The Dark Side Of Black People!

by Benedicta Onyero Droese

Sometime last year shortly after Katrina devastated New Orleans, an article titled “The Dark Side of Black People” was posted on Bellsouth “Current Events” board. The author claimed to be a black man who was embarrassed by the appalling behavior of some blacks (as captured by the news media). He wrote, “The pictures I have been seeing are of people – black people – stealing shoes, diapers, and television sets. Not food and definitely not water. Not unless the armfuls of clothing, shoes, and appliances I see people wading through the streets count as food and water” He concluded,I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a GENETIC predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.” Was he on to something? Is there a correlation between the nature of a crime and genetics?

Subsequently, a recent post, labeled “Blacks and Violence” also captured my attention. The writer- another professed black man- who stated that he was tired of seeing all the violence among blacks; asks, “Why do some blacks like violence so much? His rationale, “Blacks don’t seem to have much value for human life.” As many of us who reside in the U.S could imagine and are aware of, whenever there’s a racially flavored topic of discussion, tempers flare; insinuations run rampant, viewpoints vary.I stood on the sideline to observe what most members of that board had to say and here are some commentaries…


First, “The last figures I saw from FBI statistics was that black men are approximately 6% of the population but commit 44% of the violent crime in our nation” writes a poster screen named (tchere). “In black Africa where some countries hadn’t seen a white person in 50 years it is even worse. They murder each other by the hundreds of thousands, even children and babies who could not possibly have offended anyone. “WOW! (To coin an expression from Sabella’s “White Women, Black Women and the Joy of Sex“), I am befuddled!! He added, “Clearly the major problem with the black race is violence and it’s probably at least partly genetic” Really? And I suppose there was nothing absolutely violent about the actions of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hilter who had millions of their people exterminated for as simple a reason as opposing political views! Yep, It’s okay for our president to sanction the invasion of another country; sacrifice thousands of lives in the process, under the pretext of democracy when the real motive was purely economic…NO!!! Mass murder by white men is not as bad as violent crimes by blacks!Hey, just maybe Hitler and Stalin were really black men with white skin! And let’s not forget Saddam Hussein!

The BAD and the really UGLY!

Another poster alleged, “If the U.S. had no black crime, it would be the most peaceful nation in the world.” Was he hiding an ace up his sleeve? He said, “It was really no surprise today when I looked on a website for Charlotte crime and they showed the pictures of the victims. Out of 55… 45 were black! “Would the U.S possibly become the most peaceful nation in the world without black crime?” Here are some statistics to chew on and then you can be the Judge!


5 out of 25 -Safest and Most Dangerous U.S Cities





Racial makeup

Median Family Income &

(% of families below the poverty line)

Lee’s Summit, MO


Whites… 93.17%

African Americans3.47%




St. Louis, MO


Whites – 43.85%

African Americans51.20%





Brick Township, NJ


Whites… 93.17%


African Americans0.99%




Camden, NJ


Whites… 16.84%


African Americans93.17%



(32.8% )


Troy, MI


Whites… 82.30%


African Americans2.09%


(1.7% )

Detroit, MI


Whites &

Middle eastern… 12.26%


African Americans81.55%




Irvine, CA


Whites… 61.06%


African Americans1.45%




Compton, CA


Whites… 0.15%


African Americans38.31%




Roswell, GA


Whites… 81.51%


African Americans8.54%


(2.8% )

Atlanta, GA


Whites… 33.22%


African Americans61.39%



(NOTE: The above data was based on Morgan Quitno “Safest and Most Dangerous Cities of 2006″online information. For details about this independent research company, the above highlighted citiesor the remaining 20, click on appropriate links.


