“Transition Hours” under his “Watch”

by Yahaya Balogun

Unsolicited Oga Jona’s Book Review:


“After the kidnap, as if on cue, protests broke out within days. They were neatly choreographed and nicely distributed around the country. I believe one day, some of the security experts and actors will tell the truth about the kidnap of the girls.”  Excerpt from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. is a man that readily comes to mind as a meek individual who intertwines corruption with meekness and cluelessness. In Yoruba axiom, our elders would say: àpa àìmúdélé ni kò jé kí a mò pé ológbò ń sode! (the rapaciousness and selfishness of a cat is a burden that makes us disbelieve that, cat is a good hunter)! To his warped and gullible children of corruption, Jonathan is seen as a small hero or thin-god in the house of corruption.

The ex-president contradicted himself profusely in his new inauspicious memoir. In a constitutional democracy, where the rule of law prevails or is sacrosanct, Jonathan would have been sued for exposing his government’s atrocities against the Nigerian people. I am sure the former president didn’t peruse or read through the book purportedly “authored” by him before sending it for publication. Dr. Jonathan’s Ph.D acquisition to us is suspect to rational minds in the academic community. The man is bereft of common sense ideas every time he tries to convince potent minds! When you don’t know when to keep quiet, you’re susceptible to buffoonery, gaffes, manipulation and balderdash! I wish the man can just keep mute to stop his bunkum from salting our healing wounds, or fouling our collective sense of history.

Meanwhile, I thought the former president Goodluck Jonathan’s memoir would be a compendium of self-examination of his corrupt administration. We thought it was going to be a compelling recompense on behalf of Jonathan’s administration for the crimes his coterie of looters had committed against the Nigerian people! We were completely wrong! It was a futile expectation as the clueless former president untimely churned out a memoir to sign out his cluelessness for the world to read. Anyway, it is a plus and good material to trigger emotions for the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Historically, under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s administration, Nigeria was raped blue! The raped and wellbeing of Nigeria as an entity was sent to intensive care unit for rescue and resuscitation. The nation is still in comatose and hemorrhaging from the evil of his administration. The remnants of these rapists are coming back again to prostitute the minds of those whose lust for malfeasance, assailment and corruption. This writer is never a man who will be judgemental on a book he has not perused or thoroughly read; or news he hasn’t authenticated, but he’s breaking his norm in this ordinariness and predictable circumstance. Jonathan’s book will be full of bunkum to appeal to rational minds, but his warped and unsuspecting readers with highfalutin will wanton in showcasing his naivety and benightedness.

The timing of Goodluck Jonathan’s memoir shows the density of his cluelessness. Every chapter of his book predictably will be an indictment of the former president of Nigeria, that is, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s administration. l am sure the fertile and rational-minded readers of his book will come back to prove us right after its consummation….!! Good Ebele Jonathan attempted to distort history in his memoir, history will not distort his role and participation in the decimation and rape of a nation flowing with milk and honey. He watched as a beleaguered nation went through defilement and looting. His memoir will further traumatize our collective sense of history.

Furthermore, Jonathan and his coterie of looters owe us a collective muted response as we are trying to get out of their mental-tortured-chambers in the country. They should stop insulting us publicly in their unrepentant show of shame. We love our country, but the more we want to love and forgive them, the more they implant hate and divisiveness amongst us to hate ourselves. We will not stop from exploring ways to bring our country back to unity and sanity, we’ll continue to negate and resist their attempts to embellish and rewrite our ugly history to cover up their cocoon of sabotaged past.

Ordinarily, one would have expected the meek Oga Jona to just keep mute while the bruised nation waggle itself out from the burden of rape from the past administrations. But Mr. Nebu is a student in the school of naivety! He can’t just stop spewing out claptrap or gibberish when it’s most important to be muted! Nebu’s inarticulate attitude keeps recurring unabated.

In the bunk of history, Nebu,’s “future impossible tenses” and wrong construction in his pseudo book titled: “My Transition Hours” will also be consigned into the same dark inglorious bookshelf of “My Watch.” These self-indicted books authored by Mr. Nebu and his master, the Tortoise of our political clime are another attempts by them to rewrite our ugly history in a awful and distorted way. These dramatists in the Nigerian polity want to distort history, history will definitely not distort their roles the maladministration of Nigeria. But, history is bunk! History is a precursor to how we have played our roles in nation building.

The purchase of “My watch” is another literary junk of history on our bookshelves! “My Watch” is an amplification of lies, grotesque opportunism, grandeur of grandstanding and deceit! But as a literary scholar, we haven’t wasted our money to buy the political memoirs and propaganda! “My Watch” and “My Transition Hours” will serve as another referential subjects in the archives of our ugly national stories!

As “My Watch” shenanigans and hypocrisy is being triggered and resurfaced by Alhaji Atiku’s presidential ticket, the bunkumness of “My Transition Hours” will surely transmit the incorruptibility of Mr. Integrity-President Muhammadu Buhari to victory in 2019. In the end, the hypocrisy of these psuedo authors of Nigerian politics will be exposed to the junk of Nigerian history! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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