The process of governance is multi dynamic

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

The process of governance is multi dynamic, with dimensions of complexity attached to it. Nigeria is not an exception.

The ongoing challenges that have given all and sundry concerns, have impacted all, especially the teeming youths of this nation. From insecurity to unemployment, Educational, overall development, etc.

Several indicators have in recent time threatened our national security and unity, and many stakeholders has been engaged in these theatre of dramas.

Nigerians are now aware that Government is not a one-man business as many Nigerians are to believe through fraudulent propaganda, this in itself is false, misleading and a misinterpretation of the way government and Governance works. The core business of governance requires conserted efforts, from the young people to the aged, we’re all involved.

The variables for change has been presented to Nigerians in the open by Mr. President GEJ, as against the popular old aged status of the more you look, the less know. Nigerians before now were living in the furnace of misinformation, poverty, psychological tyranny and mass illiteracy.

Nigerians now understand that propaganda is a key and are no longer fools, this is in due praise to power of ICT. Majority of Nigerian Youths are now ready to take their destinies into their own hands, and wants to be part of the change through inclusive governance.

Young Nigerians now understand that President GEJ is not above errors. The President himself has demonstrated that man is not infallible; that teamwork is the only tool to progressive government, that personal example is the hallmark of true leadership. President GEJ has before now called on Nigeria’s “force of positive change agents – Youths” that the power of change belong to us… He calls for the emerged and emerging leaders to take up their roles as key players in the governance of this great nation – Nigeria.

Based on this Premise, THE Nigerian Youths Support for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for 2015 Project (NIYS-GEJ 2015 PROJECT), has resolved to through solidarity, networking, and other positive change projects assist the GEJ administration to pilot schemes and programmes for positive change and in the ideologies of the Transformation Agenda. The NIYS – GEJ 2015 PROJECT will not be doing this because President GEJ is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria alone, we are so resolved because the Nigerian Youths are duty bound to help in piloting the affairs of development of this nation. Because we’re confident that what President GEJ is currently doing is good for the Nigerian people, that as a person the President alone or his team can’t solve the gigantic problems of our collective diversity and peculiarities as a people; that the past, the present and future, the GEJ administration calls for the help of all Nigerians to start the change from the very base of “Self Sacrifice, compromise and Honesty”.

Like Mahatma Gandhi rightly put it: “…Be the change you want to see in the world…”

By the staff and seal of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Nigerian Youths are called to a round table for dialogue and effective change on the way forward towards strengthening the irons and bars of our unity.

Nigerian Youths, Mr. President Calls! Wake up sincerely and walk… start the change you think we need. From Primary, Secondary to Tertiary schools, unemployed and the uneducated, Mr. President calls on us…let’s answer him NOW!

President Jonathan mean well for Nigerians. Instead of instigating crisis and creating selfish problems for the President, it’s our duties to support him as young people from various ethnic groups the best way we can, so that he can deliver on his election promises. As young people, there have been problems before the emergence of president. Thus the economic and political problems facing the country were not created by him.

The present scenarios indicate a high level conspiracy, treason and the deliberate incitement of young Nigerians against the GEJ administration by group of cabals, who before now has held this nation hostage. Therefore young people must desist, from using abusive words against the President of this Hallowed country so we don’t become an unconscious ready tool in this hands of these men and women of dark politics. We should learn how to respect our leaders and we need to support him because we elected him into that office, the votes of young people were more than 60% of the total votes cast for the President. Insulting him on Facebook and other social media is not the best. The truth is that Nigeria has been facing a lot of economic and political problems for a long time. President Jonathan did not create these problems.

So welcome onboard gentlemen and ladies, feel free as the forum is for every young Nigerian.

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