What Have You Done Lately For Democracy In Nigeria? (3)

by Bode Eluyera

Let’s come back to the candidacy of Utomi. After my objective and comprehensive analysis, are you convinced now that Utomi is the best candidate for Nigeria in this forthcoming presidential election? If you are really objective, and sincere with yourself; without any prejudice or tribal inclinations, then, deep in your hearth, you should be convinced by now that Utomi is the man Nigeria needs to bring it out of the crisis it is presently facing. I have no doubt in my mind that Utomi is the “messiah” for Nigeria today. Undoubtedly, his presidency will benefit all, believe me. By the way, what is more important for you, having your kinsman at Aso rock, or a competent Nigerian that will perform and make life for you, your family and millions of Nigerians much better than before? At this juncture, it is very important to remind you that Utomi is not from my tribe. Moreover, there are presidential candidates from my tribe; nevertheless, I have chosen Utomi as my candidate.

Let us approach our discussion from another angle. Supposing you have a very big company with branches all over Nigeria, please tell me, deep in your mind, who are you most likely to call upon among these 3 men to run it for you? I am double sure that if you are sincere with yourself, and want your business to succeed, you will definitely choose Utomi – but neither buhari nor Yaradua, to run it. Don’t you think that there is a direct analogue between running your very big company, with branches all over Nigeria, and managing successfully a complex country like Nigeria? Has it ever occurred to you that Nigeria in a way, is like a very, very, very big and complex company consisting of big and complex companies scattered all over the country? So, if you can entrust your company to Utomi, why not entrust your country too to him to manage? Don’t you think that if he could succeed with your company, he equally has a very good chance of succeeding with Nigeria? If you can’t call upon neither Yaradua nor buhari to manage your big and complex company, why do you expect them to succeed in managing successfully such a huge and complex enterprise like Nigeria? I want to remind you again that Utomi has not only managed big and complex companies in the past, but has also founded many successful big and complex companies, and consults many big and complex companies on diversified complex management and financial issues. Believe me, this invaluable experience is vital in running Nigeria successfully.

I sincerely hope that I have succeeded in selling Utomi to you now, completely? Now, let us work together on our candidate. You know as the saying goes, “If wishes were horses, beggars too will ride.” Do you know what is really annoying me now? A lot of people are saying that he is the best candidate, but cannot win the election. Do you know what is annoying about this? What is most annoying about such a useless, self-defeating and misleading statement is that it comes from people who are assumed to be educated, and supposed to know better. It is really very unfortunate that these people whom I will refer to as “educated illiterates” are misleading the electorates, instead of enlightening them. How did they know that Utomi cannot win the election, if they don’t, or have not voted for him? Why don’t they cast their votes en mass for him first, implore millions; including their relatives, friends and colleagues to do the same, and then wait for the result? As the saying goes, “Do your best and leave the rest!”

So, what have you done recently to sell our candidate, Utomi, to the Nigerian electorates? How many people have you tried to convince personally; either face to face, by phone, through articles, mails, e.t.c. that Utomi is the man to vote for? Have you tried to convince your relatives that by voting for Utomi, they are relieving you of your financial burden – because as the economy improves, you won’t need to be sending as much money home for food, as you presently do? And money saved could be invested in other ventures; like building a house or setting up a family business. Have you tried to convince your relatives, friends and colleagues that by voting for Utomi, they are equally helping themselves too, because they are voting for a better and brighter future? Did you make it mandatory that all your relatives and friends not only register, but also ensure that they vote for Utomi on Election Day?

The fact that you live abroad is not an excuse. If you want your country to be better, stronger and more prosperous, then you must put in some efforts for that. As the saying goes “Manna does not fall from heaven.” Or, do you want to give up easily on Utomi without putting up a fight? Are you used to giving up easily? Then, why not make electing Utomi Nigeria’s next president, ‘a do or die affair too’ – like Obj. Exchange fire for fire. Remember, perseverance is vital in order to succeed in any endeavour. So, don’t give up!

By the way, have you told your people that voting for Utomi is just half of the process? They still need to protect their votes, with any means available. That is equally important too! If they are not vigilant enough, and allow some evil and anti-progress people to tamper with the ballot boxes or their votes, then, they will only find themselves to be blamed, because all their efforts, pain and time will be wasted in vain. Don’t forget that these political rogues have rigged the election before, and they are determined to do it again. Remember, ” To be fore warned is to be fore armed.” Prevention is better than cure. It is our duty and collective responsibility never to allow Obj repeat what he did in 2003, without any punishment or repercussion. And last but not the least, have you told your people not to mortgage their future by selling their votes and conscience for peanuts? Tell them if they are offered money, they should take it willingly, but vote en mass for Utomi on Election Day.

If you have not done all of the above, it is not too late yet. But, time is running out. ACT RIGHT NOW! IT IS NOT YET TOO LATE TO DO SOMETHING FOR UTOMI AND DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA! THE BALL IS IN OUR COURTS.

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