Further, (Doodles 85) argues that blacks are not the only people who are prone to crime. “It is also Hispanics, Whites, and all the other nationalities that live here”. She stated that majority of these perpetrators of violent crimes come from abusive household and are simply following lead of what they had seen. In addition, she blames the new generation of parents “who just let their children go wild “for not disciplining them like previous generations of parents. Another member added, “You know poverty is very high and when you have to fight for food as a small child, you grow up to be very hateful of life and greedy. Then you discover that you can cheat, steal or kill for what you want”

Standing on the same side of the fence with (Doodles 85), is Solomon Eidolon. This 53- year- old southerner who said he could probably qualify in the minds of most, as a racist firmly believes that violence is not a racial issue.”One might argue that blacks have the market cornered on bad attitudes … and I would be hard pressed to disagree,” He said.However, “the root of the problem is attitude, not skin color.” In his opinion, the reason that blacks seem, for the most part, to have bad attitudes is simple. “Liberal society has relieved them of their self-respect.” And here is Solomon’s reasoning…

“Before the guilt ridden liberals decided that they should throw stolen tax money at the “blacks” as a reward for being non productive, blacks had self-respect. As many of them (and poor whites, Hispanics, etc.) became dependent on government handouts they began to loose self-respect. After a few generations on the take, the handouts confirmed for them that they were worthless. It is hard to maintain any degree of self-respect once one decides that he/she is worthless to society. And, of course, once one’s self-respect is gone; it is impossible to have respect for another, and especially the ones you view as having caused your worthlessness. Only one more step along this logic trail results in a loss of respect for life, itself. If one were to consider this phenomenon objectively, surely one would notice that it pervades all races that are on the government take.”

We could blame genetics for all the violent crimes that are committed by Blacks. We could point our fingers at African Americans for the high rate of crime in America. Heck, we could even blame lack of parental discipline, poverty, or a liberal society. The bottom line is this… I am sick and tired of IT- particularly those sense

less black on black crimes.My head was lowered in shame; my stomach churned with anger when (Isis1060) posted “I must admit that black crime is fine with me …as a matter of fact I like it. It mostly involves “niggers” killing “niggers” so why should I care? If they can’t learn how to live as humans, then so be it.” And before you jump to any conclusions, or to anyone’s defense, let me ask you this, would you dare to stroll down any Martin Luther King Blvd. after sunset without experiencing a heart pounding, hair raising anxiety? Some may argue that the only way to combat crime in most inner cities is through heavy police presence. My stance, the police can only do so much when they are constantly in the line of fire.

Every now and then, I reminisce about Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and the amount of havoc that’s being instigated by terrorists and other revolutionary groups all around the world.My heart still bleeds on occasion, for Rwanda and Darfur. Maybe the U.S would be a peaceful country without black crime. But then again, maybe not! I am not a gambling woman, yet I would wager on this…if women solely inhabited earth, the likes of Smith & Wesson and Brinks Home Security System would become bankrupt business ventures. Handguns, Explosive Devices, Security Cameras, Auto Alarm Systems would be non-existent.Child Molestation, Ethnic Cleansings, Rape and other Aggravated Assaults against Children and Women would be unheard of! For now, I’ll keep my “tin cutter” or “can opener” away from that can of worms. Perhaps another place, or another time! A PENNY for your THOUGHTS?

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Bennie Droese January 4, 2007 - 5:54 pm

Prince Iyoha,

Merci beacoup for you annotations. Though I must admit that I never envisioned you as the sort that would judge a book by its cover. Appearances can be deceiving mon ami. Commentaries dont always add up or wrap up a story. At your spare time, I do encourage you to read the story in its entirety inspite of the title. Perhaps you would find that many of your rhetoric are in sync with mine, here and there. By the way, you said, "The black American have been able to emancipate themselves from both mental and physical slavery when they began to realize that the only way to earn respect was to return violence for violence…" Yeah, but the problem is, most of the violence has escalated to black on black phenomenon. An eye for an eye can make the world go blind and disfigured. Fighting fire with fire never puts out a flame. I have learned that at times, the best way to knock that chip off your neighbor's back is to pat him on the back. Anyhow, I am done rambling for now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as always and I do wish you the very best in 2007 and beyond.

