President Goodluck Jonathan Imagined In Rain-boots and Rolled Up Sleeves!

by Paul I. Adujie

How many floods ravaged states and communities has President Goodluck Jonathan visited since the beginning of these nationwide inundation and saturation by floods?

When will Nigeria’s entire political leadership realize that these floods are a national security emergency, with potential for instability?

When will Nigeria’s political leadership, regardless of political party labels, acknowledge these flood devastation which could produce real and lasting negative consequences, such as cholera, other water born diseases, food shortages, fuel shortages, severe disruption of electricity generation and transmission and much more?

When will Nigeria political leadership, do the right thing in this dire emergency, regardless of political party affiliation and the usual distractions by negative common denominators of regions, religion and other biases.

Nigeria is stuck in a flood disaster. Nigeria is in a quagmire of floods and Nigerians are yearning for a leadership that is alert, awake and alive to its responsibilities to the citizenry.

Why does there seem to be a complete absence of public officials expressing concerns and directing and coordinating relief, remedial measures and engaging in general crises response and crises management of these deluges of floodgates across Nigeria?

Just imagine if the Public Affairs and Media Advisors which are embedded in Aso Rock, in the presidency and seat of Nigeria federal government were actually thinking and looking ahead?

Even a novice and neophyte media person or journalist could not miss the photo opportunity made available through the ongoing ravages of floods throughout Nigeria!

How could any media savvy and modern day social media astute person anywhere on earth miss this great public relations opportunity to meet and greet, hug and kiss flood victims be missed by the president, the governors and anyone Why are there no visible government signs of government of Nigeria anywhere? Where are plethora of government officials? Why are there no signs of them in public?

Why is President Goodluck Jonathan and governors of all floods affected states demonstrating leadership skills, with their presences and articulation of this national catastrophe? Why are they not front and center assuring and reassuring the citizenry?

Wont it be nice to see President Jonathan and these governors in rolled up sleeves, and with rain-boots, with retinues of their other officials, taking actual and symbolic gestures, which would let Nigerians know that someone is, after all, in-charge.

Imagine if public officials in flood affected areas are actually seen taking measurements of water levels, directing and issuing directives and assurances, as to safer grounds, safer or alternate roads to travel.

Imagine if we actually hear, see and encounter relief officials, explaining what is to be expected and what is and are being done or contemplated as relief and as remedial measures!

Imagine seeing the Army, Navy, Air Force, NEMA, FRSC, Police and traffic controllers, actually directing traffic and ensuring there are no stampedes!

Until the seas and rivers crests, and until floods recedes, we expect Nigerian government at municipal, state and federal levels to live up to their responsibilities.

Deliver relief. Explain remedial measures. Control traffic flood and announce water depths around and near public infrastructures.

President Jonathan and other public officials down the line, should engage in some public relations in managing these flood disaster.

In the aftermath of these floods, diseases, scarcity and inflation may very well become challenges, even bigger that the deaths and destruction of lives and properties which have already been unleashed onto Nigerians and Nigeria.

Nigerian public officials can certainly do more than Nigerians have been force to endure in the past couple of weeks. Nigerians deserve better and Nigeria political leadership can surely do better!

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