The Nigerian Factor

By the formula of wear and tear, by the coefficients of nature and universality, all things can’t be equal. Even though political scientists often use “political calculation”, environmental factors are always there to shift attention, scourge an existing patterns and redirect rays of political events.

Except otherwise, the formula for emphasis is based on political participation, election monitoring and democratic education at all levels. Once this mathematical formation is applied, like unsolicited calculus, it becomes a solvable equation.

As a psychologist and an adept of political manoeuvring, the existing nomenclature called PDP or APC is a structural as well as a fundamental designed by a collective few to pursue an agenda. My instincts tells me, the nPDP and APC is manoeuvring of a strategic group of persons.

Yes the Zoning system might appear to work, but I can’t be fooled to believe this grand design. Assuming APC features a northern candidate by the calculation of my friend (a political scientist), and a southerner as VP as against popular perception that PDP will feature GEJ (a southerner) and a northerner as VP.

Now if by the ongoing political calculation PDP seems threatened,if it is further assumed that many things may change, and lots of restructuring might be done. It is possible that many changes will take place in the PDP hierarchy to checkmate any APC threat.

In the interim, what if certain interest within the PDP succeeds and press on GEJ not to seek re-Election, or rather not to go for re-run presidential tickets under PDP; or perhaps these forces and heavyweights push the President too gruesomely; what if GEJ decides to float another political party for the purpose of realizing his political project of re-Election, what would happen?

Would the sky falls on Nigerians or this few Mafias, blue bloods, untouchables and gladiators?

Until I get answers to this puzzles, then let’s not waste our time by pretending to be Nostradamus of the political crinkum crankum of the present day Nigeria.

Enough of this aerospace and astronaut political postulation I see on cut and nail analyst, read as newsfeeds from Facebook turned activist, warriors, holy ghosts filled and Naira loaded sponsors, and everywhere etc.

Come 2015 GEJ will become president, take it or leave it. Don’t quote me either.

To those that think Nigerians will think in a very dubious and primitive lines, gone were the days when we were allowed to reason, love, hate, save and love along religious, tribal or sentimental lines; gone are the moments where we allow region and federal character determine our political, economic and sociocultural perception. This won’t happen anymore.

To those who are hoping so tirelessly against hope and divine odds, that the Nigerian Nation will cease to exist in 2015 and beyond; thinkers are emerging and the nation is producing a breed of rational minds.

To those who so think in their wildest imagination, that Mr. President is popular even in his region, recent indices and past events will guide our resolution on this matter. The last time I checked, GEJ is loosing ground in stronghold of his region, even Otueke is devastated and deserted.

To those who think the Youth aren’t watching, they are… even though the yoke of hope is bleak, the youths of this nation isn’t oblivious of the situation room, the young people of this voodoo nation is emerging and they’re preparing a question and answer session for political clowns who continue to plague the development of Nigeria and divert his resources for self satisfaction.

I hope we can put on our thinking cap, to know that posterity is already re navigating this country to a point of explosion and implosion. Waiting to ignite the ticking time bomb.

If we so believe that, there’s hope that we should move forward then let’s give ourselves time to think.

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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