Senate of Nigeria
Senate of Nigeria

Senate Passes Bills in a Hurry: An Anomalous Legislative Rascality

Lawyers and historians  are not likely to forget this legislative rascality for a long time. When a nation relies on alalus homos, semi-literates with face powder and combed mustaches to sit in the high councils of the land, the polity will face occasional degradation.

Senate of Nigeria
Senate of Nigeria

The Curatorium of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW    BUREAU submits that the so-called laws are inchoate because they lack the universally recognized legislative procedure that require bills to be subjected to careful and detailed reflections, discussions and wise counsel.

That ten minutes are grossly inadequate for such considerations.

That the President should request a total review of the bills, in order to give them that legitimacy that laws must have.

That the supremacy of the Senate in the legislative field has been compromised

and undermined .

That there is a decline in the prestige attached to the Senate since Roman times.

That the general public has lost faith in the capacity of the Senate to enact good laws for the Republic.

The new senate must revamp the faded authority in the inchoate laws of the over-paid, over-pampered, unqualified Senate, made up of individuals, who were clueless about the legislative process.

In preserving the rule of law, judges will find the application of hurriedly passed laws detrimental to their judicial conduct. Hurriedly passed laws will present problems, in matters of judicial interpretations and application.

This will, in turn, affect the quality of court judgments. Appeals will be rampant.

It is in Nigeria, the all sorts occupy posts for which they have little or no knowledge. Even those with first degrees have done nothing to improve their antiquated knowledge, the remnants of what they laboriously learnt eons ago, they hoarsely harass us with from time to time.

Yet, they make loud noises that impress the untutored. They are yoked to occupy high office, bungle the job, and unashamedly demand severance allowances from their left –overs. Some idiots can really be lucky.

With regards to the circulation of the bills to Senators, many were absent, while others, especially those with little or no legal background, merely concurred. It is unimaginable that such important bills were or repealed or passed in a hurry.

Senator David Mark has confirmed the impression I had about his suitability for the post of Senate President. He may have studied law but it is obvious that the law did not pass through him.

What a pity and a joke. I know those ex-soldiers, who jumped from soldiering to lawyering for image polishing only.

Senator Ita Enang misdirected Senate by asking for the suspension of Order 79(1) of the Senate Standing Orders 201 as amended, but invoked Order 1 of the same Oder. This selective truncation of Standing Orders is jurisprudentially suicidal.

These bills which were repealed needed amendments or re-drafting. They were made inoperative as a result of the inability of the PDP government to regulate the affairs of Nigeria according to sociocratic principles.

As long as Nigeria continues to foist square pegs in round holes, these eyesores will continue to fester.

Grandstanding, answering “distinguished Senators “are a ruse. Th e excellence and refinement of intellect, so discernable in Roman, Greek and modern American Senators is abysmally lacking in our senators. The AZATA/NEPU Party urges the President to throw their weird demands for extortionate severance package into the dustbin. They are yet to account for how they spent their constituency funds and other monies.

Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and REBIRTH and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.


Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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