The Tragedies of Man-made godism


Before sending His creatures to sojourn on planet Earth, God, the Father, endowed him or her with the relevant attributes that would enable him or her to learn the lessons that would help him to do His Will.

Upon arrival here on Earth, satan and his tolunquar demons, informant demons, principalities, powers and dominions, introduce Man to earthly power, money, greed, avarice, which lead men to infamy and destruction.

Never worship man-made gods. It is the sure way to soul destruction. NEVER WORSHIP MAN-MADE gods…

In my essays, I informed my readers that in this corrupt dispensation, “GOD would overturn, overturn and overturn…” and that the ruling political party’s secret sins and corrupt practices will be laid bare to the astonishment of the people.

Who are man-made gods? They are earthly kings, queens, presidents, Prime Ministers and other man-made gods, who occupy lofty offices, from where they oppress the sons and daughters of God Almighty.

They arrogate to themselves, the authority to send soldiers to war, punish those who resist their oppressive sways. They reserve the right to appoint men and women to high office, so they kow-tow to them.

However, when man-made gods leave office,” their friends desert them” Jonathan disclosed this during a church service in Abuja.

Mr. Jonathan! You did not have friends but fortune-seeker, opportunists, blood-sucking members of various occult brotherhoods, who confused you through self-serving advice in their own interests.

Having used you to grow rich, they abandoned you. Do not worry, man, they will face their KARMA.

NEVER WORSHIP MAN-MADE gods! In the spiritual realm of the Most High God, they are regarded as agents of the Luciferian hierarchy.

They are deceived here on Earth by pieces of gold and silver, jet-planes, castles and protocol.


Never worship man-made gods! How men get into the spiders’ webs of power is an intricate subject that was taught in the School of Christ, in the School of Elihu and Salome, in the Schools of Egypt.

Past masters, after consulting their AKASHIC RECORDS and recalling the disgrace many leaders had passed through, do not rush to be the sacrificial lambs of satan, who raises them to great heights, only to bring them into opprobrium.


This is a sermon prosperity pastors in Nigeria do not preach to their rulers! Since Apostle A.A. Egabor of the Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor Medaise, Pastor Obadare and the Man of God of Arakeji, Apostle Babalola passed on, only prosperity pastors, in whose churches money presides, are overseers. They exploit the miserable social condition of miracle-expecting church-goers.

The Holy Ghost has left those churches long ago. I am ready to debate the issue of collection of tithes after God; the Father accepted the atonement by the blood of JESUS as good for all times. Tithes go into jets. Oh no! It is not right.

How many Bishops in Europe own private jets? It is a peculiar Nigerian materialism malaise. Jesus did not ride on a horse to Jerusalem but on a donkey!

Those persons, who were raised as pupils in Heliopolis definitely understand the meaning of every word in the BOOK of Life. Today, every unemployable, jobless man or woman in Nigeria, can buy a Bible, studiously reads from Genesis to Revelation, without “BEING CALLED”, builds a structure, called “church” which churns out tithes.

Why is there so much criminality, killings, kidnappings, stealing and corruption in Nigeria?

Church leaders hob-nob with people they should treat with utmost contempt. The church-goers watch the bad examples being set by church dealers, who recently collected presidential tithes and prophesied arrant illusions during the last elections.

When church leaders submit to man-made gods, the heavenly hosts must be displeased. The truth must be told, even if the heavens fall.

The agents of the anti-christ are at work, desecrating the notions of holiness, righteousness and good works. Nigeria is not seeing the glory of God, as a result of greed, avarice, love of filthy lucre, pursuit of power at all cost, superstition, infamy, failure to speak truth to ignominy, dubious silence as evil triumphs, praising those in authority as a favour and fortune-seeking strategy.

Confusion has been injected into Nigerian governance, which must be handled with tolerance, maturity and firmness. Those, who sought to derail the last elections, are still using evil stratagems to create mayhem.

The work of Nigerian redemption presses hard. The destructive work of the Luciferian hierarchy, using man-made gods as is going on

In Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen is discernible.