Au revoir :}


prince kennedy Iyoha January 3, 2007 - 4:42 pm

Sister Benedicta

I have not been able to read your article, probable because of the title you choose. Going through comments from different contributors, gave me an insight of what your article is all about. It is not surpassing for people like you to see things the way you have wrote, because the Whiteman has really done its homework for more than 500 years. To have some people think differently from the point of view you have expressed baffles them till this day.

I presumed you most have read history books about the early days of Africans in America, and you probable most have seen movies too. I am convinced that the group called caucus clan were black people. The last crime of this mentioned group was to burn so many innocent fellows like you, alive when they were worshiping God one Sunday morning.

I am convinced that you have read about the Soweto massacre that was provoked by some black south African, killing so many innocent young men and women, you may have realised that the original inhabitant of Argentina were wiped out of this earth by some black people, just to steel their gold, rape their wifes and force their children to slave labour.

You most realise that the white do not respect but rather fear. The black American have been able to emancipate themselves from both mental and physical slavery when they began to realize that the only way to earn respect was to return violence for violence rather than hoping and praying that some day the Almighty God will revenge for them. Have a look on history book, and you will find out that black people were responsible for both the first and second world wars.

tchere January 3, 2007 - 1:11 am

In the interests of clarification here is my entire post.

Your post is the biggest load of horse s–t Ive ever heard.I could punch holes in every statement you made using government statistics,but people like you arent interested in facts.In order to solve a problem ,one must identify what the problem is,accept the facts as they are and take corrective action.

The primary problems in the black race are violence , hate and the inability to shoulder responsibility for their own actions. FBI crime statistics show 47% of violent crimes in this country are committed by black males who are about 6% of the population.This disproportionate amount of violence holds true in most other countries that have a sizable black population.I know it is the white mans fault but who's fault is it when the violence is greater in black Africa even in countries that havent seen a white person in 60 years.They chop each other up including babies and women just because one wears a bone in his nose and the other wears it through his ear.Blacks sold other blacks to the Europeans, still do it today except they sell them to Muslims.

The hate of white society and white people is self evident in the lyrics of black music such as rap.Also in the stares when a white person enters a black store or restaurant.Blacks even hate other blacks who excel or try to excel in this society .People like Gen Powell,Ms Rice and even the poor black kid who is trying to obtain a good education are called uncle Toms.

Sorry to burst your bubble but the problems of the black race doesnt lie at any white persons doorstep.Which brings up the responsibility issue.I don't know if the problems of the black race are genetic or environmental. I suspect its a combination of both.But if the black race doesnt face up to these problems and try to find solutions your great great great grand kids will still be spouting your drivel and never achieving their potential.The solutions to black problems lies within the black race.

According to census figures for 2004-2005.Hispanics and Blacks are about the same percentage of the population.

# of whites under poverty level–25100000

# " blacks " " " –9091000

# " Hispanics " " –9245000

Clearly there are more whites and Hispanics under the poverty level than blacks yet blacks disproportionately commit more violent crimes. My conclusion is poverty may have something to do with it but not a determining factor.

The people you list as violent murderers are aberrations in the race and society they were in, violence in the black race is not an aberration.

As usual you as a black person took offence from a statement a white person made even if it was factual.Which gets back to the gist of my original post.I wish the best for every race on earth,we all have to share this planet some way,but if you refuse to recognize the problems you are plagued with.You will never find a solution.

Adrienne December 30, 2006 - 10:32 am


I must say that after reading your article, I felt that you were attacking African Americans. I am married to Nigerian and I am what you would call Black American. I listen to my husband complain about Black Americans and how triflin and evil they are. Which is not true at all. As the person stated in comment # 1, there was a slave trade… Besides, many of us "Black Americans are not descendents of Africans. Keep in mind, that many of our forefathers, were rapists, thieves, socio-paths and murders. If you want to argue about genetics, pick up a history book first. Pay attention to color of what people call an African American's skin tone. And see it for the beautiful colors and features that it is intertwined with. And try to remember that in the US, we follow the patralineal line, (father's) therefore many of us are decendents of whites. Does that mean that the history of violence should be traced and fed along side that of the whites? Umh? I myself am white, black and native american. I am black because of my mother. And although I don't look black, I still have that "one drop of black blood." Therefore, I am black.

