The Dishonourable Africans: Conclusion

by Sam Abbd Israel

In Parts I to VI of this discourse, we have briefly mentioned the method and the manner by which the pretenders to the leadership positions of our world came by their powers. We carefully demonstrated that without a good dose of ignorance and of hate and wickedness in the hearts of all lovers of power no earthling could have waged wars of attrition on truth and on the lovers of truth and peace as the power grabbers of our world had done. We have also seen that the reigning descendants who inherited the booty and loot of war from their wickedly industrious and ruthlessly enterprising ancestors have shown no concern or remorse about the atrocities recorded against the names of their ancestors.

Now, we observe that these spoiled brats feel very comfortable as they continue to paint the town red in their inherited stolen properties, wealth, honour and fame. We notice their arrogance and their ill manners even to their elders and their better off whom they spitefully call the downtrodden of the world. We also observe their total lack of knowledge about the history of their fudged inheritances. Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse under the natural law of justice. This new class of elites of Africa are wrong if they try to claim innocence concerning the acts of brigandage committed by their ancestors. In as much as they refused to denounce and to reject the unearned privileges and unjust rights passed down to them, they have wittingly put signatures of approval on the misdeeds of their heartless and stupid ancestors.

Fortunately, like a popular adage says, no matter how horrible the weather is, there is always a silver lining in the cloud. The group of Africans occupying and fouling the seats of civic, economic and political powers all over Africa have succeeded in stimulating deep reflection among enlightened souls of Africa. This writer, like many other Africans with commonsense, has been forced to ponder on the circumstances of Africa. Without living through this sad experience, I believe, I would not have seen the need to set out on a trail that desires to seek answers to the many questions that pertain to the truth of life. Personally, the Dishonourable Africans did me a favour. Their observable perversions helped me onto the path of a seeker of the truth of life; and seeing at close contact their spiritual decadence, the challenge to discover the divine light of a more truthful and more edifying meaning of life became imperative.

All along and while living in Africa, this writer was aware that there was strong reluctance in my soul that intuitively refused to embrace the reality under which I was born and bred. In as much as I tried to be a part of the madness in Africa, an instinctive resistance denied me a free passage into the ‘civilized society’ of Africa. I am sure my experience is not unique. The realisation that I am not alone is the salient reason that dictated the need to write this essay. It is my desire to reach out to other potential redeemed souls who are facing similar problem of self-denial into their perverted societies.

This essay is therefore, genuinely aimed at helping this group of spiritually worried Africans to rediscover who they are. The true leaders as mentioned by the ancient Sages are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. As light, the true leaders are the revealers of fundamental truth of life; they are the medium of enlightenment to the weary world; they are the teachers of the poor in spirit; and they are the healers of the spiritually blind, deaf and dumb and the comforter of the broken-hearted. In addition, as salt of the earth, they are catalysts that hasten positive change in societies and nations and the true spice of life to the listening members of their generation. Just as we used salt sparingly to improve the flavour of food, so also heaven creates true leaders in small numbers to enliven the life of their contemporaries.

In real life, leaders of household, community and nation are on the average less than five percent of the population. In this sense, if we check through social organisations and political institutions of every country we shall likely and safely discover that only about 5% of the elites across the board are true leaders. This could translate to mean that only 5% of the members of parliament; 5% of the cabinet ministers; 5% of teachers; 5% of civil servants; 5% of scientists; 5% of industrialists and manufacturers; 5% of Christians; 5% of Muslims, etc. are true leaders. In arithmetic proportion or in statistical aggregates it means that about 95% of the population of African so-called elites are pretenders and therefore pathetic liars.

Naturally, the principle of duality of life is a proven commonsense phenomenon. All creations in life tend to appear in pairs – positive and negative; male and female; good and bad; black and white; short and tall; light and dark, day and night etc. Nature does not seem to function or act in singles. Nature loves to be in partnership with its opposite counterpart. Therefore, it is unlikely that the good can exist without the bad just as the male in creations cannot exist or continue to exist eternally without the female. The important inference we can make from the history of the evil leaders of our world is that the good leaders of the world, who were supposed to be the counterpart and check and balance against the innate atrocities of the bad people, were marginalized and violently suppressed since the historical time when bad people captured political powers on earth. Again, like there are seasons in weather, it may also mean that the period of life that is about to pass away is the allotted season for the bad people. Moreover, since nature programmed darkness to disappear when sunshine appeared in the horizon, similarly we must accept that the bad people must disappear into the oblivion as soon as the good people begin to wake up from their age-long slumber.

