The psychopathology of facebooking


Some of us think too much of ourselves, others think too little. The trick is to see ourselves as equal to everyone. Come off your perch, or come out of your hole. We’re all special – (Bola Ibrahim Babangida).

I so much believe in this words of ‘Bola’ et al, recently I came in contact with a certain “Jide Adesina” – if that is his actual name though, now haven blocked himself from my views, who at all cost tried to force his ideologies on me, well with dignity of purpose and respect for peoples’ opinions I decided to listen to him, and entirely grabbed all his messages, But at certain point of slight disagreements of opinions, when I try to send my opinions across, he attacks me for no cost. It is of course a mystery how some homo-sapiens treat with the worst inhumanity their fellow human beings and are very proud of it.

These dudes are not far from babes or lesser homo-sapiens by volition, that now characterize most ministries and parastatals of government, African leadership system, and some in private establishments. When I reawakened his consciousness to the fact that he should learn from people’s opinion and perceptions as we all varies, and that such tolerance may strengthen friendship, peace, unity and understanding; the dude would muse and start an ego-battle of how old he is, and how inexperience I am; yet I patiently tolerated his outburst, as he became a ‘guinea pig’ for my psychological experiment (Forgive my mundane use of animal terminology to address such issues, it is an acceptable Psychological terminology in analytic science)

The few times we chatted, I must confess he oftentimes sound intelligent about his course, but a mere engagement in frank and blunt talk may send this guy into a realm of mental delusion, and schizophrenic episode of disorganization in characterized perception, cognition and mental ability; plus this dude lie a lot, and there are more of him on facebook, I think we should carry out a thorough background check on people before we open real correspondence with them. I am not saying that everybody on face book are the same, but just as our faces are different, so are our characters on facebook.

Some are just too funny to a fault, being ‘Funny’ doesn’t connote being a ‘clown’ or a ‘comedian’, or one engaged in ‘circus’ drama. When some persons are mentally unfit for a complete discourse or conversation, without showing off their mental retardation or their inability to understand in concrete terms a simple argument, it is here we tag such persons as “Funny”. These individuals get heighten by slight disagreement, which is an indication of an infantile dysfunction of personality fault between the Oral stage to Phallic Stage of personality emergence, another type of psychosis.
What I seldom would tell this friend (as we oftentimes address ourselves as comrades), that I was never in any mood for a psychotic drama of some sort, that if he could at least just be of open mind for once, things will be well with him, but the more I say this, the more his impetus for senseless arguments increases; yet he shamefully bowed latter and wanted me to join in campaign for an agenda he’s not even sure of. At last I could see him no more, he’s blocked himself from further embracement, such as unveiling his shamed face and attitude of crisis against me. Funny enough, this same character went into my archives – Notes , stole/plaquarized my work and had the audacity to threaten me when I brought this fact to his knowledge .

The truth is, be careful who you discuss with on the internet.

I am not saying everybody one come across on the internet is bad, in fact I have met so many wonderful persons on the internet, and we are friends till date. Just as facebooking and internet has its merit so are the demerits, they go pari-pasu.

The same reason I have been misunderstood and misrepresented, it now falls on us to correct this misrepresentation on our persons. Where some of us fail to do this means, they either lack the Locus Standi to defend themselves, seemingly do want to ignore to avoid further confrontation of over-flogging of issues which may brew to hot debates, and edging of attitudes that are unfit for such circumstances; or are either guilty of the offense and would refuse to engage further out of shame.

The Jide et al is indeed not the first hoax I have come by since my acquaintance of facebook mythology. This same episode also happened when a ‘hoax’ nicknamed Tracy Robinson added me unceremoniously to her friends list; and decided to continue the correspondence, this hoax was a female, and hers was completely and more regrettable a case of mental delusion, and post traumatic stress. What would have became a free chat, and perhaps more educative acquaintance was turned to an emotional discourse which surprised me to a large extent.

I thought at first that she was somebody who has just being through a heart break, and was ready to console her, to lend a shoulder and of course this will include a listening ears. Little by little after a long session of brunch analysis and enquiry, at every stage, I unveiled a new part of this hoax; such was an interesting personality emergence to actually study. Being ‘Interesting’ does not herein infer the simplified nomenclatures we are used to, on the contrary, it is a psychotic events where the analyst would first become part with the victim to feel the mental-notched fabric vibe.

When the victim saw that she wasn’t making anyway, they gave up. I have received countless complaints regarding this particular case – Tracy Eloho Robinson, and more queries continue to bomb my mail box on a daily basis asking questions about these individual. Unfortunately, these were still individuals when i complained similar matters to were quick to judge me as ‘e bi like sey the woman dey right’ – meaning in simple terms ‘it seems you actually wanted to play tricks on the woman’ until Catherine Dimon, Comrade Rex Anigboro,Soderu Olufemi Falsen, to name but a few. These are men and women with distinguished characters, and it almost cost their integrity because of the mental delusion of certain persons’ excesses.

On the contrary too, there are so many wonderful people that thing before they talk, some don’t talk at all doesn’t mean they are not interested in what you do; it is just that some prefer to watch and analyze behaviours over time, such process can only be conducted by the diligent at heart. As it is on the internet, so it is in reality; just as the saying goes ‘Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks’; this is applicable anywhere, and it guides all human endeavours till date.

Bottom line is, scan every discourse you are engaged in, and follow your conscience at all times. All i know is, when kindred souls meets, whether it be internet as the meeting point is immaterial, what is of paramount importance is the volcanoes of friendship, unity, love, truth, justice and morality that this union brings. I have come to love this scenarios of meeting, and i am still enjoying it.

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NDROH July 11, 2011 - 5:27 am

Very insightful…Keep up the great work!

Kolawole April 9, 2011 - 3:44 am

Some deep behavioural science here. You are sure good.


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