Vice President Atiku Abubakar Must Resign Now!

by Paul I. Adujie

Based on long established fine legal principles, anchored on the presumption of innocence, we sought last week, to elicit explanations from Vice President Atiku of Nigeria, regarding his unexplained wealth, particularly, the excessive wealth he controls overseas, more so, since becoming Nigeria’s vice president on May 29, 1999.
We at the time assumed that he could somehow extricate himself from illegalities!

Last week, we had mainly focused on the sham, fraud and illegality that appeared to have been committed through proxies of Nigeria’s current vice president, Jennifer (multiple surnames?) Abubakar, (who, as have since been revealed, earns only $200 a week), and yet purchased and “owns” a $2million dollar mansion; Jennifer, it is, she, who if you recall, donated $25,000.00 to the Republican Party, the political party that has produced the current American federal government and their wonderful domestic and foreign policies! Jennifer is a model citizen of America and Nigeria! Is she not?

Our impeccably reliable sources have since made further revelations, to the effect that Jennifer (how many surnames?) made a lodgment of $600 million dollars into a Swiss Bank, the Union Bank of Switzerland, UBS. An account which contains the signature of your vice president and mine, and as co-signatory and therefore co-owner, of the tidy sum of six hundred million dollars, money that is enough to provide clean drinking water for all of Adamawa State, money that is enough to generate electricity for 100 years, for Yola and Jalingo, and Numa and more towns in our beloved Adamanwa and environs!

Nigerians must be reminded of (inconsequential?) facts that the Constitution of Nigeria and the Code of Conduct Act for public officials, prohibits, in absolute terms, the possession, ownership and title to, foreign accounts in banks, financial institutions, including ownership of homes, even if through proxies or mistresses or absentee wife.

Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s sumptuous living quarters in the United States, his unexplained affluence and opulent life style indicate breaches of provisions of Nigeria’s Constitution and Code of Conduct Act, this, coupled with the $600 million dollars that was moved from the United States to Switzerland, (the home, sweet home, and repository of looted monies and banker to looters or lootocrats) is proof beyond any iota of doubt, that the VP has egregiously breached provisions of the Constitution of Nigeria, the Code of Conduct Act and other laws of Nigeria, Switzerland and the United States as suspected.

By natural progression therefore, our request that the vice president explain himself, his absentee wife Jennifer, who has been on wild spending sprees, possessing $15,000.00 cash in the Jennifer- Atiku Abubakar mansion in Maryland, an amount that was not considered staggeringly obscene by the VP’s numerous assistants and retinues, of see-no evil handlers! Defenders of the VP, it appears do not find it immoral and sickening, that a majority of Nigerians wallow in grinding abject poverty, while brethren Jennifer donates $25,000.00 to a political party, money that is clearly not hers, impossible to save from $200 a week, which is less than current American minimum wage! How many Americans with income of $200 per week donated $25,000.00 to any political party or charity?

There is high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, there suffering and utter hardships and hopelessness in the land, while the vice president and his dear lady squander our public treasury and national wealth on themselves and American political parties?

There are abandoned, neglected and decaying public infrastructures in Nigeria, but public officials of Nigeria are greedily amassing mansions upon mansions in America and Europe, where public infrastructures do work and perform efficiently… these Nigerian public officials, are behaving as they were refuges, bad refugees, who are only interested in what they can get out of their current environment, but with intent to invest in some other place (America and Europe) where they really plan to make their homes!

Instead of investing in hospitals in Nigeria, these public officials rely on overseas medical facilities for their care, instead of investing in public infrastructures in Nigeria, they want to loot our public wealth and from our treasury, the improve the housing market for America and Europe by purchasing the most expensive homes or mansions of palatial sizes in choice locations. Nigerians must make the looters of Nigeria accountable!

Defenders of the VP who have been harassing me for about ten days now, apparently find nothing “ignominious, disgraceful” in the words of Tonye David-West writing on He sees the uncouth and outright illegal in the doings of the VP and his wife, instead they seek to excuse them with, there are other corrupt officials in Nigeria! How does it amount to any defense of a thief, caught red-handed, that there are other thieves somewhere else? A police officer arrests an armed robber in Ikeja, the robber and his friends justify their actions by saying there are some other robbers in Ikoyi and Surulere? What do we know about Corrupt Persons and their practices? Please provide specifics, not wild speculations and rumors, as distractions or defense to your crimes!