Would you feel that I am a Black American too? I think that you should have made it clearer that what American's constitute as Black, should be well defined. I'll leave you with this, many Blacks cannot follow their ancestry to Africa, unlike Africans. So remember that whenn you say such strong things about genetics…

Ejiro December 29, 2006 - 4:23 pm

Violence is not a black thing, although at time, I want to condemn ALL African AMericans. Violent crimes in Africa are pretty low, unless we are talking about political assasinations, civil unrest and war fare… all of which are in a seperate boat from say: stabbing your neighbour to death just to steal his sneakers. Being black is NOT the deciding factor, altough this being America, it is the first one that stands out. In the information block she provided, if we look again, we will see that that the dangerous 'hoods ALL have an income of almost less than half the income in the other 'safe' towns. Poverty is the underlying factor. That being said, I still say white flks are alot more violent than blacks. they are just sneaky as the devil when it come to hiding that fact

Rosie December 26, 2006 - 2:02 pm

RACE IS NOT A FACTOR IN CRIME … POVERTY IS! There is a lot of crime in poverty-ridden cities and coincidentally, there are a lot of minorities in poorer communities. The reason being there is no social justice in the US. The system is not fair to minorities so they are more prone to be poor, uneducated or in prison. Race has absolutely nothing to do with crime.

Good writing, inaccurate arguement.

SMJ December 20, 2006 - 9:25 pm

Hmm…Now to round up with a good joke after reading all responses.

The following people are BLACKS; YES or NO:

1. Osama bin Ladin

2. President of North Korea

3. Fidel Castro

4. Stalin

5. De Clark of South Africa (former)

6. President G. B.

7. Hitler

8. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

9. Timoty Mc.. ( Oklahoma)

10. Iranian President

11. People in the middle east

Those who know the history of the United States, most especially the history of the South will know that as we have white redneck so we have black redneck whose values and lifestyle are a linear descendant of white redneck values and lifestyle.

Please try not to link violence and education as genetic disorder in Black people. The other race which we all think are better than blacks are poorer and some of their kids are dumb, retarded, and are not better than black kids from the same socio-economic background.

Thank you


Virginia, USA

sakley December 20, 2006 - 8:38 am

Thanks for your reply Benedicta.

Well if women alone inhabited the earth, e'd be pretty boring don't U think? Imagine the Catfights!! Imagine the piu(lesbianism) Yikes! Lol…I am laughing….

And most of all, we'd have no fathers…that will leave the crime rate exactly where it is …

It's a thought…we should leave for Venus or something, if we get the chance.

Johny boy December 20, 2006 - 8:30 am

Nothing New !

It's known that poverty is number one factor for crime. But not the only-one.

Should be looked as the difference between rich and poor.

In manny poor countries (at country-side) where everybody is poor (less or more) crime is much lower.

Also there are people more helping eachother for surviving. Not in Rich cities where responsibility is put at the governement.

It has nothing to do with color.

Bennie December 20, 2006 - 6:53 am

To(poster #7)


Thank you for your comments. You asked, "Are u saying people of African descent are predisposed to commit crime?" My response, No, I never said that! What I'm really saying is…"if women solely inhabited earth, the likes of Smith & Wesson and Brinks Home Security System would become bankrupt business ventures. Handguns, Explosive Devices, Security Cameras, Auto Alarm Systems would be non-existent. Child Molestation, Ethnic Cleansings, Rape and other Aggravated Assaults against Children and Women would be unheard of!" In my opinion, if I may just be blatant for a second, I blame those testosterone driven pinheads of the human species(with the exception of a few MEN!) Just in case you missed that part, its somewhere in the last paragraph of the article.

Once again, thank you and have a great evening!

