Vice President Atiku Abubakar Must Explain!

by Paul I. Adujie

Two seconds after he was sworn in as Vice President of Nigeria on May 29, 1999, he ceased to be a private citizen, as it were. And as a Nigerian public official, he is required to abide by and comply with relevant provisions of Nigeria’s Constitution, in conjunction with the Code of Conduct Act, which prescribes specific standard of conduct expected and demanded of public officials in Nigeria.

Recent revelations suggest that Vice President Atiku Abubakar may have affronted these laws and rules. As a public official who is bound by provisions of these laws, he must now explain the discrepancies between his claimed ownership of landed property in Maryland, United States and a counter claim by one Jennifer Iwenjiora? Jennifer Douglas E? and Jennifer Jamilah Douglas E Abubakar. Nigeria’s current vice president had sought to deflect questions by ThisDay newspapers journalist, in an interview published on August 21, 2005 regarding this aforesaid property.

Vice President Atiku Abubakar is bound by our Constitution and our Laws, in view of what now looks like a huge scandal, the VP must make full, complete disclosures of all material facts, relating all the issues raised by his ownership of a property acquired or purchased in 2000 in Maryland United States, (outside of Nigeria) after he became VP
Our vice president must address these allegations or be compelled to address them!
Available facts so far indicate a clear violation of the laws of Nigeria by the VP.

The vice president has variously described the house or mansion in Maryland, United States, as his house, or his wife’s, depending on who is doing the explaining! Some of the vice president’s aides and retinue of assistants, have impishly attempted to deflect Nigerian journalists’ enquiries or questions, with answers such as, “do you mean the vice president’s wife’s house in the United States?” Whereas, the vice president himself, has already, arrogantly, told a ThisDay journalist only two Sundays ago, August 21, 2005 to be precise, that the matter of HIS house in the United States “is no big deal”! And that he, the vice president, did not know what the heck, the ThisDay journalist was talking about!

Vice President Atiku Abubakar of Nigeria, has publicly admitted ownership of the Maryland property during his interview with a Nigerian journalist with ThisDay Newspapers, the vice president during that interview sought to downplay and minimize the import and consequences of these disclosures, by pretending and attempting to deflect questions as he arrogantly stated that “it was no big deal” as he added that he has owned a property in Maryland since 1994. The vice president, obviously engaged in disinformation, as he disingenuously want the public to believe that the property raided by the FBI in Maryland, was purchased in 1994, when in fact it was bought in year 2000!

Many questions have therefore arisen, among which are: Who is the real owner of this property? When will the real owner of this property stand up? Why would the vice president claim to own the property and then misstate the date it was acquired which is 2000 as against his false date of 1994? If this house was transferred to the lady with multiple-surnames, Jennifer Jamilah etc, when did the transfer take place? Was such transfer publicly recorded? Is the VP now retracting his public acknowledgement of his ownership, with a view of relying on the legal fiction of Jennifer ownership? Oh yes! Her name is on the property, but pray, tell us, the source of her wealth, financing for this mansion of hers?

More questions are raised as well, regarding the status of Lady Jamilah Jennifer, assuming that she is determined to be the vice president wife, concubine, mistress or kept woman and girlfriend, what is her source of wealth? How could she afford a two million dollar house and maintain it, even though she a college student? Did Jennifer win any Lottery or Lotto? If she did, what is and where is the evidence of that?

Who is this multiple-named Jennifer? Why does she answer to various names? Why is Nigeria’s vice president associated with such lady? What interests does she have in this house in Maryland, United States? What interests does the vice president have in this same property purchased in 2000 after Mr. Atiku Abubakar became vice president upon which he became bound by the provisions of Nigeria’s constitution and the Code of Code Act, which prohibits Nigerian public officials from owning properties outside of Nigeria, including, the ownership of bank accounts, houses and such other resources or assets.

Is Lady Jamilah Jennifer (multiple surnames) a convenient excuse for the vice president? Is Jennifer Jamilah a mere conduit, a funnel, a shield and a façade or camouflage for the deceit? Nigerian taxpayers and voters are interested in finding out the real owner of this property and the source of money that financed it. Nigerian taxpayers and voters demand that the vice president urgently provide explanations to these questions and more.

