Vice President Atiku Is Illogical!

by Paul I. Adujie

Nigeria is my country and my most favorite real estate on earth, even if I never again during my lifetime step on Nigeria’s soil. Was Nigeria some other country? I would have been amused at the statement credited to the king of vice, Abubakar Atiku!

This man Atiku, is clearly lacking in good logic, good sense and sound judgment. How else does anyone explain his incredulous suggestion to the effect that President Obasanjo resigns? It just does not make any sense. President Obasanjo is the head of Atiku’s ticket!

Nigeria practices a presidential system of federal government. The People’s Democratic Party or PDP is the party in power in Nigeria, as it was the PDP that produced President Obasanjo and the king of vice, Mr. Atiku. This also clearly means that the president is at the top and heads the ticket, while the king of vice, Atiku is at the bottom.

If the king of vice is unable to be supportive of the head of his ticket, he should pretend that he has some dignity and honor left in him and resign. If the king of vice no longer has faith in President Obasanjo’s administration, of which the vice is supposed to be part, the king of vice should quit immediately! In fact, some have, on several occasions in the past, demanded for the king of vice’s resignation.

President Obasanjo is not answerable to Mr. Atiku the king of vice. Instead, the vice is answerable to the president of our republic!

When and if President Obasanjo commits a breach of Nigerian laws, or offends the Constitution of Nigeria, and if President Obasanjo engages in any improper, inappropriate or outright illegal behavior, the Constitution of Nigeria prescribes procedures for tackling errant presidents. Mr. Atiku is like a substitute teacher in a classroom where the substantive teacher is engaged in actual teaching, while the idle substitute teacher demands the resignation of the substantive teacher or even the principal!

The substitute teacher should search for employment outside of this classroom and outside of this particular school. Mr. Substitute teacher should in fact be ejected from the school premises forthwith he cannot make policies for the substantive teacher or worse, for the principal, the oga patapata of the particular school.

All things considered, Mr. Atiku has been a great disservice to President Obasanjo. Mr. Atiku has been a great disservice to the PDP and what is much worse? Mr. Atiku has been bane of Nigeria. Mr. Atiku is said to have egregiously caused the derailment of Nigeria’s privatization and deregulation efforts. He is said to have hijacked the BPE activities for his personal profits and benefits. Mr. Atiku’s umpteenth wife, Jennifer Iwejiora Douglas E Atiku of the multiple millions dollar mansion in Maryland infamy was subject of mind boggling controversy and scandal last year. As she is said to operate a non-profit organization and with her income at approximately $200 a week, which is less than the minimum wage for unskilled workers in America. Jennifer Iwejiora Douglas E Atiku bought a mansion worth multiple millions of dollars! Atiku claim this mansion as his and the mansion was acquired after Atiku became part of President Obasanjo’s administration.

Atiku’s behavior as such, which he has since acknowledged, is illegal. Upon this discovery, Atiku’s engagement in improper and impeachable conduct Atiku should have resigned or should have been impeached forthwith. Atiku’s call for the resignation of his boss, his chief executive office or CEO is tantamount to monumental and colossal display and demonstration of utter disloyalty, betrayal of trust, and utmost treachery!

President Obasanjo is the CEO or Managing Director of Nigeria’s affairs. President Obasanjo does not take orders from his subordinate. Would Vice President Cheney as President Bush to resign? Of course not! Should a manager in a company order the managing director of the company to resign? But of course not!

President Obasanjo has done nothing illegal or impeachable. Even if he has, the consequences are carefully and clearly enunciated by our constitution.

If Atiku’s feigned concerns are in connections with the so-called third term agenda, Mr. Atiku can resign now in protests or wait until May 29, 2007 when his term expires. In the alternative, Mr. Atiku could in fact announce his lack of interests in being part of any third term ticket or arrangements. He should quit as part of President Obasanjo’s government, just so, Mr. Atiku can concentrate on the currently nocturnal and clandestine activities of The Turaki Vanguard. Atiku must resign, instead of acting as a major distraction and blab-mouth.

