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The APC-led government of General Buhari came to power on the mantra of change. Fighting corruption, reviving the economy and fighting insurgency were the main focus of the administration.

On assumption of office, it took months for the President to fill his cabinet; only for him to supply us with old wagons without twenty first century innovative ideas after months of expectation.

Without patronising the administration, it did well to implement the TSA and introduce the whistle blower policy, but the administration has refused to fulfil its campaign promises. Rather, it has decided to place untold hardship on Nigerians, the kind that citizens have not witnessed in a long time.

What is seriously surprising is the fact that President Buhari had failed to win the Presidential election on three occasions before winning the fourth time, only for him to be fumbling on the job; the administration keeps shooting itself in the leg. The same reasons that people voted out GEJ are still being repeated by this administration at a higher level.

Corruption is at its highest. Insecurity in the nation is reaching a record high with Fulani herdsmen killing people in various states on a regular basis, and the security agencies are unable to bring them to justice. People in various communities are currently living in fear in anticipation of attacks by these killer herdsmen who allegedly carry sophisticated weapons and commit arson.

Electricity supply has not increased despite several promises. Fuel scarcity has been on since last year and the government doesn’t seem to care that Nigerians are going through serious agony on account of this.
The government that promised to fight medical tourism has spent more on taking care of its privileged officials and their family members abroad while our health facilities are left to rot. A government that promised to fight corruption has not been able to investigate or prosecute its own officials accused of corruption.

We cannot abandon our passion to see a better society, but our hope in this APC-led administration has been dashed. We must, however, continue to engage, critique and advise this government, hoping that maybe its officials will heed the voice of reason and simply fulfil its campaign promises before the end of its cycle.

No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we must all be interested in our political affairs. Individual success in the midst of collective failure, no matter how important or globally relevant you become, will always be subsumed. We all must be active participants in how and who leads us at all levels of governance.
Nigerians aren’t asking for too much. People merely want good jobs, access to mortgage facilities, well equipped hospitals, an effective educational system, security of life and property and a good transport system.

Last minute rush to embark on white elephant projects in order to campaign for the 2019 general election will not work as people are wiser now than ever before. We desire good governance and accountability.
Nigeria shall become the most desirable country on earth to live in. We have patriotic individuals who have the capacity to provide solutions to the myriads of challenges we’re facing. We have a sizeable population. We have good weather. We are blessed with intellectual, material and mineral resources, so, we have no choice than to become a world leader in the twenty first century.

God bless you.
God bless Nigeria.

Written by
Opeyemi Ajayi
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