The Monstrosity and Mercantilism of the Western Media

by Yahaya Balogun

‘February 16, 2019 presidential election is truly a choice between ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Tomorrow’ (future)!’ – Yahaya Balogun

The hypocrisy and monstrosity of the international media are known facts to fecund and discerning minds globally. The interference of the West in our polity must not deter Nigerians from ushering in a crafted Tomorrow(future)! Tomorrow belongs to us—and we will not go back to the territory of men of Yesterday. Never again!

The British International Guardian Newspaper is one of the foreign media companies that can make or mar you. If you are made, they will look for a way to destroy you for what I call profit-making (mercantilism), distorted journalistic reports and sensational journalism. But if you’re already marred, they will relish in the euphoria of your self-made notoriety to sell their international lies!

The above submission is a synopsis and true testament to their evolving persona non grata. The latest publication of The Guardian International, a British owned news outlet about Buhari and Atiku, attests to its widely known mercantilism. The affirmation of the PMB’s administration not to dance to the tunes of the West will pitch it against the West and sensational journalism. These foreign media will also attempt to weaponize the browned-enviloped local media (The Guardian  Newspapers of Nigeria excluded) in Nigeria to scuttle our evolving democratic norms. Unlike their politically incentivized International Guardian, “The Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria” seems to be the only print media outlet in Nigeria left with “Conscience nurtured by truth”, a true insignia and norm of their news organization.

In sharp contrast, as Europe is being consumed by their inordinate Brexit decision, they want a beleaguered Africa to be in flame of uncertainty too. We know the hypocrisy of the West, but a well-informed Nigerian people are more determined and wise than ever to saunter gracefully into the future. The surreptitious interference of the West in our forthcoming general election will be null and void, and of no effect to our determined journey into the future (tomorrow).

Interestingly, based on the photo, and the content of The International Guardian’s article on these two political dramatis personae (Buhari and Atiku), whosoever Nigerians celebrate between these two Nigerian personalities as espoused in their edition will give us a pathway of where we are collectively heading to as a nation? That is, the choice between a frugal man (“stingy rightwing dictator”) or a foreign surrogate and benefactor (“an established thief”) of corruption?

The choice is absolutely for Nigerians to make! But for me and those in my cocoon, we would rather pitch our tent with a man (Buhari) attempting to create an accountable system for a functioning society through benevolent and participatory democracy. The choice is truly between ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Tomorrow’ (future)!

Convincingly, I am strongly of the opinion that Nigerian plebeians will make informed decision to choose Tomorrow (future) on February 16, 2019.

Tomorrow is not too far!

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