he participates in political chicane ring, irredentist musings and occult practices.

These were the groups that gave their lives to satan by swearing to the Oath of political allegiance to the ruling party in anticipation of the third term debacle.
Knowing the disastrous consequences of oaths sworn to the devil, who would grant your ambitious request but must exert his return pay-up, I warned in a series of articles about the end result.

We have since witnessed sick governors, dead high office holders and unwellness in the politics of the land, where confusion, endless, fruitless negotiations, consume time that could have been used for policy formulation and implementation.

We had thought that the accusations leveled against many ministers were politically motivated until the Speaker of the Federal House of Representative, Lawyer Tambuwal, who knows about libel openly, declared that “Jonathan’s minister are corrupt”. He should not tar all ministers, for I know of honorable ministers in the cabinet.
I hope that this not a final “ Auf videsehne” to PDP.

BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU challenges Tambuwal to depose to an AFFIDAVIT and deposit same with the Supreme Court of Nigeria, naming corrupt ministers, the amounts involved in their corrupt acts, the notarized documentary evidence to prove his allegations or hold his peace.

I hereby petition the Supreme Court to request the Inspector-General of Police, the Chairmen of EFCC and ICPC to set up the judicial machinery to investigate Speaker Tambuwal’s allegations.

At the Bradford Initiative Office, damaging statements have been made deriding our country and office-holders and we shall not take the matter lying down.

Let all ministers not keep quiet because if they have been accused by such a highly placed official, who should know and they keep quiet, they have advertently or inadvertently acquiesced that they are indeed corrupt.

Then, the President must, in accordance with his Oath of Office and the authority vested in him by the Constitution, remove immediately, all proven corrupt ministers.
The AZATA/NEPU Party deposes that it is not unusual for Presidents to dissolve their cabinets, if his ministers commit acts that discredit his government.
The Republic of Nigeria, does not owe anyone ministerial positions from where they commit crimes against the people of Nigeria. So help us God!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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