Those foreign advisers and their local agents, who are suggesting outlandish Inanities and ideas of inconsequential import, are merely trying to derail the political change in Nigeria.

BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, meeting in Elizabeth Castle, London, reviewed 276,000 demagogic vituperations by “learned” meddlesome interlopers, who do nothing to wrestle with their societies that are crumbling from within, but tell everyone else how to run their affairs

We are consoled that we have a new leader, who does not yield to material coercion, who has a LION’S HEART.

Only a bovine leader, who was malleable, tensile and ductile , was susceptible to foreign influence and was a national security risk.

Every Nigerian in high office, for which he does not have the relevant education, training and experience, is a national security risk.

How can a medical doctor aspire to be the President of Senate, a complicated legislative assignment to which a high degree in jurisprudence and long legal practice are sine qua non?

I have posited many times that a butcher is not a surgeon, a technician is not an engineer, an animal science expert may see the people like he sees the animal kingdom.

The biggest damage colonial rule did to Nigeria was to post people with irrelevant degrees to positions they were unsuitable to hold. That this practice of “ Round Pegs in Square Holes “ has continued unabated will remain an evanescent mystique.


The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking Nigerian men and women urges Nigerians to embrace vision and discard illusions. They must extol excellence and debunk mediocrity. They must understand that good things do not come easy. The British elections showed us how committed politicians conducted themselves. To govern a nation, the best patriotic citizens operate, not gold-diggers, in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy, looters of national resources, in pursuit of selfish ends.

Only those souls, who have entered the upper gates of consciousness, dare aspire to rule others, not alalus homos, buccaneers with asps under their lips and tongues of fire, who lack the refinement of spirit.

We must believe in ourselves because unbelief precludes great works. Before, during and after the British elections, the country was at peace.

Nigerians should speak out when the damage is being done not after the damage had been done. Wise men do not cry over spilt milk.

We must change the procedure, where a new government is formed long after the results have been announced. This will limit the undemocratic attitude of losers and political malcontents, who do not take defeat with equanimity.

Senate President David Mark’s lamentations over the disintegrating PDP, Chief Emeka Anyaoku saying that we should be grateful to Jonathan for conceding defeat, as if

he had any other option, the myriad of advice to Buhari by all sorts of fence-sitting pundits, ballot snatching demagogues smirk of hypocrisy.

The truth is that the PDP did not assist Jonathan in running Nigeria. They took the benefits without carrying the burden of governance. In short, the PDP was a “party”, but not a true political party.

All the Party’s Chairmen were misfits, who did not imbibe rudimentary rules of political science, the history of political thought, political theories and practice. So, by what magical conjurations were they expected to run the PDP?

Money was available to do party work, but how did this advance the PDP?

There   were many advisers and Goebbels-like political programmes. These did not advance statecraft in Nigeria. Most positions the government media and supporters provided depicted the lack of deep thought. The whole world watched them perform. It is no surprise that the people voted wisely.

Olusegun Obasanjo failed to get a third term. That failure constitutes the remote and immediate causes of our tragedy.

When will Nigerians cast off the fear put in them by military brutal governance, strongmen intimidation and call a spade a spade?

In Burundi, because a president wants a third term his nation is now on fire. Gbagbo refused to hand over power. He is now in jail. Olmert got a bribe. He is now is jail.

Why do these cretins and skunks behave stupidly while in office? They are the human agents of satan, who uses them to cause mayhem, deaths and social dislocation.

We have been at the brink, but God, the Father is in control! But must they let their vain ambitions destroy their compatriots?

If you observe, it is those poorly educated Africans in politics, who see politics as a do or die affair, because without it their misery will be plain. But must they destroy the race?

I had earlier written about,” Political Psychiatry and Infantile Disorder”, “Political Choreography and the End-game “ and I had proposed SOCIOCRACY, as a new political philosophy for African nations because of the murderous and divisive nature of bourgeoisie democracy. I am happy that I have been receiving constructive responses.

