Russia Re-possessing Ukraine: A Plea to Free Timoschenko!

After centuries of the Romanov dynastic rule in Russia, the Bolsheviks, under Lenin’s revolutionary acumen, overthrew the Russian monarchy.

The Ukraine was regarded as the border region of Russia, (Okrana).
The Ukrainian Communist Party was very supportive of the Great October Socialist Revolution and was very supportive during the Great Patriotic war.

Ukrainians have world-class universities and believe in “obrasovanur”, education.
While indigenes of other European states let out unprintable curses, the Ukrainian will simply say that “On or ona ne gramotiny”, that he or she is not literate.
The University of Kharkov is one of the most advanced technological institutions in the world in automotive sciences, mathematics and physics.

The University of Kiev was the King’s College, where the Regent took exceptional interest in the conferment of Doctorate degrees and professorships.
Unlike in Nigeria, where one year universities award doctorate degree (Honorius non causa) to blockheads, it is a criminal offence to confer on an unworthy person a higher degree!!!
The Russian and Ukrainian economies were interlocked. Coal in Donetsk, oil in Russia, bread in the Ukraine was used to feed millions in other Soviet Republics.

When the Russians got tired of carrying the heavy economic burden of other Soviet Republics, Gorbachov introduced FAR REACHING MEASUES , popularly known as “ perestroika and glasnost’’.

Some cheap propagandists talked of “the collapse of communism”, while China has become the chief lender to all nations and communism is thriving there.
When the Ukraine negotiated oil deals with Russia, it was done at the most-favoured-nations category.

When the former Ukrainian President with Western ties tried to move towards the West, Putin, shot down the gas pipeline, in the height of winter.
The notion of Ukraine becoming a Western ally got a warning. Poland is still treading cautiously over disputed scientific and nuclear installations.

The present revolutionary activities by Ukrainian political mal-contents over the EU palaver are between Ukrainian nationalists and pro-Russian groups that do not see how they can cut the political umbilical cord between Russia and Ukraine.

The jailing of the Ukrainian Iron Lady is also a sentimental one.
“Ah Yanukovich, yak tibia ni stidno. Kracivy divisa ti zacluchil v tiomu. Kto bydit gotovit borsh po Ykainsky dla holopsi?”

The belated compromise by the President has been rejected by the opposition. The Communist Movement is still potent in Russia and Ukraine
“Partia u Lenin blisnitshi Bratia, Kto bollie materi, Histori senit.
Lenin podrosumevayem partia, A Partia porozumevayem Lenin,
Cervodne prekaschik
A zavtra, Zarstvo stirayem c kartia
Delo klassa, mozga klassa, Silo klassa, vot sto takoe partia.”
“Skoiz vikah, na vikah, nav sidah, do kansa, Communisti v period, Communisti v period”
YANUKOVICH, asvobadi TIMOSHENKO. Ona nasha Ukrainsky Svetlana!!!
“Para iti domou davnim davno
Nor svetitsa nochi, ona odna
Eyo mayio xelanyio…”!

The socialist ideology which improves the lives of the marginalized and feral under-achievers must continue to thrive.

This is the new religion.

Russia was not accorded the place of honour it deserved during Nelson Mandela’s funeral ceremonies. I do not know whether Vladimir Putin attended.
In 1960, the Soviet Union moved the UN Resolution on the Right of Nations to Self-Determination, which was supported by Cuba, and Afro-Asian states. This UN Resolution played a major role in the de-colonialisation of the African nations and played a decisive role in the prowess of the Anti-apartheid Movement in South Africa.

Although thousands of Cuban troops located in Angola, were very formidable in the weakening of South African forces, it was the Soviet Union that assisted Cuba to perform the military intelligence operations.

The Soviet Union also helped tremendously in training the cadre that now occupies the top positions in South Africa.
Was Nelson Mandela not properly brief about the Soviet assistance to the anti-apartheid struggle?

Some participants at the BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW Bradford Initiative Forum frowned at Mandela’s hurried eagerness to marry Madam Garcia, while the woman, who stood proxy for him for twenty-seven years, got an unjustified divorce.

How did Mandela feel, when the South African agent who fabricated the story confessed.
Ukraine also trained a lot of South African students in Ukrainian universities, but did not seem to have been recognized.

As Russian diplomats ruminate over the Ukrainian crisis, the first demand should be to release Lady TIMOSCHENKO.
Can the EU accommodate Ukraine?

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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