Is Jennifer a mere conduit, a front, and a cover for her El Dorado or Sugar Daddy? And it also raises the question of what some Nigerian women deserve, how many Ph. D holders are willing to be fourth wife, absentee wife at that, to someone twenty years older than them? Only just because such man possess power clout money, regardless of the source of such wealth? What standards of responsibility should we hold these types of Nigerian women?

Who exactly is Lady Jamilah Jennifer? Is she an innocent bystander in all of these? Is she just some docile college student and an accidental beneficiary of the VP’s largesse or a conniving looter of Nigeria’s taxpayer money, moneys that would have been better spent on Nigeria’s public infrastructure? Is Lady Jamilah Jennifer on the other hand another scam artist who may have duped individuals and corporations in America into donating millions of dollars in the name of Nigeria and Nigerians, but for her own illegal purpose? Has she utilized moneys or proceeds of her fundraisers for the exact purposes that she outlined, and to which she represented in solicitations to individuals and corporate donors? Has she maintained accurate books of account that are verifiable, that would indicate her accountability and transparency? Are there audited accounts, attesting to the accuracy of receipt and expenditure by her Gede Foundation? Is Jennifer an interloper?

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sunday December 20, 2008 - 8:48 pm

please l need Atiku Abubakar e-mail address please am mr sunday obian from nigreria now live in costa rica this is my mail address

Usman April 9, 2006 - 1:33 pm

Ye all those in diaspora, put your house in order and fight for a common cause not someone else's battle. Today, this group will show up in Abuja and urge the president to ammend the constitution by whatever maens and continue.Tomorrow another group shows up and claim to represent Nigerians abroad and join PDP. Tonight, someone from the either of the two groups post anti-corruption on the web. WHO IS FOOLING WHO?

Anonymous September 14, 2005 - 11:39 am

It is extremely imperative for us Nigerians abroad to settle our differences in order to fight for a common cause and we have to do this sooner than anyone can imagine.We need a home to call our own at the moment we do not have one.Enough of these "talk talk"

prince kennedy Iyoha September 10, 2005 - 8:01 am

Open letter to the administrators of this websits.

Why is it that all the comments don't carry he following.

1) question marks

2) comas

3) apostrophes

4) full stops etc.

remember using them to latter find out that they are not there.

a propare editions is required.


crisboby September 10, 2005 - 6:42 am

Dear Tina.

I can't help but agree with you about the attitudes of some Nigerians that always see the sand in his brothers eyes without seeing the rock that is about to cover their face.

I think that V.P Atiuk is a disgrece. he should have declare his assets before asuming the post of the vp.according to the Nigeria constitution.I hope and beleive that he did. The house in question was not part of the asset declared therefore the house was bought during his term as Vp. Jennifar douglas is just playing a cover up for the vp.and that is obstruction of justice.

According to paul's write up jennifar is a student and had never worked nor own any business. where the hail are all the money coming from.

When the boat of the vp is sinking jennifar douglas most sink along too.

It is not the responsibility of obj to monitor the activities of corrupt politicians/ public office funcioners. this administration has set up an organisation with this responsibility. therefore we should look up to this organs of government to proces action against the vp and his cohots.

Maziyou should lean to respect individual opinion like that of paul and many other nigerians that think differantly from your point of views.

Paul is not an paid agent or i refuse to beleive this accusations untill demostrated otherwise.

All the verious school of thought abroad should work together to bring accoutability to our home government. so that we can move along with other nations that had once been in the same situation like Nigeria. (i.e) China india BangladishSouth Africa etc…

O.A.U September 9, 2005 - 7:54 pm

I always ask this qeustion on dialy bases why should Evil beings long to be at the platform of my fathers land nigeria haertless sharmless fools who do not have any thought of repentance from thier EVIL even when we did not vote them in we must latter find out that the won just to send to ealier grave as many nigerians as they cansomebody like ATIKU who has no other intension than to grab the wealth of the country and spend it selfishly in ways that is not profitable to the country bringing reproach to the graet nation like nigeria should be brought to book but my faer is that alot of things like this have happened before and nothing happened after much nioces like this ones im haering now thats my reason of supporting the motion that says even BABA president is corrupt may almighty GOD who nkows the state of our suffering tarminate thier plans towards bribing those who will help in bringing them to book.

jeremaih September 9, 2005 - 7:40 pm

Dear tina i think you gat a point about our dear ibe he should loosen up and give everybody a chance to be a nigerian instead of branding us however i must admit that there is some sense in what the Mazi is saying If Atiku is indeed corupt he has to be investigated and if found guilty of the charges he has to resign it will not tell good on OBJ that he is fighting curruption and the vice president is at the helm of curruption YES OBJ need to be accountable.

