This is our Moment, this is our Time! 

by Yahaya Balogun

For Record:

In America, the people rule.” – Joe Biden

“There will be no blue states or red states when we win, only the United States of America.” – Joe Biden

“When you’re in the middle of the forest to nowhere, you must be somewhere, and when your mind wanders in the right direction, your body must make every attempt to go along with your mind.” •Yahaya Balogun

Friends, Americans, countrymen, and countrywomen. Lend me your ears and attention. Tonight, whosoever still doubts the exceptionalism of America is oblivious of the goodness that is etched in America’s imagination, ingenuity, and possibility. America is a country of “We the people” with eloquent and tumultuous beginnings. America is a country striving hard with imagination. America is using her present state to correct her horrid past to guide her in an assured future. Having been consumed in the last four years by the divisive rhetoric, and a hot contested presidential election, America has punctuated her journey to dystopia. America’s robust future has been loudly predicted tonight. Tonight’s victory is a signpost and a collective joyful journey to utopia.

Whenever America’s past ugly head re-surfaces, the country is quick to realize how to come back refreshed. To use the present to bring back the ugly history is not the right way to secure a collective future free of bondage, disunity, fear, and encumbrance. This the time to come together. This the time to heal. American core values make America a great and unique nation are opportunities, optimism, possibilities, and a sense of imagination and inclusiveness. Americans believe that their fate is not in the hands of the political opportunists and oppressors, but their fate is in more powerful hands. That powerful hands are the Plebeians, who go to the polls to determine their future in the general election. This is exactly what the American people have done tonight. It is a refreshing start with a renewed decision and imaginative beginning.

We have come this far! The 2020 general election has been the most brutal and lengthier in the history of America. It was an election plagued by the novel Coronavirus. It has been a long journey where American uniqueness and exceptionalism have been threatened. The countless political venom and tantrums that have been spewing out from both sides of the political aisle have diminished the American image amongst the citizens and in the international community. It’s time to rewrite our ugly past and move forward. This is the time to come back to terms to reassure the world again that America is still a beacon of democracy. Today is our day, a red-letter day in America. A day love and unity prevailed over hate and resentment; a day common decency prevailed over indecorums. Americans have collectively spoken with unmistakable one-voice for the preservation of American greatness. We have not for once doubted the unique sense of imagination of Americans. I have never for once been pessimistic about the future of this great nation. The blue state, the red state, the Black Americans, the White Americans, the Latino Americans, the Asian Americans, the Muslim Americans, and the Christian Americans, all have one thing in common: the unblemished love and affection for the United States of America. We all have unfettered belief in the uniqueness and enduring spirit of this United States of America.

America has been the epitome of the political umpire, and an example of enduring democratic values to the global community. The 2020 presidential campaigns have brought out the worst and the best in us as a country. The worst of the United States came to the fore throughout the 2020 presidential campaigns and in the last four years. Now, the best was shown in the outcome of the election a few days ago. The leverage of the American people is their ability to come together in times of crisis to fight for the common goals and defeat mythicism, cynicism, racism, conspiracy theory, and mysticism of hopelessness. The best way to create the future is to predict it, and another way to predict the future is to create the nuance that will make the future predictable. America is back to predicting its future to own it. An average American is imbued with the unquenchable sense of imagination for possibilities. The resilience of Americans is unmatched amongst their allies and global contemporaries. These are the bedrocks of our democratic values; the tenets of democracy will be embellished with the results of the general election. America is in a celebratory mood now. Today, the people of America have spoken with a collective voice. They have proven once again the exceptionalism of this formidable and resilient country.

You cannot shatter Americans’ optimism and courage of convictions. The secret of their success has been the foundational structures the forefathers built for the generations yet unborn. The American success story continues to be built upon the sustainable growth and development of the country for all her citizens. When President Kennedy dreamt of sending America to the moon, he was fired up by his decency; his courage of convictions, and his sense of imagination. A few years later, through seriousness, hard work, and patriotism; America landed on the moon paving ways for the technological revolution and advancement of the United States and the rest of the world. America is now a trailblazer to other advanced countries in the world. The penchant and quest to explore the unexplorable makes America a unique country. The heart of its technology at Silicon Valley in California has changed the world. The magical village continues to invent and reinvent herself for the common good of humanity. Despite American shortcomings, it is a country that fires up your inspiration and helps you discover and rediscover yourself to build your sense of optimism and resilience for success.

Vice President Joe Biden, the matured presumptive winner of the presidential election is a quintessential policy-wonk, loyal and faithful, honest and decent, assertive, and a hardworking individual.  Joe Biden, a decent and empathetic man who takes the greater audacity and risk for the good of others. Joe Biden is an intelligent man with an indefatigable strong mind. He has the temperament, experience, and impeccable credentials to bring us together, lead the free world. Despite the avalanche of premeditated lethal lies against Joe Biden’s family, he remains focused and stronger together with the like minds around him! That is the true genius and testament of a determined leader. Leadership should not be by happenstance, it should be a careful plan for all inclusions.

As Americans have sauntered to polling stations to determine their future, this is the time to come together to bring back American unity and greatness. Tonight is the affirmation of the American core values which is enthralled in its extraordinariness. America has finally punctuated trumpism and put a stop to darkness. America is surging forward with brightness and unhindered optimism.

In retrospect, GOP’s unfounded hatred for President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Biden’s family have diminished the Grand Old Party. Republicans’ resentment of this good-cool-man (Barack Obama) and the resourceful woman (Hillary Clinton) has prevented them from seeing the beauty inherent in these quintessential people. A strength being taken too far becomes a weakness, and a weakness worked upon with humility becomes an enviable strength. Like I have once said, President Obama is a vintage individual, a child of history who knows how to teach his adversaries moral lessons with his dignity intact. History is favorably on Obama’s side and the side of those who love others and are always uncomfortable to loathe.

Tonight, the Republican party should do another political autopsy to determine where they’ve gone wrong again. The results of tonight’s general election will teach the Republican party and those who traffic in hate and resentment that the people’s voice will always prevail. The decisive defeat of Donald Trump should wake up other good Republicans that the world is a global village. This is the auspicious time to go back to work. This is a victory for all Americans. Victory to the world as America reclaims her global leadership. This is an aesthetic period for our bruised nation. Let’s come together; heal together, and move forward to preserve American exceptionalism!

Let’s collectively use this memorable experience and occasion to acknowledge the patriotism of our men and women in uniforms (soldiers), both at home and in the battle zones. These are the citizens protecting our territorial integrity and saving the world from global terrorism. The democratic party should consolidate the gains of their victory, and continue to advocate for the integration of the voiceless and deprived members of the American society. The envisioned Democrats should stand by the courage of their convictions; a sense of inclusiveness, and sacred pronouncements on behalf of America and humanity. All Americans are a magnificent representation of the glory of America.

Congratulations to Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States of America. God bless you, and may God bless this United States of America.

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