Lola December 19, 2006 - 11:12 pm

There is a lot of gang violence in South America. Colombia is awash with drug violence. Is it a black nation? The Tamil Tigers? Honduras and Guetemala up till recent times? The Separatists in Spain? Are they blacks? Blacks are orchestrating the violence in the Middle East. Right? The perenial Palestinian issue is a black thing. Right? The brutality of the white man in South Africa only a couple of decades ago was a black thing. Right? Oh Please!!!!

Anonymous December 19, 2006 - 9:19 pm

When a lie is told so many times and presented as a scientific fact, bagged by boggus claims, it begins to sound like the truth. Case in point, have u ever heard about the study that says blacks are better athletes because they are devious by nature!?. It's a mind game- to perpetually demean the black race. Let's showcase the good in ourselves and turn the tide around. It's a starting point.

sakley December 19, 2006 - 6:28 pm


A fellow african sister chipping in….Are u saying people of African descent are predisposed to commit crime?(I do not like saying "Black People")You seem to focus a lot on "Black people" in the States. What about Africans? It is rather hypocritical of an African to accuse "Black People" ie. African Americans of committing crimes when Africa holds the record for the most sensless crimes being committed in present history. At leaset "Black people" can claim that they are plagued with fatherless homes and musical culture that feeds into this kind of behaviour. What excuse do Africans have? We claim to be from relatively strong homes,we pride ourselves on having been 'raised well' and yet we kill eachother by the millions because of ethnic affiliations. Am I wrong Bene? In Nigeria we had Biafra.I dont know much about Nigerian history–I am from Ghana–But I know it was a 3 year conflict between Igbos and other ethnic group(s). What about Liberia? Sierra Leone. Oh and the biggest fish South Africa? Aren't they raping day old babies over there? Aren't robberieds rampant?

What aboout Rwanda? the Congo? Sudan? Are U genetically inclined to commit a crime? i don't think you a criminal record on file so to give credence to this kind of junk science is a bit disturbing.

Crime is a cry for help. We need fathers in our homes. We need to be self-determined. We need to have a purpose in this life.

And did U know that the media is biased in the way it reports a crime if a "Black person" is involved? You hardly see Whites being maligned on T.V….Dosen't mean some of what U say is not true…..My 2 cents…

Anonymous December 19, 2006 - 11:07 am

I did not like this. The author is better than this. To get your ideas from a message board and then submit the article for public reading is very, very tacky. You are a good writer. Show people more of your own type of writing.

Blk4Blk December 19, 2006 - 10:41 am

Blacks genetically proned to violence??? Who exterminated 98% of the Native American population, who 100 precently exterminated the complete population of the indigenous Tasmania Blacks of the Asian pacific, who killed 25 million Congolese for its rubber materials, who raped,lynched and tortured African-Americans while simultaneously robbing them of their African names, language ,identity and history? WHO, WHO, WHO?

bdee December 19, 2006 - 9:59 am

i agree with you my sister!

Obariba December 19, 2006 - 9:38 am

Great and truthful article ……. Its the sad truth and right behind blacks are the Hispanics. May God help us !!

whutina_10 December 19, 2006 - 9:13 am

Interesting, to say the least. That is to say, to read an article about "blacks" by a "black" author. Not what I was expecting. I am sure it was difficult to be this objective. I am not sure I could.

SMJ December 19, 2006 - 8:02 am

Goog article. The problem with Black people is not genetics, it is what they learn from White people. Recall, there is slave trade in Africa which brought many Blacks to this continent. Padlocked and chained like animals to work on plantations, raped to give birth to blacks with lighter skin, live in cottages, lynch upside down and jail more often than any other race. Is this violence?…the answer may be yes or no.

With many years in plantation farms, living with masters, whose culture will this Blacks adopt? African or Whites?. I will stop here for other contributors to process my question before I come back and answer the question.

Lastly, I will say that the violence is not inherited (sorry, thats not the right word) not inherited…but learned from Africa; it was what they saw, and learned from the other race in which they had live with for decades. This has nothing to do with genetics, it is a learned behavior. It is the culture of white people…violence.

I'll be back.




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