Tina September 8, 2005 - 10:04 am

Ive just read the comment 1 by one so-called mazi. That was the most biased emotional egoistical and intolerant comment to an article Ive ever read on this web site. Haba who does that Ibe man think he is Does he love Nigeria more than the rest of us

I used to be like Ibe. In fact I love to hate the guts of Mr. Femi Olawole one of the internet columnists because he is always going in opposite direction on many issues of national importance. But I soon began to read his articles with an objective mind and realized that the man is often right and above all very consistent. Incidentally I have since grown very fond of one of his favorite sayings that its foolish for all of us to sleep together with our heads facing the same direction. What this means is that we all as Nigerians can not agree on the same issue all of the time. As different people with different backgrounds we just have to learn to persuade instead of trying to force our opinions down the throats of other people. Its the same respect that I have for Adiuje.

Its the shameful practice of guys like Ibe (I beg comot that useless mazi title!) who have always blackmailed everyone who dares to say anything positive about Obasanjo. While I dont agree with Objs style I still dont accept the wrong notion that he has failed. And neither do I agree that he should be personally held responsible for the woes of our nation. What about the roles played by each one of us one way or the other

Like many commentators who are abusing Obj because of some hidden personal problems one would have expected Paul Adiuje to be raining abuses on Obj every day because he was once denied a job in Objs farm. Instead the man has been setting his personal issues aside to be objective with Obj. And Adiuje is not even a Yoruba man yet some shallow-minded empty barrels like Ibe are branding him a hack or a paid writer.

Must we blame everything on Obj If the VP is corrupt Obj must payfor it. If a State gov does something wrong its Objs fault. If there is flood in Nigeria its Obj who causes it—–wetin When are we going to rise above all these pettiness

And its a silly man like that fake mazi that make other Nigerians more so the Yoruba think we the Igbo just hate Obj because he is a Yoruba man. A beg lets learn to be objective and tolerant!

prince kennedy Iyoha September 8, 2005 - 5:05 am

If the v.p is involved in such a scandal then what the hail are they talking about in the fight against corruption in nigeria.

If the v.p who was sopposed to be at the front of this fight is involved in such an immoral activity what an example of a leader we have in him.

Nigeria has a responsibility to improve its soured image abroad by contributing to the effact of the international comunity to reduce pains cuased by natural disasters like the hurrican katrina the sunami disaster and the disasters in our countinent like the Niger problems etc…rather than contributing the nigeria tax paying to the activities of both the democrat and republican party in the united states.

Jennifar douglas is one of many Nigerians that we are ashemed of. she could beleive that the commitees responsible to collecting founds for the above mentiond parties have any respect for her I am convinced that rather than respect they will lough at her because they know where she came from and they also knows that she stole the money from her people that are langueshing in poverty.

The v.p. should be ivestigated and his proparties confisticated by the Nigeria goverment.

I don't think that paul is an agent of anybody and if he is it means that it will be difficult to trust anybody anymore.

Jennifer you are a disgress to your people and to your country.

abdul aliyu September 6, 2005 - 4:33 pm

good job but like my first contributor said if we are nailing anyone lets never be biased about just hit the nail on the head infact 99.9 percent of Nigerian leaders are corrupt its only God himself that would redeem we the citizens and bicos of their corrupt practices we Nigerians in diaspora are all seen as rogues but i pray that God will have mercy on us all cos. Amen

CEO September 5, 2005 - 11:56 am

Mazi Ibe you must take time to understand the personality of Mr. Adujie; his defence of OBJ and his emotional hate for the US Republican Party. I have read between the lines some of Paul's writing in defence of OBJ and all I see is an emotional writer who dances towards individuals rather than to a cause. Is there anything wrong with that May be not since we all think and write differently depending on what we want to accomplish. This is not in defence of Mr. Adujie but to bring to light why people may write differently even when it seems that they are paid to do so. This is someone who was not hired at OBJ farm years back and will likely seek for work there again according to him (Paul). Now you wonder why the defence of OBJ. Has he been paid to write May be not assumption is a word that lacks investigational prove and will always lead to negative writings just as most Paul's writings in hate of the Republican Party are based on assumptions.


