The Political climate change in River’s PDP must stop

Whether there was a plan to impeach Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers
State or not, let there be peace. No people develop in the face of crisis;
hence the crisis in the state’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should stop.

While we say the truth on the matter, such should not be seen as taking
side with any of the factions, but we must endeavour to put the story
straight while at the same time not fanning the embers of the scuttle.

It would amount to incongruity for anybody to dump the party owing to the
fact that what is at stake does not favour him or her. What about the good
old days? It is time the members of the PDP in Rivers State would take
stand and end this crisis, for all.

The Executive of the party should wield into the matter, eschewing
interest. There is no interest that will be gotten in a given society as
peace. If the new executive committee of the PDP in Rivers State, which
they say is led by Felix Obuah, had put in place a reconciliation committee
to guarantee that all members of PDP in the State were appropriately united
ahead of 2015 elections, such decision should be enforced, no matter how it
is believed he became the party’s chairman in the state.

There is no need the continuous rejection of the new PDP exco in the state
since the court had spoken. The continuous support by some members of the
party for the dislocated G.U Ake-led executive of the party could be
likened to disobeying the court, since the there is a belief that the court
is the last hope of the people.

Let there be change when necessary, no matter how long a person had stayed
in a position, but such change should follow the due process, which it is
believed that there is no due process obtainable as the court.

In the face of war it does not matter where our support and confidence lean
but on how the war will come to an end. If a war does not come to an end,
the region where the war is being fought is on pendulum.

There should be one interest in a party, no matter the individual
differences. Let our actions not come out always with a fight and some
persons should stop being rabble-rousers. No youth should again protest in
favour of any perceived faction of the PDP in the state. The age-long wise
statement which is found in the bible in the book of Mark3:24-25, says, “If
a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” “And if a
house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

Can the persons involved in the political imbroglio remember when they were
once politically joined like the Siamese twins? Why is this happening
today? When will our state stop being in the wrong side of news during
elections? And when will the presidency’s predators stop causing Rivers
State some discomfort because of politics?

In-spite-of-this, Governor Amaechi rejoiced when the court favoured him,
and he should not frown when the same court favoured another person. All he
needs do now is to make even his perceived arch-enemy his friend.
Forgiveness is for the strong. This will not make him look weakling before
people. A wise guest, they say, is he or she who knows when to leave.
Anybody that is still entangled in the crisis is making a very big mistake.

What we should be looking for is how to reconcile all the factions in the
party in the state pending when there would perhaps be a redress in the
decision of the court which ousted the G.U Ake-led PDP of the state for
Felix Obuah.

No man on earth has ever won in different wars at a time. Such a man learns
a very bitter lesson, if not killed in the war, at last. Such a man better
change his warring tactics, and use peace, which is even a more dangerous
weapon against the enemy.

To some persons in a war, the bullets may be disappointing while at the
same time favouring others. No man or woman is still right when the wrath
of his village comes against him. Such a person will go down. But even
thought that the person goes down, it does not entail that the person is
wrong. And the village that uses its power to pull down a villager should
ask itself what it has achieved by doing so.

Sometimes it is not political missiles that are the best; this can only
cause political muddles. We need political happiness for the achievement of
political harmony. Those fighting this political fight in our state should
remember that it was not long a fragile peace was achieved from the hands
of Niger Delta youth masquerading as strugglers of the economy of the

Let politicians stop seeing politics as all about homage; they should as
well see it as all about homely and comely. No politician should kill his
or her political future for lack of wisdom. We should understand that even
though that this is a democracy not all politicians are democrats. We know
that a humiliated villager is most time better than a weak king.

It serves no one right that we have come to endure this crisis in a ruling
party. It can be said that it is a big disgrace to our collective
aspiration of a better Rivers State. Should there be a call for political
amnesty among the fraying nerves before this crisis better called nuisance

In politics, arrogance plays in two ways: The humiliator of the arrogant
also shows a very high degree of arrogance to subdue his or her victim.
Conversely, indiscipline is imminent in democracy, because politicians have
the gene of self-serving agenda running in their veins. All of them!

Leadership in Rivers State must be brought home, and not crisis. There will
always be argument where there is something to share, but the soon it is
bettered, the best. Our brothers and sisters who are fighting in the Rivers
State chapter of the PDP ought to have grown up. Maturity is not mostly
about age, there is maturity in everything, not excluding political
maturity. What is the essence of saying we went to school, if what obtains
in our politics, cannot be expected even among the unschooled market women
and men. It is time for all and sundry to grow up.

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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