The Biafra actualisation Forum is made up of Igbos in exile in America who put their time, money and energy into the project of actualising the Biafra Nation. The are believed to be working closely with the movement for the Actualization of the Soveriegn State of Biafra, MASSOB.

What is the future of Nigerian presence in this country? Leaving home and coming to America… For you, has it been worth it?

Femi Kuti not only attacked the Nigerian Government and warned of a fast approaching civil war, he also lambasted western democracies for turning a blind eye on corruption in African nations.

To write not just about the future, but about what it would be like, would require more than minor talents like the ability to read economic indices or monitor the progress of technology. It required, more crucially, a language and an attitude of mind, and anyone who possessed anything close to these would hardly bother…

Some call Nigeria hell. I call it home and I'll gladly go burn in it.

A fortnight ago in Washington D.C., just a few blocks away

from the Nigerian Embassy here, a Biafran house was opened, the Biafran flag

was hoisted and the Biafran national anthem was jubilantly sang by hundreds of