Let us deal with the armed robber against whom we have specific information, let him sing the names of fellow robbers, his accomplices or accessories before or after the fact. Let heads of more looters at all levels of our government roll, let the heads of the corrupt roll, from messengers to the president, whoever is found wanting, deserves severest of penalties… but … the corruption by others cannot be the defense for your corruption!

According to Newswatch Magazine, in its edition published on September 5, 2005
Vice Presidetn Atiku Abubakar has a lot of explaining to do! (

“The tenure of Atiku Abubakar as vice-president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria may end abruptly in a matter of weeks, even days. That is because he has been given marching orders by President Olusegun Obasanjo to quit immediately or risk being handed over to security agencies over illegal financial dealings involving himself and Jennifer, his wife.

Their offences are said to include money laundering, tax evasion, and terrorist financing. Newswatch learnt that one of the major reasons for the recent raiding of the residence of Atiku in Maryland, United States by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence was in connection with his alleged shady deal with William Jefferson, US congressman as well the discovery of his multi-million dollars foreign bank account. Sources said that at first, Atiku and 20 other Nigerians who were maintaining foreign shady bank accounts in the United States were asked to close them. This was because the American security agents who initially did not know the origin of the money, later traced it to deals from Nigeria. It was against this background that they asked all those involved to move their money out of the US. It was at this juncture that Jennifer reportedly moved $600 million out of the US to the Union Bank of Switzerland, UBS. In that bank, he has Jennifer, his wife as a co-signatory to the account.

When they successfully moved the money, Jennifer went to Geneva and attempted to move it again, specifically to build the ABTI American University, Yola owned by the Atikus. But the Swiss banks did not allow her to move the money. This was based on their suspicion that the money came from Nigeria through money laundering. Although Jennifer is married to Atiku, she is an American citizen. This was why the Swiss bankers told her that as an American citizen if she had such money, she ought to have declared it to the US Inland Revenue Service. They argued that since she had not declared it in US for tax pu

rposes, it stands to reason that she was dodging payment of taxes to the US government and the penalty for this offence is jail.

Swiftly, the Swiss bankers reported to the US government that such money came from the US. The US security agents immediately swung into action and searched Jennifer residence because she was earning $200 a week. Baffled by what they discovered, the US government officials called Obasanjo on August 1, alleging that his government was very corrupt. They asked him where Atiku got the money which he stashed in a foreign bank account. Obasanjo’s response was that it had nothing to do with his government but was strictly an individual’s issue.

Newswatch gathered that during the search of Atiku’s house in Maryland, USA, by F.B.I officials, August 3, they found documents on payments to American congressmen through Jefferson. The last cheque was $100,000. It was further learnt that F.B.I. subpoenas are focused on a telecommunications deal Jefferson was trying to engineer in Nigeria over the past year.. The US government then called George Obiozor, Nigeria’s ambassador to US to alert him about the happenings. Obiozor immediately sent two reports on the incident to the federal government. He was instructed to follow it up through diplomatic channels to establish the facts involved on the issue”

Jennifer is the happy political parties’ donor, with apparent unlimited and limitless wealth, based on her hard work upon which she is paid $200 per week! Which of course is below the poverty measuring scale in America….how does anyone with income level below the poorest American then make180 degrees turn to donate to the party of Lincoln? The political party in America that is synonymous with the political party of the rich? Jennifer certainly posses a most bizarre transformative personalities, that will make the worst multiple personality sufferer bristle with envy! Poor $200 per week rich wife of VP, live in a mansion! Co-owner of $600 million, frequent donor to political parties! This is better than fiction! Who could have thought up such wonderful true life fantasy of phantasmagoria? Let defenders of the VP and Jennifer refute or challenge our facts!

We wrote “Vice President Atiku Abubakar Must Explain!” first published at and other Nigeria-related websites, based on the investigations and findings that became available to us, since then, we have received hate mails, churlish commentaries by defenders of the vice president, unwarranted telephone calls chastising me, some threatening my personal safety and life! Even though what we wrote was incontrovertible or if some think it is, they ought to write rejoinders to my article, instead of labeling, castigating and threatening my life and liberty!

