Maybe there is the need to make immigration laws less friendly for those without any form of education or skill, like these uneducated girls and ladies, whose only means of living is what is between their legs.

Perhaps prior to the Odighizuwa case, only a few people bother about the thousands of immigrants that end up in the different inner cities in America; in county, state and federal jails; in mental hospitals and in the gutters as a result of trying to escape the harsh realities of American life via the use of drugs.

What merits Obasanjo's return to power? His clever way of deceiving the nation that he is going abroad to get foreign investors, while he is after his estacodes?

The God of Obasanjo is likely to encourage him to seek a second term whereas the God of Tunde Bakare continues to inform us that Obasanjo is not the messiah. So, which of these Gods are we to believe? Is it the God of Bakare or Obasanjo?

The news programs in America are doing the American people a disservice by keeping them in the dark about the rest of the world…

Lagos is a state under siege, my friends. That's what you call leisurely robbery attacks that go on for hours without any police assistance in sight.

Who is the audience of the immigrant creator of art? Has he exiled himself from relevance by moving away from his country…and all the cultural elements that give his art life?