This may sound fanciful but sincerely I hope the message of this essay shall serve as the alarm bell that the good people have long been waiting for to arise from their age-long life of rest, apathy, pacifism, and consensus with evil. This writer believes that the battle for good life for all on earth is about to begin and heaven must have strategically placed every soldier of light in every corner of the globe. I have a personal conviction that the spirit of truth shall alert you if you belong to this group because it is the only reason why you are here on this planet at this historic moment. The eternal spiritual chips of your life that stored the memory of your divine intentions in this life shall become active as soon as it hears the summons of heaven.

I believe the true leaders are here and they will soon take their places to begin the sacred work of demolition, reconciliation and reconstruction in Africa. Every crooked value, idea, philosophy, structure, institution, and person must go. There shall be great demolition work in the length and breadth of Africa. The spirit of truth shall heal Africans from their foolishness and fears and shall reconcile us with the author of life – the creator of heaven and earth. After the heavenly controlled ruin, destruction, demolition, reconciliation and reconstruction a new Africa shall emerge to serve the genuine physical and spiritual needs of the truly redeemed souls. Dear reader and seeker, you need to believe this insight because it is a practical fact that ‘you cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg’.

Is this writer talking, thinking, promoting or supporting violence? Not at all, true leaders can never be friends to violence. True leaders are peaceful and peace loving people. They can never be associated with physical arms or other kinds of weaponry. They have weapons quite all right, but these are spiritual weapons. The weapons they will adopt for the spiritual operation of cleansing Africa shall be nothing more than the power of love, truth and knowledge. Again you had better believe it since an adage says, ‘pen is mightier than sword’. It must logically follow that truth must be mightier than lies just as love must be mightier than hate. In the same breath, knowledge must be mightier than ignorance. This writer is talking about the coming revolution on planet earth and it is starting with you and me. It is an intellectual, spiritual and social revolution against archaic values, slavish beliefs, non-edifying ideas, retrogressive attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours or ways of life.

Our values and beliefs are the invisible psychological soft wares that have the capacity to influence the direction and the limit of the intellectual, cultural and social development of a people or race. Therefore, it will follow naturally that obnoxious values cannot produce anything else but decadence. Consequently, a society that takes its operating values from a belief in the philosophy of ‘might is right’ cannot go beyond the ethos of war, self-defence, ruthless competition, narrow national interests, prejudice and xenophobia. Whereas a society cultivated on operating values derived from the dictum that says, ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ cannot do otherwise than to bear the fruits of love, peace, charitable cooperation, friendship, tolerance and enlightened global interests.

I hope I have not worn you out with my personal sentiments. I feel there is a need for a bit of explanation here in order to make the thrusts of this essay clearer and more understandable. As I said earlier, this work is about healing and not the promotion of myopic intellectualism, as such. Intellectual endeavour without a strong purpose towards the cultivation of spiritual development of the student is a wasteful exercise. Intellectual development that failed to lead to spiritual enlightenment and rebirth of a person is the type that breeds narrow-mindedness, prejudice, bigotry, intolerance, arrogance, fanaticism, fundamentalism, superiority complex and snobbishness. There is no doubt in my mind that an educated snob must be a first class spiritual illiterate. The type of education that swells up the ego, that does not conquer evil in a person or free a person from pride, or fails to turn a person onto the path of virtue and self-restraint is a counterfeit education designed to corrupt the soul. Unfortunately, the Dishonourable Africans seem to fall squarely among the group of Homo sapiens who are groping in darkness under the influence of a counterfeit education.

