The Man – Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan – a leader or a puppet

The person of President is an enquiry many people do not understand, GEAJ is another Nigerian History. The more we concentrate on the individual thereby manifesting our ignorance and leaky blindness to the economic scheme of things towards the overall betterment of this country, the more our eyes are opened and closed. GEJ as a person represent the new Nigeria, a new mission, a new breakthrough, but unfortunately his conducts are controlled by two National Groups;

1. The class of two opposing demonic force on the one hand,
2. The class of frustrated and economically marginalized masses.

In all, the Man – GEJ is as confused as any Nigerian; knowing what is best to do in order to emancipate Nigerians from high level of moral, economic, political and socio-cultural decadence, on the contrary his hands are tied like a lamb to be slaughtered; or slated for firing squad by the evil marauders of this Nation. Nigerians must identify these criminals, bombers, terrorist, fraudsters, enemies of the people – the cabals, and their middle class accomplice. In all urgency, the people should revolt against them and bring sanity and decorum to this country, than dwelling on GEJ who is a lesser evil.

Saturday April 12th 2011 shall decide the faith of Mr. President. Let me quickly enumerate the demarcation clearly; The man GEAJ has never done this country any evil, he has always meant well for the country. However, his doom started the day he dined with the demons of this nation and was initiated into the order of oppressors; who are directly perpetuating high level arrogance, corruption, non-response and irresponsiblities in National, local and grassroot leadership since the inception of this country’s birth in 1914 by lord Lugard.

The same group of cabals have raped this country since independence and they continue to rape this country, therefore this must stop. But can GAEJ alone work against this almighty force; perhaps the man is not a daft afterall. With some of the most uncommon history 101 he received from the grand-chancellor of the university of this ‘Nation’ – Nigeria, where we all are students, the celebrated Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo himself; at least GAEJ should boast of his clear foresight towards things now today.

Are these attributes and lessons of governing this country learned at the expense or benefits of the masses? This is another question we all should carefully reviewed with facts and figures, than engaging in anyy form of blame game. Like I have always said in my several discourse, the blame game has come to stay, it is the conspiracy theory of any event that tends to unveil facts, fictions or fabrications; however so, the blame game shall continue. It is the breathe of any/every opinion, it is the capacity to query the unseen realm of reasoning and cryptology.

Nigerians cannot say the man is completely free, insofar as he too has drank of the blood of insensitivity to the plight of the people. The above analysis will allow us a dorsal into the pathology of his character.

In Nigeria today, there are various shades of opinions regarding Mr. President. Some say the Man GEJ is a nice, loveable, jovial, focused and broadminded Fellow; a Nigerian with a great idea for the reconstruction of the new Nigeria, vis-a-vis the contemporary critics who opined he has series of jellies in him that will melt anything, exposing the ill-nature of PDP and those cabals that continue to wage war against the people.

The truth, will this man ever be given the chance to exercise his ideologies? His vision is the expression of the Nigerian dream, gifted with the foresight to spot talented, brilliant and ideological Nigerians the world over, and so far he has encouraged Nigerians home and abroad to help build this nation; to me he has demonstrate his capacity as a leader.

Whether his ideals are deceptive or representing the wishes and aspiration of the common man is left for the readers to double check the past and present of this man’s administration, as against his future ideologies for change.

If the truth must be told, he has helped build up a campaign for youths and women in government – another covert moves to liberate the docile public. At least his move to enforce and ensure that the Freedom of Information Bill is passed into law is another hint in his portfolios of achievements; even though there has been rumours of his not being sincere in his commitment to pursue this dream to its end. Thus bringing to book characters that have raped this country; this altogether question his capacity to lead this country. In line with my earlier analysis of his being a leader, Mr. President with his un-professionalism in handling things have dispute even this serene public view of him in the few months of his emergence as the President of this noble country.

Of recent too some schools of thoughts has defined Mr. President slow pace in decision making as a situation quite regrettable, being that his relationship with the Butchers of this country is opined to that of “Puppet-Master”. While still other schools of thoughts classed him as being incapable of leading this country. Still, Others opined that instead of championing his course, he should have prepared Nigerians for a better future by recommending leaders poised with Morality and sense of purpose to lead this country. To me, i will leave this to fate.

List in the allegations levelled against him by opposition parties, and other critic-civil society organisations are that his administration’s fight to end corruption, irresponsibility and non-responsiveness representation has being another maradona saga of the IBB junta government only existed as a lip-service to further deceive the people.

In my own opinion, which is exclusively mine, I know Mr. President means well for this country; but in as much as he is surrounded by vultures, Marauders of political Bombers, Assassins, extremist, separatist, jihadist, narco-militant/terrorist groups and their International collaborators, the follow-follow, the criminals, The Fundamentalist Butchers in the Jos and other religiously motivated crisis mongers in the north, to name but a few.

The above is an indication that while Mr. President has laudable Ideas and policy framework, the implementation of his agenda altogether is in disarray and in comatose; because the vessels for the implementations of his numerous and brilliant agendas, missions and visions are dark and dirty vessels. Only a handful of moral and good men/women works with him; somehow, these moral men do not last. When few good men are in the midst of many evil men, we all know what to expect; they are quickly consumed before dawn by these dark forces, or they resign. Resign, yes they have always being resigning. Check the record, their bluntness against corruption is a revelation that one day, Nigeria will embrace sanity by force and by all means necessary through non-violence.

Such is the Man GEJ.

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