Political Transparency and the Judicial System

Political transparency positioning is arguably a fundamental principle of effective democratic systems. It is a universally established standard of moving any country or state frontward. Be it developed countries or third world nations, the effective segmentation of the arms of government are the only mechanism of creating a transparency model that works. Legal findings and developments in Nigeria as it relates to annulments and replacements of governors and other fraudulently elected officials in the INEC conducted elections of 2007 have created jubilations and validations of the need to accelerate as best possible the core principles of good democratic processes.

Nigeria is not any different from other nations that seek good election practices that respect the mandates of the people. Be as it may, the citizens of Nigeria are becoming accustomed to the globules of positive modifications. Despite the dichotomy between the rich and the poor, there is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction among the citizens that highly corrupt officials will pay the price for their actions. The legal system has taken a critical and impact role in ratifying the compromising acts of corrupt officials.

In the euphoria of all developments, we must separate propaganda acts from actual political violations. There are states where the elections were free and fair. The courts are starting to recognize and uphold those results. The citizens must respect the findings of the courts regardless of the propaganda created by some contestants that continue to galvanize the support of the press to foray the free and sometimes gullible minds of the citizens that rely on news report to reach their conclusive findings. There is progress in the political system in Nigeria.

The courts should continue to take the lead in addressing the embarrassments that have plagued the political system for years. We have a constructive development. We must continue to uphold the positive evolution we have embraced. With time, there will be a transformation in the overall approach the citizens adopt in running for positions knowing the possible outcome of their practices if found to be corrupt.

Paradoxical Intervention

To achieve sustainable and progressive development, the electoral management practices in Nigeria must be changed. That means, the fundamental operational parameters of INEC must be changed or transformed for several compelling factors such as (a) ethical accountability, (b) unbiased interest, (c) independent judgment rights and (d) intentional violation consequences up to and including jail time if officials are found guilty of encouraging political corruption. The modus operandi on ground must be designed to fight corruption per se. The intervention approach must be logical rather than being speciously organized with subtle intentions to violate the electoral process.

Osunbor – Oshiomhole Verdict

Do the citizens of Edo State have the gumption to deal with unnecessary and complex in-fighting right now? No. Then, we must respect the new judgment of the court while the honorable Governor (Professor) Osunbor appeals while complying with the rule of law. The people must continue to encourage good citizens’ attraction to continue to keep us on the model track being set in place by Governor (Professor) Osunbor.

Less than a year into the governor’s tenure, he has been inherently faced with critical distractions sown by a core group of questionable political intrigues that seek to control and dictate rather than guide for progress. Where do the needs of the citizens play into these marketplace squabbles that could ultimately slow the progressive successes of infrastructure development in the state?

My sadness stems from the fact that I know perhaps the fear of one of the participants involved. In my humble opinion, Edo State is today blessed with a man-of-the-millennium governor that has a deep seated fear. He is a didactic leader. He has a fear that most great leaders have had over the years. He has a fear that has made nations progressive.

In view of his fears, it is important to know that what he fights for today in Edo State is altruistic. He seeks to break the stronghold of those that have influenced the operational machinery of the state for years dating back to the removal of Professor Ambrose Alli. He fights for the citizens in Diaspora who seek safety during visits. He fights for those afraid to stand up for fear of retaliation. He fights for the future that could change the lives of Edo State children years from today. He is fighting for the opportunity to have a say in the regional operational mechanism that will create the systemic processes of lower level accountability of fairness and success.

Osunbor’s legacy will not be dictated by the compromises he reaches with those with discreet and unfair agendas. In spending time with him in Dallas, it became clear to me that he has the fear of failing his people and most important, the fear of God. Any person that cares for the masses and has the fear of the Almighty God is the leader we need. His fears are the fears every man of honor and integrity should have.

The verdict is the verdict and it must be respected during due process appeal. The law must be complied with and the outcome will be difficult. As nations grow, they encounter turbulences that are not often resolved on the easy. While the tensions are high, it is important to note that the desire by some to darken the Edo State leadership hierarchy breeds concern. Not often do nations gain from having true leaders in positions of power. Oftentimes, it is the unwillingness to compromise their integrity or make agreements that could lead to stagnations of growth for the gain of their sponsors that makes the difference.

I respect the judicial system.

Written by
Sylvester Fadal
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  • bros you are too much. i know one day you will be in edo state goverment. this is ur brother friend in nigeria. paulo. frank friend.

  • Hello Dr Sylvester Fadal.

    It is good to read your essay after a long absent in this forum. The last time I read your article, was when the campaign for the set of the governor of the state was high. I remember vividly, that you strongly advocated for the Osunbor candidacy, while you emphasised on why he should or will be the best governor of the state. We have observed the policies of Osunbor since he took over power in the state, have tried to undo most of the abandon work left behind by his predecessor, particularly in the area of infrastructure, I can’t be, but proud of his achievements so far. You mentioned in this article, that Mr Osunbor is God fearing, and someone that has a burning desires to improve the wellbeing of its people. I agree with you, seeing what he has achieved in his short time in office. We have also seen the riff raff that have been going on in his party, that has practically broken in two parallel lines. However, we most uphold what is right, and respect the desire of our people. The Verdict in favour of Oshiomhole most hold, and he oshiomhole needs to be given an opportunity to prove himself. As a one time labour leader that has faced one of the toughest regime without fear or succumb de corruption, is well enough to pull down all the distractor or God fathers in the state to where they belong. I am more than convinced that he is up to the task, and will wed aside the negative influence of people like the Ogbemudias, Igbinadions, Aneneh etc.., and will bring progress and development to the state. Meanwhile I will like to use this medium to commend the performance of governor Osunbor, I am pleased to inform that our state is blessed to have these two men, and I sincerely believe and hope that Oshiomhole will and should find a way to implicate Osunbor in his administration.

    Congratulations Oshiomhole

    Congratulations Edo state.