Serena Williams by Yann Caradec

Queen Serena Williams: French Racists Guillotine French Culture and Civilization

Serena Williams is the Queen of Tennis. She is greater than Joan of Arc. The conqueror of female tennis and the envy of European irredentists, is the best in the world.

The crudity of racist tantrums by the mainly “white” spectators signals a decline in French culture and civilization.

Serena Williams by  Yann Caradec
Serena Williams by Yann Caradec

France built its cities through its murderous, extortionate, colonial policies illicit acquisitions .The French bourgeoisie lived   well. There was the rule of etiquette, pleasant mannerisms and decorum.

I am using polemics to condemn the racist, xenophobic outbursts during Queen Serena William’s display of manifest ingenuity in Paris.

The French hoi polloi, the les miserable, the racist audience used the language of gutter snipes to denigrate her magnificent and ingenious performance.

That that show of shame took place in Paris, is regrettable. That it happened in the 21st century is even more bizarre.

France has had a reputation for respect of human rights and human dignity.  French governments have participated in the work of the United Nations to approve of Declarations, Conventions on many human   rights issues.

Eminent Professors from the Universities of Sorbonne, Paris, Vienna, Cologne, Kiev and Moscow, especially Emacora, Ignaz Seidl Hohenveldern, my doctor father par excellence, Igor Ivanovich Lukashuk and Tunkin worked assiduously on the UN Declaration on All Forms of Racial Discrimination of 1975.

The kern of the UN Declaration can be summarized as follows.

1)          Any doctrine on race differentiation or superiority is seriously false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous and there is no justification for racial discrimination or xenophobia in theory or practice.

2)           All forms of racial discrimination are condemnable. More so, government policies based on racial discrimination or segregation, race superiority or racial hatred, besides constituting a violation of human rights, tend to jeopardize friendly relations between people and states and as well as international peace and security.

3)          Racial discrimination hurts, not only those, , who are its objects, but also those, who practice it.

4)          The building of a world society free f of racial discrimination, xenophobia and segregation, are factors which create hatred and divisions amongst men and women.

5)          It has been the cardinal principle guiding the relations between members of the United Nations, that equality of persons and states should be respected.

6)          Under Banki Moon, the UN has been eclipsed by force majore. It has been inoperative.

7)          The shameful display of race consciousness, race hatred, xenophobia against a beautiful tennis played, is a shock, wrapped in an enigma. That this all happened in Paris will remain an evanescent mystique.

8)          An Afro-World coalition to fight for independence, sovereignty, human rights, and against racial discrimination, xenophobia, race consciousness and associated evils is overdue.

9)          BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, hereby calls on the French   Government and people to realize how very important Afro-French relations are. The actions of les miserable, the hoi polio and cultural rejects should not be allowed to destroy these relations.

10) An unreserved apology should be sent to the Queen of World Female Tennis and a copy should be pasted on the Eifel Tower, in Paris.


IMAGE: Serena Williams by Yann Caradec

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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