Western Nations Are Bankers For Gadahafi, Dictators, Tyrants: The Pope As Bankers For Mafia?

by Paul I. Adujie

$80 Billion Dollars of Libyan money is hidden by Gadahaffi in America and Europe. It has now been revealed that western nations and their institutions have been acting as Gadahafi’s bankers.

It is as if, and quite similar to what a revelation of the Pope acting as banker and consultant for the Mafia would sound and feel like? It is the moral equivalents! And the world thinks nothing of it?

Western nations, meaning, America and her western European allies, have always labeled Gadahafi a mad man! Gadahafi has been persona non grata in the views of western nations and this label and appellations for Gadafi has been the same, since my childhood and during the lifetimes of most living adults in the world today!

But how is it then, that the same Gadahafi, the mad man of Tripoli, Libya, the notorious dictator, tyrant, authoritarian, totalitarian, antidemocratic and antichrist, at least, as far as western nations are concerned, is also a client and a customer and source of immense incomes for western nations?

How come that same Gadaafi is the same one, who is the most favored customer and client of American and European Banks and financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Hong Kong Singapore Banking Corporation or HSBC as well as Societe General Bank of France!

Banks and financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC Holdings and Société Générale are among the major banks that have helped Col. Mummar Gadahafi to “invest” Libya’s oil money, money which is treated as personal money and personal estate and personal wealth by Gadahafi, his sons and his coterie and retinue of hangers and western nations and their banks are keenly aware of these salient facts!

Multitudes of questions therefore arise which western governments and western banks and financial institutions must answered honestly, sincerely and thoroughly; amongst which are, why knowingly act as bankers, conduit, funnel through which Libya treasury is pillaged and plundered?

Why would western governments and their institutions act as accessory to looting of Libya’s patrimony?

Why act as bankers to a mad man, a dictator and tyrant? Why act as bankers and consultant to a man who western nations have repeatedly labeled as terrorist and sponsor of terrorism?

Why is it logical and reasonable to frequently, publicly and loudly accuse Gadahafi and his dictator, tyrant ilk of corruption and looting from their national treasuries, while simultaneously and contemporaneously acting as his financial safe haven enabling and facilitating the siphoning and secreting of money meant for the creation of health, wealth and happiness in Libya, for instance

How does and how would anyone explain this phenomena in which western nations are often badgering the entire world with the lofty ideals and tenets of democracy and democratization, free market economy and political and economic reforms as sacrosanct, as imperative for all the world.

Why is it, that western nations never have any qualms in helping dictators siphon national treasuries? It is public knowledge that Mobutu Sese Sekour of the Congo siphon money from his nation and stashed it in western banks and financial institutions.

Ditto Saddam Husein of Iraq and Shah of Iran, and Sulharto of Indonesia and Ferdinand Marcus of the Philippines and Gadahafi and many others now and in the past. Stolen foreign money seems to be the fuel oil and steady lubricants for economies of western nations?

Billions of dollars siphoned by dictators and secreted by western nations is deprivation meted out to developing nations, it is worse than the invasions and occupations of those nations so deprived, it is worse than the effects of terrorism and money laundering to which western nations guard their own nations against.

Looted and siphoned secreted by western nations and their banks and financial institutions is tantamount to indirect colonialism and an imperialistic tool which controls the world order.

It directly tax, stymies, stunt and retard developments of developing nations which are victims of these plunders and pillaging and looting and the provision of safe haven by sermonizing and sanctimonious western nations and their banks and financial institutions is the unkindest cut and extreme hypocrisy!

Western nations frequently engage in ostentatiously shaming dictators, tyrants and autocracies and theocracies and unsavory characters such as their whipping boy-demon, Gadahafi and secretly be his banker and the world would have been none the wiser, but for the extensive investigative reports which undertaken by Global Witness which has published in The New York Times and elsewhere;

A feature article by David Jolly of The New York Times reports that ” Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi has stashed billions of dollars of Libyan oil revenues with financial institutions on Wall Street and in Europe, according to a document made public Thursday by an international advocacy group”, Global Witness, a WikiLeaks type organization which releases useful information for public good and common good

David Jolly’s article further revealed that “The fund also invested billions of dollars in the stocks of well-known companies, including General Electric, Halliburton, BP and Nokia, and held a large portfolio of United States government bonds.” “Qaddafi makes no distinction between his personal assets and the resources of the country.”

What do we call those who act as bankers or provide safe haven for dictators and tyrants who plunder and pillage public treasuries? Why do western nations, governments and banks act as enablers, facilitators in cahoots with global criminals? It is like the Pope being bankers to the Mafia!

While America and Europeans act as bankers for persons such as Moammar Gadahafi and other tyrants, dictators and totalitarians of this world!

What could possibly be the Christian Bible basis or religious and ethical rationales for being bankers to a mad man, a sponsor of terrorism, a dictator, a tyrant and a compulsively irrational man, as western nation have him, Gadahafi?

What could possibly the altruistic and benevolent reasons why western nations and their morally outstanding and ethically upright institutions be bankers and consultants to an epitome of evil and vile?

Could it be that money and profits knows no bounds of Christian religiosity, morals, and ethics when profits beckon?

Are western nations, banks and financial institutions within them able to rationally, logically justify serving and acting as bankers and consultants for Gadahafi and his sons and clans? How do western nations excuse being the safe haven for stolen goods of which they are keenly aware, are goods with statuses of haven been stolen!

Similarly, it has since come to light, courtesy of Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, that globally famous London School of Economics or LSE accepted millions of dollars from the Gadahafi family in a “Pay-to-Play-Scheme” then awarded an advanced LSE degree to a Gadahafi son.

It is also true that an American who acted as a consultant, and those who aggressively promoted Gadahafi’s son as a reformer, were all paid consultant on the payroll of the Gadahafis

Western nations and their institutions apparently are blissfully oblivious and unaware of the contradictions, inappropriateness, inconsistencies and conflicts of interests in these incestuous relationship with unsavory characters with equally unsavory abysmal and dismal records on human rights, democratization and economic and political reforms. What does anyone say for someone who thinks a type of food poisonous, but, nevertheless keep putting the poisonous food in own mouth, because food is good for hunger?

Clearly, it is the case that western nations and western banks and financial institutions are playing the role of helping thieves and drug dealers secret proce

eds from obviously criminal, illegal and illicit activities, while pretending no collusion, connivance and complicity in the criminal enterprise and the outcomes in the completed crimes and consequences to the nations looted, pillaged and plundered!

Western nations do not tolerate anyone who harbors, secrets and protects criminals and proceeds of their criminality. Western nations have advertised aversions to money laundering; whether such money is connected with organized crimes, drug and narcotics trade and most recently, terrorism.

So, why are western nations actively engaged in secreting and providing safe haven and harbors for monies stolen by those same persons labeled as mad men, dictators, tyrants, antidemocratic and persons deemed to be engaged in human rights abuses, and in the use and abuse of absolute and arbitrary powers?

Why be bankers to thieves and criminals of the worst types on earth? Why be bankers to those who kill and maim “their-own- people”?

Why is it that America and Europe would help Gadahafi to hide billions of dollars, money which rightly belong to Libya and the people of Libya and for Libya’s development?

Why is America and Europe now just telling the world that they were helping Gadhaffi to stash $80 Billion dollars?

Does the Pope also help the Mafia to stash Mafia money, money from criminal activities? And the world thinks nothing of it?

Qaddafi Reportedly Stashes Billions in Western Institutions http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/27/world/africa/27qaddafi.html

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