On a lighter note, in our coming political dispensation, many politicians are now suffering from CHANGENSIS. They need 500mg of BUHARIMICINE injection every week. If he had not declared himself a democrat, I could have increased the dosage substantially.

We are watching and we are waiting whether those, who were and are responsible for our tragedies, who are man-made gods, will feature in government to continue their negative work against Nigeria.

The next Nigerian desperation that will be caused by impunity, ex-this, ex-that inclusion in governance, will be unstoppable.

The most negative aspect of Nigerian political life has been the unfocussed character of governance Godfatherism, immaculate deception of the nation by military adventurers, political neophytes and others, who have amassed confusion and chaos on the nation.

Demi-gods emerged from the ranks of former ex-this and ex-that, who have continued to dominate Nigerian affairs in their own interests. While in other states, retirees keep away from Governance and write their memoires, Nigerian retired leaders use the “ FORMER this” title as a passport to ASO ROCK, where they harangue the President with hackneyed opinions, the political 419ers have now abandoned him. He has vowed to expose them. This demi-godism is also responsible for the dislocation and permanent crisis in the Universal Brotherhood, as states insist on unipolar wisdom. Man-made gods denigrate other states through propaganda and otiose political disputations and wrangling. The state of the tripolar world is very worrisome. The regime change policy, the ideology of “ONE WORLD, ONE TRUTH”, the invasion of Iraq, Libya and Syria the pseudo-intellectual postulations by Tony Blair, George Bush, the French philosopher Bernard, Rasmussen, CNN et al, who inaugurated the ideological foundations for these crises, must be carefully documented by the UN, EU, AU and by universities and research institutes. A few vocal and opinionated people, who have brought the world to the brink, must be remembered for their ignoble roles for the mayhem that have resulted from their man-made godism.

There is urgent need for a WORLDPEACE CONFRENCE to discuss Russia/EU disputes, Ukraine, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, ISIS, Iraq, Libya, the African EXODUS and bad, corrupt governments, Burundi, South Sudan.

The formidable nuclear weapons we saw on Russia’s DIEN POPERDA and the North Korean flying whale nuclear missile, have convinced me that in this Era of the anti-christ, the worst can happen by mistake or design, advertently or inadvertently, by hook or crook. A stitch in time saves nine, a sage once said.

Those leaders in Nigeria, who ascended from brute to men and from men to demi-gods, will face degradation as they face the law for their pontifical exercise of power over Nigerians through stolen wealth. The tragedies of man-made godism are acute as these sweep the souls of sinners into the manifold.

The human tragedy, when one is in office is exacerbated by money, power, protocol,   unearned respect, the power to distribute high offices and incarnate greed.

From the alluring deception by   satan to use stealing and corruption to destroy souls , may the Good Lord deliver every living soul! Amen!


Jonathan has urged the Buhari government not to reverse his policies. I will consult my former law students of the IFE RADICAL SCHOOL Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), Professor Mike Ikhariale, Dr Amos Idowu, Reader in Law, Yusuf Alli, (SAN), and the distinguished Class of 84, as to the veracity of that assertion, or the lack of it.

In his LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION, A.V. Dicey wrote learnedly about the supremacy of parliament. He posited that no parliament should legislate to bind a future parliament. DAS IST EINE WAHRHEIT! Walahi Talahi, the new National Assembly and government can overturn bad policies and “politricks”. This position is sacrosanct, immutable and good for Nigeria. Speaking at a church service in Abuja on May 10, 2015, Jonathan told his ministers to expect to face persecution or is it prosecution? No-one is persecuted for making hard choices, but for bad deeds.

It is true that since 1960, this is the only government that has been properly elected by the people. All the others were put in office through brutal coups.

Those rulers, who were catapulted to demi-gods, later descended to the ranks of men and then went into political oblivion.

The new government will adopt “OPERATION GIRIMAN MUTANE”. For God is not mocked. What men sow they shall reap. Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and REBIRTH and in the maelstrom of political colloquy. There will be a vindication of the RIGHTEOUS (S Yusuf, v 110).


IMAGE: by Valerie Everett

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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