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Weep Not Child; Today A New Song We Sing
By Dele A. Sonubi

Democracy is NO crazy
If the people want because they ask
Leadership of the clan and land
If they say we want
Choice by number greater
Majority a vote, minority a say
Why not democracy
A celebration of collective craze

I see the sun in view as it rises
Promises of a day to bright and shine
Darkness of the past, overshadowed by the rise

I see them emerge
From their homes early one by one
Some at centers a vigil kept
Early birth catches the warmth
I see them crawl
The sick, The Lame, The Feeble
Supported by no stick but hope at last
They think;
If they vote their joy will last
Promises of tomorrow today it starts

They come in their numbers
Men in age; sages but strong
Women with spines; unsteady but walk
The old more than the young
For once before their sun is set
Election by choice and not select
They must see and the future tell
Free at last
Free to choose and have a sigh

Bangladesh your future is sure;
If you tow the path of truth and boldness;
If your income, your people to laugh and sow
If in victories your blood not for shed
Enough of wailing and tears
Of your people in war and famine
Enough of your Monkey in labor
Baboon in comfort
Few of your children laughing
Others weep

I see them cast their votes
Happy to be, proud to come
The young are excited and the old are curious
Is this how to demonstrate we are crazy
It is playful but fun
The thought of election a pride to narrate

They come in their plain and simplicity
Elegant and oblivious of their tattered clothes and torn singlet
Some in church clothes; a day ordained by God
They come in their long queues and endless waits
All in expectations ready and high
Tear-ducts tired of tears that ceaselessly pour
Today the day our tears will fall but dry
Alhamdu-lillah Rabbil Alamin

Dele A. Sonubi
Poem written while observing the Bangladesh election in the rural villages of Faridpur.
December 29th, 2008

Written by
Dele A. Sonubi
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