For the awakened Africans who have judiciously used the Internet profitably well in their search for the truth of existence, there is no need to convince you that there are many soldiers of darkness in the world working hard to keep humanity in darkness. The several mind boggling revelations on the atrocities of the Dishonourable Eminent Leaders of our world are baffling and incomprehensible. Yet, with a critical study of the political, economic and social structures of the world, these diabolical revelations are true. It seems the cardinal objective of the dishonourable persons across the globe is a desire to maintain the status quo of power relations forever; and to foreclose, as they nip in the bud, any move to highlight the debilitating effect of the present global power structures. The prevailing practice of counterfeiting education in every country, we now understand through the ‘constitution of the New World Order’, is not an accident but a pragmatic, ruthless determination to keep the world in perpetual darkness. By instituting popular programmes of base entertainment and hedonism across the globe, they have ensured that a popular culture of ignorance is rigidly and wickedly established among the larger population.

Therefore, to treat the perversion of the Dishonourable Africans in isolation of their international counterparts is to lose sight of the lesson of history. In all fairness, the international Dishonourable Eminent Personalities are the ones that installed the local Dishonourable Africans as leaders of their countries. The Dishonourable Africans are mere tools in the hands of the global lords and barons that command the global wealth and they have a fanatical believe that the planet earth is their oyster for milking and sucking to their hearts’ desire. The international Dishonourable Eminent Personalities still see and treat Africa as a backwater where they keep their sheep or slaves under local herdsmen alias the Dishonourable Africans. We have shown in this discourse that the concern of Dishonourable Africans since the time of their ancestors have never been to serve the interest of fellow Africans but that of their international masters. The cash nexus and other hidden bonds that tie the two sets of hoodlum together are too complex and almost inscrutable to untrained eyes. It is for this reason that most Africans can only see the glitters of the western world without seeing its sordid connection with the woes and wretchedness in Africa. Where then is this discourse leading?

The first task that shall face each African seeking to understand the truth of our existence is the sacred and spiritual need for self-identification by a process of self-discovery. A seeker’s major concern shall be to determine which side of the leadership spectrum does he/she belongs – a leader or a follower. Am I a good leader or good follower? Am I a bad leader or bad follower? Each African with a living soul must seek and search for answers to these questions. They are not issues that anyone can stumble into accidentally; they are the fundamental issues that each person must consciously confront before a spiritual evolution or rebirth can take place. The leadership talent is not a cheap commodity, as the executive management propagandist schools will like to make us believe. You cannot buy it in the education market as alleged by the education systems of the world. The leadership talent is the result of an evolutionary development of the soul. Each soul in its eternal life journey grows and matures until it attains enlightenment. Therefore, until a soul has come into maturity and has become reborn in a particular physical life, the body or the carrier of the soul known as a person cannot be a true leader.

In other words, true leaders are those who have been reborn by knowledge, truth and spirit because only the spirit of truth has the divine duty to nurture a soul into maturity. Until the spirit of truth gets involved with the education and training development of a person, the best that most articulate and educated persons can achieve is book education. Book education or certification is not synonymous with wisdom. Book education or certification can make a person smarter, cleverer, craftier, sleazier, more ingenuously and cunningly brilliant and more extraordinarily mendacious but it does not make a person wise. Wisdom, and I mean true wisdom, is a gift of Heaven. Socrates, the father of western philosophy says, “Real wisdom is the property of God…. The wisest of you men is he who has realised, like Socrates, that in respect of wisdom he is worthless…. Human wisdom has little or no value…. It is [real] wisdom that makes possible courage and self-control and integrity or, in a word, true goodness…” I tend to agree with Socrates that only Heaven can bestow the precious gift of wisdom to those who are worthy to receive and protect it and who are prepared to use it judiciously.

Hence, self-identification starts from an intuitive awareness that you are a lost soul in the journey of life. Each person must come to a point of consciousness that life on earth is not normal as it should be. The next step that a person whose soul is uncomfortable with the world and eager to be re-born will take is for the mind to raise questions and to begin the true search for answers. It could just be simple questions like: What is wrong with my world? Why is anything wrong with my world? How can anything be wrong with my world? When did it start going wrong, if anything is wrong with my world? Who shall bear the blame for what is wrong with my world? How can we right the wrongs in my world? Moreover, who shall be responsible for the task of correcting the wrongs in my world?