Anonymous September 3, 2005 - 4:26 pm

Paul well said but the article showed your hate for the Republican Party. Jennifer had donated to both the Democratic and the Republican Parties. The corrupt mindset of most Nigeria public officers and private individuals has nothing to do with the US Republican Party. Normally parties do not investigate donors and the source of their income before accepting donationations. I am a Nigerian living in the US and sympathetic to the Republican conservative ideas. In any case keep up the good work.

The Federal Elections Commission database showed that Ms. Douglas-Abubakar has been a busy contributor to both Republican and Democratic candidates over the last five years. Here is the summary sheet:





06/30/2000 5000.00 20035761701

Total Soft Money: 5000.00

Contributions to Political Committees






02/20/2002 250.00 22020290638





09/08/2000 500.00 20036150899






03/11/1999 250.00 20990084055





11/21/2003 25000.00 23992532958





06/30/2000 20000.00 20035760210






09/30/2003 1000.00 23020372022






01/26/2004 500.00 24990525459

Total Contributions: 47500.00

Joint Fundraising Contributions

These are contributions to committees who are raising funds to be distributed to other committees. The breakdown of these contributions to their final recipients may appear below





07/09/2004 250.00 24962130552

Total Joint Fundraising: 250.00

Recipient of Joint Fundraiser Contributions

These are the Final Recipients of Joint Fundraising Contributions






07/09/2004 250.00 24962262013

Mazi Ibe NE September 3, 2005 - 9:05 am


Stop ranting Paul or Saul… I think the latter fits you better.

I am more in the corruption fight than you. But you can't eat your cake and have it. You have aleady lost that moral high-standing by your unabashed defence of OBJ's organized banditry can't you see it I am not saying Atiku should not be brought to book but not by people like you.

Give way b/c if people like you jump into the bandwaggon it will scare away decent people from it and automatically defeat the cause.

OBJ or his hitman has forever lost the right to fight coruption.

Atiku is corrupt…much more than what he is doing through Jennifer. When he went to Yola to open his ABTI University with OBJ what did you say Well at that time his action was "right" b/c your paymaster was involved Now he has fallen out of favour with BABA and Paul has suddenly "discovered" he's corrupt. Atiku has been corrupt right from the time he was in the Customs. His activities under "saint" El-Rufai's BPE induces nausea. His friends are the biggest crooks in Nigeria.

We will surely bring him to book but plz Paul go and find your likes out there. We can't have you soil an otherwise worthy cause with your compromised presence. You have already crossed over to the side of the enemies of Nigeria.

But if you want to return to us the route is simple: just recant all your shameless defence of OBJ including the daylight robberey of his library launch in Abeokuta apologize and tell us how much OBJ paid you to burnish his image and publicy refund them. Just simple. Then you can join us to fight Atiku.

I suggest you give way for genuine lovers of Nigeria to contribute sincere thoughts on this matter. You are part of the problem. Don't you have some shame What Atiku has done may be outrageous and we will endeavour to get to the root of it but not with Obasanjo bootlickers and vassals like you. Assuming the topic was OBJ and his unspeakable corruption wouldn't you by now be hauling invectives now at the writers of the article

I know Atiku derserves to be hanged but let genuine Nigerians do it not Obasanjo an paid agent and hitman like you. YOU CAN'T SPEAK FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE MOUTH. Back home in Nigeria now what is uppermost in OBJ's murky heart is how to nail and sink Atiku. And I suppose it is that same project you are trying to execute here by seeking to hide under some dubious dislike for corruption. So we will also resist people like you to come in here when we are cleaning the state of your likes. We cannot allow you to hide under decent altruistic and better society-seekers to help hang a marked OBJ enemy. Leave us alone to deal with Atiku. Your presence here is a great pollution to an otherwise worthy quest. You have dented image that automatically qualifies you to join this crusade.

I have told you this time without number must I continue to repeat myslef

Mazi Ibe NE


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