The Power In The Power Holding Company Of Nigeria

by Odimegwu Onwumere

When President Olusegun Obasanjo began to head the helm-of-affairs of the federal Republic of Nigeria as a democratically elected president in 1999 one of the promises he made to Nigerians was to end the erratic power situation in the country in not more than 24 months. Many Nigerians rolled out drums to the streets, climbed trees and celebrated mirage of hope by drinking to stupor, reading the Koran and the Bible from page one to the end. Artisans most especially rejoiced too and walked on the waters.

But barely a few months after Obasanjo’s administration was born fully, the nation was baptized with a thicker baptism of darkness than ever experienced in the chronicle of Nigeria. Then, the late Bola Ige was cast to the air due to the mammoth problems that captured the power ministry. His boastful heart to deal with the ‘ancient’ darkness began to loose grip to the ‘modern’ darkness.

Due to this failure to reach the mandate of supplying electricity in Nigeria many people like the vulcanizers, tailors, battery chargers, panel beaters, welders, cyber cafes operators, et al, who must use electricity everyday to eiderdown a living resorted to other jobs that do not require electricity. Among the jobs are motor conducting, street urchins, park touts and all that sorry jobs.Some who could not resort to these jobs have to go to their villages and turned farmers, palm wine tapers, palm fruit cutters and rabbit hunters.

Within the surroundings, because of the ineptitude of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) some people who feel that they have arrived financially took the surrounding hostage. They purchase portable power-generating sets christened “I pass my neighbour”. This does not only give the owner the envisaged comfort but also pollutes the environment with its kaka noise.

This power-generating set does not carry quarter of appliances in a house being the reason of buying it. It is only used to shave off the irritating darkness that engulf homes at night. Many at times, the difference between the light it gives and that of the PHCN can be viewed with a microscope. It’s epileptic! And considering the hike in fuel price in the nation, the PHCN makes people spend more money in buying fuel, as a result of not giving light.

People showcasing bigmanism with these power sets, the vulgarities are the noise makes the eardrum frail, not only the unbearable noise. The fumes and carbons from them are ailment to the lungs, and could wipe out an entire people by infecting them with numerous sicknesses.

And no one is talking about the industrial areas that use bigger generating machines with volumes of noise like munitions used by 17th century warlords. Their noise and health risk come in not cubic, but in tones. Buildings are not save from their earthling quakes.

Apart from changing names day-by-day the PHCN has not shown any sign of change, in not supplying inept light. Judging by people who changed their names biblically, Saul changed to Paul and was a changed man – character wise, likewise Jacob to Israel.

The PHCN has made Nigerians to lose many things. For example, radio and television mechanics cannot boast of repairing a single job in a month. This is applicable to drycleaners, frozen fish sellers, hairdressers, GSM engineers, fashion designers and a host of other Nigerians. The Power Holding Company of Nigeria gives light at will and takes it at will.

To resolve this anomaly, all the so-called big men in the country should be barred from using generating-sets. As this is done, whenever there is power cut, they could be able to reach out to the power that-be. Then they would know that as it is bad for the goose so it is supposed to be for the gender. Everybody will then buckle up.

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1 comment May 7, 2007 - 11:31 pm

Good article! I was very surprised about how much the electricity goes out in Nigeria when I was there for my wedding and hooneymoon. When they show you specials from Africa on our television in America, one one mentions the electricity problem. I was told that this has been a problem for some time now. Why?


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