These question and answer processes will likely lead the person far and wide. It will definitely raise issues about creation, about the creator, about the purpose and the goal of life. These and several other questions shall be begging for answers. The desire to know is the only invitation the spirit of truth needs to get closer with a seeker and to begin the fruitful task of teaching and revelation. The procedure will normally vary from one individual to another since nature designed each person uniquely and created each person differently. Normally, the design of each divine training manual is specific and tailor-made for each individual enquirer and seeker of the truth of life. To my understanding, this is the only procedure that can hasten the evolutionary development of humankind.

However, the age of a soul will also affect the speed of rebirth of a soul. It is a biological fact that a child must crawl before he/she can walk, must grow teeth before he/she can chew and must attain puberty before he/she can become a parent. Similar growth processes also take place with respect to the soul. The growth of each soul takes many life cycles to mature. Each life cycle deals with particular segments of the training and education of the soul that will eventually lead to the final goal of creation. This is the bringing of every creation in life into a state of perfection.

The result of the last few millennia on earth has convincingly shown that the mature souls on planet earth seem to have reluctantly refused to take control of our world. On the other hand and may be in their desire to teach some valuable lessons to the immature souls, they allowed a host of the so-called leaders who belong to the baby souls to take control of the wheel of the journey of life for a season. Because of this intentional divine plan by the senior souls, the baby souls succeeded in hijacking powers and the leadership positions of our world. Since the baby souls are foolish and immature, they have recklessly led humanity unto the path of destruction. Unless these baby souls in their spiritual nappies are ‘checkmated’, the apocalypse prophesised for planet earth by a host of ancient wise men and women would eventually come true.

This is why this particular period in history is a revolutionary crucial moment for the world. It is the season of a great changeover, of revaluation and of rewriting a host of values, beliefs and attitudes. There are going to be earth-shaking changes from warfare to peace-fare system, from injurious attitude of hate to a caring attitude of love, from ruthless competition to friendly cooperation, from racial prejudice to universal tolerance, from proud patriotic nationalism to humble selfless universalism, etc. Heaven has already positioned those involved in setting the pace and standards for this revolution at designated places in the length and breadth of planet earth. In case you are one of the elected ones, the revelation in this essay would have opened your eyes to the filth under which you were born and bred. It would hasten your awareness about the unnatural state of our world. In addition, it would quicken your understanding as to what your personal role shall be in the work of redemption of planet earth that is about to begin.

Heaven has foreordained the awakened, the enlightened and the redeemed, indeed the true leaders of this generation, to lay the foundation for the spiritual and social revolution on earth. The task ahead shall start from the review of the various conventional global philosophy of life presently in place. The philosophy underpinning religious practices, economic and political institutions, civic societies, cultures, social organisations, education and of every other gamut of beliefs must attract the attention of these true leaders. Particularly, the true leaders shall reject the entrenched popular concepts and practices of leadership that sowed the seed of idolatrous belief, which placed the redemption of humanity and societies on the shoulder of a prince or knight in shining armour or in any other tyrannical attire.

The history of our world has shown time after time that every scoundrel in the world rode into power under the illusion of being a self-appointed social redeemer. Any African by now who cares to use his/her senses ought to have realised that the power lovers of this world are never friends of freedom, equality and justice. The lovers of power are only happy when they are the one offering the precious gift of freedom to others, when they are the one making the laws for others and when they are, implicitly or explicitly, held higher up above everyone else in the polity. They rubbished and portrayed as undemocratic, unrealistic and inapplicable any proposed social, political or economic arrangement that is different from the present global perversion.

In the distorted logic of power lovers, democracy can only mean government of themselves by themselves and for themselves. They understand power sharing to mean, when the whole polity is forced or conned to come under their leadership as servile subordinates or powerless citizens or as oppressed subjects. They cannot bear to share power as equals because of their sick obsession with a larger than life ego. All power lovers live and prosper in darkness and wickedness. They are experts in double-speak with a classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality. They are the natural born chameleons of every civilized society. They cannot bear the light of truth because all their motives are driven by a visceral hatred of other beings and their works are designed to perpetuate slavish superstition, fear and evil.

