President Buhari, Beware, You’re Presiding Over the Crisis of a Wealthy Nation

President Buhari, as you begin to clean the Aegean of corruption in Nigeria, beware of political and military friends, and friends of friends; take heed of political associates; come not near opportunists; pseudo-theists and the likes love thee not. The plebeians are behind you in your resolve to make Nigeria great again. This is the time Nigerians should be more expressive in their displeasure and support your government’s efforts to expose the ways mismanagement and graft were made the order of the day in the administration of People’s Democratic Party in Nigeria.

BuhariIt’s only in Nigeria or this part of the world, that this mindless political and economic crimes would be committed and some people will still support those who perpetrated these crimes. It’s a big shame.

Meanwhile, Social media has clearly revealed and uncovered the veils on the faces of those masquerading as patriots and agitators for true democracy in Nigeria. We know them and they know themselves. I readily remember my article of February 3, 2015 in The Guardian Newspapers prior to the presidential elections titled: “The Burdens of History”? When African Independent Television station AIT in Lagos was demonizing the person of Muhammadu Buhari. In their Goebbels’ documentary, you were called all sorts of unprintable names. You stayed calm and remain unscathed because you’re standing by the truth. Your persona is a “Conscience Nurtured by Truth”. But history is bunk. We are now witnessing the premonition and substance as contained in the article.

There’s earthly, and a supreme price to be paid by those politicians, and their collaborators who willfully burglarized our commonwealth. I pray that God will help Buhari/Osibajo more to uncover the heinous crimes these people have committed not only against Nigeria but to humanity. People are suffering and dying mindlessly in the midst of plenty in Nigeria. Nigerian politicians are sociopaths. Again, president Buhari should beware!

PDP’s government of Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan presided over the grotesque rape and pillage of our collective values and commonwealth. Olusegun Obasanjo, who is now “a born-again democrat” had a great opportunity to rewrite Nigerian ugly history just like Buhari is doing right now, but he squandered the great opportunity. He only likes grandstanding in times of Nigerian political adversity.
Obasanjo had no sincerity of purpose and values to move Nigeria forward during his administrations, he sent Nigeria back to Shagari’s era in 2011. Student of history will be quick to recognize that Obasanjo repeated his ugly history like he foisted on us a clueless Shagari, he gave us the more clueless Jonathan, the results are the revelations of this nauseating megalomania against Nigerians that are being uncovered.

There are Babangida and Abacha in all of Nigerian politicians, most especially Obasanjo. These people, in a nation of law would be answering legal questions in various courts of law across the nation. But today, they are being celebrated by the warped Nigerian youth and canonized by the religious leaders and raped political elders. Nigeria was sentenced to the past by the coming of president Jonathan who was circumstantially conscripted to the Nigerian exalted position. He got there and desecrated everywhere with the collaboration and the conspiracy of his cabinet members (the politicians); they collectively raped and fouled our collective conscience. All these revelations coming to fore now are very shameful to the image of Nigeria. Buhari, your time now is momentum and historic in our nation’s history.

In retrospect, Mike Zuckerberg who was raised in New York in a Jewish family, was born on March 18, 1984; a world renowned atheist, and the architect of this global platform (Facebook). If Mike Zuckerberg is using his legitimate wealth to better mankind, why don’t the theists and political leaders who steal glutonously our money, use it to better Nigeria? Your answers to this question are as good as mine!

This is my admonition to Nigerians: we should recognize and say things the way they are incontrovertibly without minding whose ox is gored. Fortunately, this writer has found himself in a system and profession that trained him to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. As a Law enforcement agent (LEA), If at a crucial stage in life one shy away from saying it plain, then I have no moral justification to conscientize my people. It is better to defriend some opportunistic friends because of recognizing muse and progressive ideas, than to be loved by pretentious people. Your conscience shapes your values, and your values determine how you live your life. Your values are your greatest asset and wealth. It will be appreciated to even go to any length to defend the defenseless than to be associated with sociopaths and pretentious individuals.

This writer had lived in a deplorable system in Nigeria, that’s why he feels disgruntled about the state of affairs in the country. How can a nation with abundant human and material resources continues to suffer in the midst of plenty. Visitations to all institutions or establishments here in the United States, you will marvel and even be more concerned about Nigeria when you see brilliant, resourceful and successful Nigerians everywhere. We are contributing immensely to the development of other nations at our own disadvantage.

Regrettably, Nigeria wastes its natural resources at home to corrupt individuals, while its human resources in the Diaspora are jealously and proudly being utilized by other wise countries. These distinquished Nigerian Diaspora are doing very well in their various professional callings.

My passion for Nigeria is rooted in the sufferings of the defenseless and deprived Nigerians. We allow our leaders to use us against ourselves, and to their own advantages. I have never for once believed in the disunity of Nigeria. Our problems are rooted in the callousness of leadership and the nonchalant attitudes of followership. Followership needs to be alive to its responsibilities to challenge leadership, it is our constitutional rights and sacred responsibility to guide the ways we are governed.

Getting fixated on ethnic sentiments is not the solution. When we are in Nigeria, we are either Yoruba or Ibo or Hausa or Urhobo but outside Nigeria, we are all Nigerians and legally known as Nigerians to various establishments and other nationalities. Our ethnic diversity is our strength but our leaders use it as our weakness to divide us.
Jonathan’s government capped the previously political shenanigans; secretly and openly raped our commonwealth. Our former president was faced with the devil and the deep blue sea, he was smart to have chosen the deep blue sea because the former had a greater consequences than the later. But, they are all collectively facing the burdens of history now.

President Buhari, you have started with a clear mission. Your administration is a government with sincerity of purpose; a clear vision and direction of where you want Nigeria to be. We will criticize you to guide your inactions and encourage your actions to be successful. If we lose sights of this and keep silent at this auspicious period in our quests for accountable and egalitarian society, then, that innocent man in us will continue to die in the face of tyranny.

May Jonathan’s administration, a scandalous government be our last collective journey to the past as we move collectively to a promising future.
Peace and love to our beloved nation-Nigeria.

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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