Jonathan’s Universe of the Turning Wheel: Riding on the Horn of a Unicorn

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

It was reported widely last month that General Yakubu Gowon said that he supported the pardon of some jailed Nigerian citizens.

One would have thought that Gowon had learnt from the disastrous consequences his decision to invite the Queen of England to Nigeria, at a time the Nigerian economy was in poor condition and which led his military officers to overthrow him. He was in his early 30’s, was politically uninformed but had a good civil service.

Having received a doctorate degree in political science, one would have thought that he would have better insight into matters like the state and the law, legality and illegality, voluntarism and circumspection. The National Council of States did not act wisely for once.

The telling reactions by the international community are creating problems for Jonathan.
Jonathan’s universe of the tuning wheel should have intellectual range,
How can anyone believe that the fight against corruption is for real? Sensitive world leaders are reacting negatively to this faux pas.

Euclid, the Greek Philosopher and I argued extensively when he posited that “things that are equal to the same things are equal to one another”. I am now persuaded. Was Jonathan’s decision to pardon based on rational judgment?. If Transparency International, the US government that grants aid to his regime has shown utter disgust with his decision, this signals the end of cordial relations with his peers.
After a decision is taken, it is too late for advice. Recalcitrance always pushes the issues into the turning wheel.

Jonathan was given the advice but not the wisdom to sustain it. Those who have advised him are not on the firing line.

Jonathan has jumped into the political deep. The old politicians, who give him advice, do so because they have no better precepts nor did they ever show that in “governing”. This is why Nigeria has remained a domain for corrupt people. They have never boasted of having virtues but applaud vices.
This syndicate has now been given a long rope. A mighty wind is already blowing.

Jonathan should not have started this quarrel, now that the political terrain has become hazardous and unpredictable. In baiting Nigeria, he did not leave room for Nigerians. Never make old political spent forces your advisers. They will always take you to the brink. As Oscar Wilde said, “Ambition is the last refuge of failure”. We have seen so much failure in governance and political thought that many discerning citizens have marvelled at the extent of our patience with failures, which always affect our helpless citizens.

Nigerian leaders, unlike the Chinese, do not start at the bottom. So, we have witnessed accelerated promotions into offices for which the holders have neither the learning nor the relevant experience, which have led to critical failures and backwardness.

Idlers became political leaders without any track-record of merit to show for it. Neophytes have failed woefully. The leaders have been laid bare to ridicule of legislators, who abandon law-making and engage in pursuit of landed property, contracts, All these will be reversed soon, after the political power-play ay that is imminent.

As long as we stay in the pit, we cannot see the beauty of the world or of graces, nor the incandescence that glow from hearts that are unencumbered by greed, avarice and love of show-off. We expected Jonathan to perform but political circumstances have stood in his way. We cannot relish a boiled egg in which we have expressed doubt. We cannot expect performance in tumultuous circumstances and wrong advice by past leaders. These mountains must be levelled so that we can again see decency, modesty, intellect and poetry.
We need to listen to music and sing the refrain. Oh God, we are tired of our overbearing man-made gods.
Jonathan should disregard their unholy evangelism to him. Nigeria is in spiritual turmoil. But we have a helper.

We must pray past leaders, whose turning wheel is turning faster and faster having lost moral authority. The pardon institution must reflect national sovereignty and authority of which the president is the trustee, Nigeria in the eyes of the world is where impurity thrives. The decision was based sentiments, but it has shaken the confidence of voters in the future acts of their choice of who will be their leader.
The gift of discernment and inner ministration quicken revelation knowledge.

Revelation contains arcane, mystical, psychic information just like are contained in the Holy Bible. Revelation knowledge which contains the pure thoughts of the Holy Breath should embrace pure reason.
“What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lord, who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

When they walk through the valley of weeping, it will become a place of refreshing of springs the autumn rain will clothe it with blessing (Psalm 84, 5-6)

In the school of prophecy of Elihu in Egypt, the message was canvassed that it is wrong to worship man-made gods. Therefore, when journalists, in writing about human beings, we must remember that our God is a jealous God and nothing should be said of man to raise him or her to his indignation, since no person has God-like powers or qualities.

Sardauna, Azikiwe and Awolowo, built a nation after colonial rule, which has been treated as booty by the ex-military men and their political cohorts.
Nigerians will forever be grateful for their sacrifices to shape our nation, which later got into the wrong hands, till today.

When the Osun sate Government Commissioned me to do a write up on Chief Obafemi Awolowo , I was very careful to restrict the discourse to his gifts as a politician, economist and lawyer. It is strongly recommended that we leave out the man-made god syndrome, which his kinsman often cannot resist.
Any “review” of a write-up on a man by his devotees, should be avoided.
The world is governed by all sorts of man-made gods, whose roles are not quite clear even to the freemasons’ and some members of the Luciferian hierarchy and satanic cults.
New signs are in the moon, sun and stars.

If Obafemi Awolowo were to be alive today, he would have shown displeasure with the quality of governance and statecraft.

He would have been tired of some Yoruba who only use his name for upward political mobility without honoring his intellectual erudition. Those who are talking about Yoruba marginalization are not quite in tune with Nigerian historical development, especially, which group has cornered Nigeria’s national wealth.
The criticism of the Yoruba, by Ahmadu Ali, Chinua Achebe and Lamido Sanusi are mild and restrained.

Since Awo died, he has been localized to Western Nigeria. In this way, his scholarship has been bottled into a Yoruba calabash, with chants of “yepa”.

As a genuine AWOIST, (non-Yoruba), I tried successfully to externalize AWOISM under the Bradford initiative in December 3-7, 2012, at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. We exposed his prodigious scholarship. We shall continue to do so. This one way to teach present political misfits that there are ways of running a state better that primitive accumulation of wealth, blatant corruption, confused societal engineering and impunity.

As 2015 draws near, better governance systems based on intellectual sound reasoning must take hold We have A helper!

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