In short, the Dishonourable Africans like their international counterparts are the psychopaths – the type that “fits into cluster B, the group which includes antisocial, histrionic and narcissistic personalities.” These are the personalities found among all lovers of power (priests, monarchs and politicians), all lovers of money, and all lovers of naked force. Every person, regardless of social class or vocation – husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend, etc. – that desires to dominate others or derives pleasure when others are dominated either within a family or a community is also of this dangerous breed.

Therefore, as lights of the world, the true leaders are bound to shine their lights into every manifestation of darkness as they rebut the irrational, oppressing and dominating fears of fabricated superstitions and fears born of ignorance in their worlds. In addition, as salt of the earth, the true leaders must endeavour to enliven and to quicken their societies for the spiritual and social revolution at hand. The task ahead shall entail gigantic challenges of teaching and debating the true meanings of the truth of life, as well as confronting at every level the lies, the hypocrisy, the wickedness, and the selfishness of the Dishonourable Persons of our world.

The true leaders must be prepared to lay bare the antics of the Dishonourable Africans so that even the most pessimistic doubting Thomas can see and understand their ruinous shenanigans. They must teach the simple hearted to recognise and to distrust forever the spin and con tricks of the Dishonourable Personalities and their followers. They must reveal and display the identities of the Dishonourable Eminent Persons of every society in their true colours so that these hoodlums would no longer have easy and free ride into our hearts, our lands, our pockets, and our souls anymore.

This writer will like to mention that the promises made by heaven in the past to take away the age-long powers of the Dishonourable Persons are still firm. We must remember that the economic, civic and political powers exercised by the Dishonourable Persons of our world are born from the spirit of hate and nurtured by the seeds of supremacy, the rights of might and intelligence, and the sadistic desires for brutality and wickedness against fellow humankind. However, heaven in its characteristic merciful disposition is ready to help any repentant Dishonourable Person who is prepared to learn new basic values that will accord genuine respect to other fellow human beings. Heaven shall also give any penitent Dishonourable African a new spirit that shall naturally and willingly embrace the virtues of humility in thoughts, words and deeds. These are the challenges ahead of the awakened, the redeemed and the enlightened ones, the true leaders of Africa.

This essay is offering a chance for Africans to dream dreams of reality but first we must understand the unique peculiarity of the nature of the problems confronting us as a race. We need to resolve together that we shall seek intelligent understanding about these problems and that we shall seek help from the creator of life to give us wisdom to tackle the problems as we identify them. To understand the complexity of the problems facing us will erase from the minds of awakened Africans any dream of illusion, any desire for cosmetic solutions, and any superficial suggestion for the alleviation of the suffering and wretchedness in Africa. If every awakened African can see the challenges ahead of us, this writer is cocksure we shall stop at nothing but a fundamental revolution to revive the dying African minds back to life and to reinvigorate their oppressed spirits. I sincerely believe that anything short of revolution as we try to solve the myriad problems facing Africans will only be a game of play acting and shadow boxing and will definitely remain of no effect to the overwhelming problems about to send a noble race to sleep.

In light of the seriousness of the problems, we shall advise the true leaders already elected by the spirit of truth not to be in a hurry concerning the big task ahead. It should be becoming obvious that we cannot rush through these challenges. The true leaders need time to self-discover the truth of existence, time to package the seeds of revolutionary ideas, and time to prepare the nurseries where we shall bed the seeds as we allow them to germinate successfully with minimum loss. In addition, we need time to transplant the growing seedlings of genuine knowledge, truth and love into the newly sanctified hearts of those already designated by heaven as soldiers of light.

