The Military Coup in Egypt (2): In the light of Truth

The following facts are self-evident:

1)That the democratically elected government of Egypt was violently removed from office by a section of the Egyptian armed forces, headed by Colonel Sisi.

2)There was no endorsement of the military operation by all members of the Egyptian army.

3) That the supporters of the deposed government have been opposing the coup for one month.

4) That the African Union has condemned the coup and has demanded President Morsi’s reinstatement

5) That the Code of Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar ( now Malagasy), the Feta Negact of the Ethiopian Orthordox Church, the Laws of Hammurabi, the Laws of Egypt, frown upon state upset.

6) That one year in office is too short to judge any government.

7) There are many incompetent governments in this world, who can only be removed in democratic elections.

8) That incompetence is not a crime.

9) That the United States government has re-considered its sale of four military jets to Egypt and is getting legal advice on the status of the military intelligence operations and conspiracy with prominent politicians in Egypt to overthrow a democratically elected government.
America has spent billions of needed dollars to support democratic politics world-wide. It will be manifestly untenable to support a military coup just because a group of eminent political Mal-contents have been given a semblance of state power.

10) That the call on Egyptians to demonstrate on behalf of the coup is to pitch brother against brother which is one of the seven things that GOD hates. It is against Islamic ethics.

11) That Morsi has been subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment which violates United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3452(XXX) of 9th December, 1975 and the International Convention on the taking of hostage. UN General Assembly Resolution 34346 of 17 December, 1979.

12) That the actions of the military government affects ordinary Egyptians, who are pawns in the power game and whose human rights, both political, economic and humanitarian, are being violated with immunity, is undeniable.

To ask people, whose lives have been mangled and socially displaced is evidence of the insensitivity pf military rule.

The travails of the people of Egypt can only abate, if justice is done by dispassionately considering the real facts, not those, thrown up by narrow geo-political interests and parochialism.

Why must Egyptians die because of a conspiracy by eminent political malcontents? In Egypt, the truth will prevail.
May the souls of departed Egyptians and those, who are about to die rest in peace.

In every unjust cause, the Triune GOD will overturn, overturn and overturn.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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