I have since received countless annoying telephone calls to my home and to my cellular phones… these pranks and cranks of calls, have strengthened my resolved to pursue those who loot Nigeria’s resources… I refuse to be intimidated, and no price is too high to pay
I have accordingly, informed American authorities of these threats to my safety and life

I am not afraid. It is a worthy cause to rid Nigeria of corruption, it is just cause! Looters deprive Nigeria of development, advancement and greatness! Looters make Nigeria object of ridicule in international arena, and looters have damaged our sense of pride in our nation! Looters have stunted our growth and development, looters are our bane and burden. Looters drive Nigerians out of Nigeria, Nigerians throng foreign embassies daily!
I am undeterred and unbowed! We will ruin those responsible for the ruination of Nigeria

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tai November 29, 2006 - 7:32 pm

The article is OK.But let's pray for Divine cleansing and exposure of the wrong things in Nigeria

Anonymous April 10, 2006 - 7:32 am

i want to start by saying to the author of this article 'more grease to your elbows'.

Nigerians need to wake up and realise that our Government owe its people the basic things in life. A right to health, education, food, shelter and an opportunity to advance one's earning capacity. (provided u earned that right!!! that is, u get a job based on ur qualification and not based on who you know – that's another issue altogether!)

Therefore, if our Government is found wanting, they should be brought to justice! the VP and in fact all corrupted members of the Nigerian Government owes us an explanation.Owes us our basic rights. owes all Nigerians the right TO BE ROMEVED!! otherwise what does democracy stand for??? A corrupted governemnt should be made an example of, otherwise the ones after such a government will only walk in the steps of the ones before. That is why a nation as blessed and rich as Nigeria is still very backward!!!!We as a people are making those ruinning our nation feel like they can do anything and get away with it.

On another note, we want all the good things in life but dont want to work for it!!! We like 'efizzy', bling-bling, show-off, (like ive heard some ignorant, money-milking, no sense of direction /focus, some who cant stand on their two-feet, 'mummy & daddy dependent Nigerians say – 'do you know who my father is'?), yet are too blind to see that they are living on the blood-money of their fellow countrymen. Yes, il tell you who your father is. A thief, a corrupted man that has sold the love for his nation for that of money, who has sold his dignity and patriotism in exchange for the West's lavish ways and yet they will tell you to 'go back to your country after you have spent all your life paying tax to another man's government and building mansions.We want to be like the West and live like they do, but forgetting the simple rule that charity begins at home.That there is no place like home, that if you dont look after your home, no one else will. We are forgetting that as a nation, as a people we cannot expect to 'walk' when we havent even started 'crawling'.

Let us resolve the dying needs first, the basic needs.Then we can strive to live lavishly like the Westerners!!! im not saying living good is a bad thing, im saying let every man cut his coat according to his size. distribute the wealth amongst our people.Let us build this our nation togther!!!Let us feed and clothe our people first. Take care of our sick ones, then we can start pushing Benz, Lexus, Jaguar etc on the good roads!! provided by our Government.


Written by Marian E.O

Anonymous February 6, 2006 - 3:44 pm

Jennifer spoke outright well the problem nigeria at large is facing with the political leader is inevitable they are choppers of nigeria money they need to be checked vigorously

Anonymous December 27, 2005 - 7:12 pm

Thanks for this wonderful article. Paul contact me at We used to work together as attorney's with Edewor and co. in Lagos

Anonymous November 2, 2005 - 10:20 am

I am very pleased to see such a wonderful article about our looters that continue to ruin our beloved country, we need more people who are brave and can hold the bull by the horns like you.

I study in England(undergraduate) and believe me 200, we are treated without respect over here. Once they see your green passport you are regarded as a looter or someone with a hidden agender.

Yet we so much believe in materialistic possessions and we claim to have a passion for religion. I wonder what it takes to be rememberd in Nigeria's good books (a bit of honesty, integrity, loyalty)why do we then focus our energy on negative earthly possessions when thesame positive energy could be invested in the growth of Nigeria.

I am proud of you Paul and the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a whole. I pledge not to sell my worth to materialistic possessions that would depreciate with time but rather to the continious growth of my country.

For those that send threats, thesame possibilities would occur if you loot money. My philosophy is simple, I am not afraid of dying for the right things in life rather than die for the wrong reasons.


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