The soldiers of light are the youths of today. The selection of the youth by heaven, I believe, is because the bulk of the present generation are irredeemably lost and we can no longer reach them. Not because it is impossible to redeem them but it is because they have blatantly refused to accept or to acknowledge that, they are ill and needed the help and attention of physicians. The sages have said that unless a person knows and accepts that he/she is ill, it is difficult for such a person to receive healing. Sages called such people the greatest fools, because they are the ones that do not know that they do not know. Based on this fundamental truth, the true leaders have no choice than to work with the youth. The genuine and honourable leaders shall find their ways into the hearts of the institutions of education of their societies where they shall have greater opportunities to reach out and to touch the younger generations with selfless devotion and loving care.

This writer believes that heaven has specially prepared these younger generations with new improved hearts before sending them to planet earth. The reflective minds must have noticed a unique characteristic common to the children born from the 1980s. These children have remarkable habits that consistently refuse to accept abrupt ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from their parents when they asked fundamental questions about life. These children are the ‘Why-Babies’! Since their arrival on our planet they have kept their parents alert and on their toes with incessant why-questions. Every unsatisfactory answer from the parents attracts a volley of, whys. Truly, I love these children; they are the precious gifts of heaven to this generation.

These children are the hopes of the future of the physical world. Without them, the apocalypses foretold by the prophets of old would have become a self-fulfilling reality. However, with these children around, once again there is hope for the world. I sincerely believe Heaven created these children in order to expose the foolishness in the life of their parents. These children will challenge the unquestioning attitudes of their parents that seem to accept all hideous traditions and customs of their society as sacrosanct. They will challenge the gullibility of their parents that always seem to endorse every murderous scoundrel as leader of their society. Moreover, they will challenge the historical fabricated fears and superstitions that the hoodlums of the world have used to justify and to maintain immoral, unethical and unjust powers over the economic and political thrones of societies. These New Age children shall shatter every value and culture of slavery in place in our world. Of course, charity shall begin within each home; this is a warning to every parent in Africa and the world too.

Hence, let the elects of heaven, the awakened souls and the true leaders that have discovered who they are in the plan of heaven concentrate all their efforts on the younger generation. You must allow the older generation to perish in their foolishness since their case is a foregone conclusion. Pass them by since they are beyond redemption or loving. This generation believes it has already found the answers to all life’s questions in mammon and that is why the Dishonourable persons of every society and the unthinking followers are unwilling either to listen to new philosophical ideas and theories or to consider alternative socio-economic and political practices. They have refused to accept or to acknowledge that there is something wrong with our world. Since they think and believe they are on top of the world, therefore, they adopted a motto of life that says: Let the music plays on and may the status quo remains forever. In their conservative arrogance, they have relentlessly waged war on anyone that suggests a need for a fundamental change of values, beliefs and practices that will usher into our world a universal regime of welfare for all and not for the few ruthless conquerors of societies.

We shall cautiously warn the awakened Africans, the true leaders to pass by these lots, let them be since they are beyond redemption. With their heinous nature, the dishonourable persons are ready to slaughter, murder and take the life of the true leaders if you give them the slightest opportunity. They may look modern, prim, proper and sophisticated; they are still the same barbaric and murderous personalities as of the ancient times. The seed of evil is still running fresh in their veins. Pass them by as you focus your love, attention and energy on the generation of tomorrow. Our children are the hopes of the future of planet earth. Through these precious materials, we shall rebuild Africa and we shall make it new again with the aid of the ever true, yet untried and untested values of divine love.

Finally, as you proceed on your divine assignment as a true unassuming leader of your world, please always remember these words of wisdom from Lao Tzu of China:

As a leader, lead properly,

Don’t resort to force in the usual ways,
Win the World by ‘not-doing’.
How do I know to do this?

Therefore, the Sage who leads says:
‘I practise ‘not-doing’ and the people transform themselves.
I enjoy peace and the people correct themselves.
I stay out of their business affairs and the people prosper.
I have no desire and the people, all by themselves, become simple and honest.“

May all the elects of heaven be truly blessed and may you be fruitful as you plant the seeds of genuine knowledge, truth and love in Africa. May the creator of heaven and earth bless our efforts as we recover and replenish the lost years and as we redeem the present and the future of our continent for the grace and glory of heaven and humanity.

In the Spirit of Truth

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