The Supreme Court of Nigeria vs the Corruption War

by Paul I. Adujie

Why would the Supreme Court of Nigeria, an objective, unbiased, neutral arbiter of matters before it, now appear to be in a hurry to hear Atiku’s case and certain similar cases? Why?

I personally ask all the whys, whys and WHYs, because I am aware that there are hundreds of thousands of Nigerians in prisons or detentions for wandering, for being unemployed or for not giving some errant police man a tip or for not apologizing for being poor. There also some Nigerians on death row, some of them do not deserve to be in prison or on death row! While corruptly rich politicians hire ten Senior Advocates of Nigeria to canvass their cases, forum shopping and all, with all their egregious indulgences!

Is the Supreme of Nigeria losing any sleep over prison congestion? Has prison congestion ever been a priority to those at the Supreme Court? Has prison congestion not existed for decades and decades? OK, the Supreme Court of Nigeria does not have all the men, materials, money and sundry resources to do a better job. But the Supreme Court seems to find resources speedily, when it concerns Atiku and the newly corrupt and rich politicians?

How about the poor unemployed, arrested and detained for nothing citizens?

Here is my one last why; Why is the Supreme Court not engaged in judicial activism regarding the poor who imprisoned endlessly or even without trial? How about miscarried justice, where someone is on death row for 14 years for an offence they never committed?

It is often said that a society is measured by its care or lack thereof, of its weakest citizens!

Joshua Chibi Dariye was impeached “imperfectly” after he was indicted in England for money laundry, money that was clearly stolen, pillaged and plundered from the people of Plateau State and Nigeria. Mr. Dariye, was accorded bail, as a “leader” of one of the thirty-six states or political subdivision that Nigeria is comprised. Mr. Dariye bolted! Justice is blind and impartial, justice is deaf to criminal charges against Mr. Dariye in UK?

He is a fugitive from the law, he is now about to benefit from his crime, because our Supreme Court, in almost robotic manner, insists, Mr. Dariye remains governor because he was not properly impeached or that he impeached in an imperfect manner? How about Mr. Dariye’s corruption? How about Mr. Dariye’s fugitive status? Imagine now, if a prisoner in Plateau State escapes from prison, would Mr. Dariye have the moral or even legal authority to seek retribution and punishments for such fugitive, prison escapee?

How about the fact that it is just one month before Mr. Dariye’s term in office expires? Did our Supreme Court have had to render judgment in Mr. Dariye’s case? Must Mr. Dariye resume office 30 days to the end of the term?

What exactly is the purpose of the law? I believe it is to serve society, to protect and preserve society, to have law and order and to serve as a clear arbiter of reward and punishment for conduct and misconduct in societal inter relationships. Law is not an abstraction or an academic exercise. These are unusual times and extraordinary times in Nigeria, we must use the laws to remove corruption, we must use the law at every opportunity, to remove the stumbling blocks and the clogs in Nigeria’s wheel of progress and great.

By some accounts, perhaps, by all accounts? corruption is the single biggest problem that has delayed, stunted and truncated Nigeria’s development, advancement and greatness.

Why then, would the Supreme Court literarily give Mr. Dariye and others like him, a pat on the back? Why would the Supreme Court help Mr. Dariye and other indecent public officials in Nigeria ingratiate themselves at the expense of our nation? Why would the Supreme Court of Nigeria facilitate Mr. Dariye spitting in our faces as he benefits from his illegal escapades? Why this legal “victory” to a fugitive? The Supreme Court avails itself to scumbags and scoundrels? This is not how to fight corruption! We must fight it, united!

All branches of all levels of our governments, the executive, the legislative and judicial branches of our federal and state governments, ought to be acting in concert and in unison to rid Nigeria of corruption. Corruption can only be eliminated and eradicated in tandem.

Nigeria’s national interests are at stake! No one can afford to continue to act as a mindless robotic machine, as if without a stake in the outcome of what happens to Nigeria, particularly, because of the scourge of corruption! What is the purpose of the law? I make bold to assert, that the law fosters better society. The law is the difference between stable and progressive societies and those other societies that are not. I want Nigeria to be a nation of laws!

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prince kennedy Iyoha May 1, 2007 - 6:11 pm

Mr Paul.

Why is it difficult for you to mention the Fact? That you know the reason why the court accelerated the hearing of Mr Atiku’s case, and the speedy hearing of Mr Dariye case too, in the Supreme Court of Justices, why do you try to compare the Supreme Court of Justices in Nigeria to that of the United States? It is possible that the Nigeria Supreme Court of Justices is fashioned along the same line with that of the United states in terms of responsibility and representation, but the functioning of the Nigeria Supreme Court, cannot be compared to that of any country considered civilized.

It is possible that you have respect for that institution, but very many Nigerians, particularly those that have been disappointed by the very institution that was design to protect them from the immoral strong and powerful in the society.

It will be unfortunate for you to discover that your dear teacher Mr Professor Niki Tobi and many like him are worst than Mr Atiku and Mr. Dariye put together. Like Sabella Abidde rightly observed, I am convinced beyond reason, that you have answers to the very many whys in your article, but it seems, you don’t want to believe, that your teacher that once represents a symbol of excellent to you, is now as corrupt as the vice president and Mr. Dariye you want prosecuted by the very Supreme Court.

What a shame to a people.

Sabella Abidde May 1, 2007 - 10:39 am

Mr. Adujie,

I know you are a lawyer; but you sometimes give me cause to doubt you are indeed a lawyer.


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