Women! You don't need a boyfriend!

by Kesta Tipsy

Every relationship has its aim, goals and aspirations, but most people, despite the fact that they know what they want from the onset, keep falling into the danger of heartbreak and rejection, thereby destroying their future and wasting time with someone they know won’t ordinarily fulfill those dreams.

We go into relationships with the hope of getting married to that person we claim to love but in the long run we choose to waste our time even when we know that those dreams won’t be fulfilled.

A woman in her twenties is ripe for marriage from all indications, but it never ceases to amaze me that despite this fact you still find such women talk of boyfriends instead of husbands. They pray to have boyfriends and because they fail to set out a clear goal for themselves, they feel a boyfriend is just what they need.

When you come across a guy, if the goal you set out for yourself is that of finding a husband, the moment you sense the guy is coming with a boyfriend attitude there’s no point trying to see what he’s up to. It simply shows both of you are not on the same page at that point. The best thing to do is to let him go. Failure to do so will amount to you wasting your time with someone that isn’t ready for what you want and leaving you hurt in the end.

When women go into such union knowing fully well that they are not on the same page, they later turn to complain that men are all the same forgetting that what brought them that hurt is because they never defined what they wanted in that relationship.

Does it make sense to you if a guy wants to get married and you are not ready deep down or the goal you are setting is not towards that direction don’t you think he’s just wasting his time with you.

I know many of you will ask how you would know he’s serious for marriage but the truth is this; if you have a clear agenda before going into any relationship the signs will always give you the answer. No woman in her thirties with her right senses will pray for a boyfriend, but the truth is this, this is what they should have done when they were much younger but because they fail to realize that they’ve gotten to that marriage able age they stick to having a boyfriend rather than seeking for a husband thereby wasting precious time on baseless relationships.

If you’re a woman in your twenties do away with boyfriends, set a goal for yourself, seek a husband and when a guy comes around and he’s coming with a boyfriend attitude let him go so you won’t have to come blame your stupidity on love saying words like all “men are the same”

All men are the same to you because the reason you need a man in your life are the same and this is because you keep failing to understand what you need at your age.

Boyfriend and girlfriend issues should be left to teenagers. The moment you fail to realize that you’ve outgrown that age the more problem you keep having in finding a husband since your reasoning is still like that of a child.

Don’t waste your time hanging out with kids when you shouldn’t be doing so.
“Finding a husband is not as difficult as you think but knowing the right point when you should start seeking for one is”.

Most women have made this mistake which has led them to that stage where age is no longer on their side and all they can pray for is just any man to propose. Desperation then sets in and immediately they come across any man they hold on to him tight with the thought of if they allow him slip away they might never find another one just because age is no longer friendly to them. This is what they should have done back then when they had that golden opportunity but they never realized it and that is what has brought them to this mercy state.

Always spell it out, don’t waste your time chasing boyfriends when you should be chasing husbands. If you’re in your twenties boyfriend is not what you need. Don’t allow an unserious person destroy your future and don’t also destroy your beautiful life just because you fail to realize what you need. The moment you realize what you need in life the closer you are to your freedom. Setting wrong agenda will lead you into danger and hurt.

Love is beautiful and all men are not the same. All you need is realize what you want, set your goal and work towards achieving them.

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