Mr. Atiku is stabbing his boss, his PDP political party and Nigeria in the back. Atiku’s disloyalty to President Obasanjo is legendary and it exemplified by Atiku’s public hostility to his PDP political party of which President Obasanjo is head and leader of government in Nigeria, at the federal level.

Atiku has engaged in the most egregious anti-party activities and he should resign immediately or he should be impeached forthwith!

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Sylvester Ukusare,Esq March 20, 2007 - 8:38 am

Paul Adujie, are you a saint or perfect as the supernatural being? So what guts have you to condemn others for reasons influenced sentimentaly? You should understand that even your new found residence is not morally better-off as compared to your country Nigeria nay the citizens hence I felt bad for you condemning Mr. Vice President Atiku for being corrupt but could you be able to tell Nigerians that who is not corrupt among our leaders since from the independence of the country besides why should you lay too much focus on Mr. Atiku and the mansion he's having in Maryland?

Please, try to be moderate a bit and give merit to those that are meritted but not criticizes people unjustly for the sake of cheap advert.

Of course, I saw your comment on my article entitled The Atiku Zillionism on Nigerian Body Polity, I was amused with the way you reacted to that article even to the extent of threatening my person for sake of revealing the true situation of our country's polity and despite you went to the extent of putting up a digital sign of D.D.D.Well, I laughed over it just because I felt you are angry about Atiku's candidacy or you might be one of the fanatics of the PDP.

Nevertheless, I belongs to the second majority ethnic nationalities group's in the South-South more so the Niger Delta, besides I am an Urhoboman but residing in Italy. But however, I think your grieviences towards Alhaji Abubakar Atiku should be reverse and think moderately towards the betterment of the Niger Delta since amongst the Presidential candidates ATIKU, Utomi and Odidi are having the best programmes for the region despite the PDP insincere promises to accord the region with much priority but the PDP misruled for the past 8 years have shown no tangible project towards the elevation of the natives from the perpetually impoverished conditions.

Therefore, I personally seek your person to consult your rationality for further rethink on the candidacy of our esteemed Alhaji Abubakar ticket for the Presidency.

Categorically, I hopefully believe that Mr. Atiku will become the next president of Nigeria in spite of the odds surrounding his aspipiration at the moment, although the demonic force will be neutralised by the pragmatism force of the democratic citizenry of our blessed nation Nigeria.

In all, I am a freelance politically but activists bent on the act of patriotism and without biased.

Please, bear with me.

God bless.



Sylvester Ukusare,Esq.

Anonymous April 11, 2006 - 8:38 pm

Sentiments apart, we cannot ignore the fact that Obasanjo's silence over the constitutional ammendmend(s) to allow a third term is an indication that he intends to extend his tenure — something many African leaders are used to and a principal cause of conflict in Africa. That we turn a blind eye because the incumbent happens to be from a section of the country to which we are sympathetic is, at best, unpariotic and disingenuous.

Recently, I read, with much disdain, how the nigerian police disrupted an alleged anti-third term meeting at the Abuja Sheraton's on the ground that they did not have the necessary permit to hold the meeting; however, they couldn't stop pro-third term campaigners from harassing the Vice-president in Lagos even though thesame group had no permit to so act. If that doesn't tell us what Obasanjo's plans are, I don't know what will!

Rather than criticize Atiku, Nigerians should rally behind him to defy Obasanjo's insidious intentions. We owe it to our future generations to be true to ourselves, and they will never forgive us if we fail to act today!

Murna Tam Gilbert

Osita ChiagoromChina April 9, 2006 - 11:03 pm

Sir,for the first time,I totally disagree with you !!

Anonymous April 9, 2006 - 10:14 am

…the king of vice…This expression was used nine times, yes nine times in the first four paragraphs of your essay! God!…Just say it once, perhaps twice to make an emphasis and we will understand you. Continue, and you start to put us to sleep.

Now to your argument, Obasanjo has refused to tell us Nigerians about his plans for 2007 chosing instead to talk to the VOA and BBC. This shows how much regards he has for us. Of course we all know he is waiting for his tact team of Anenih/Ali to blackmail enough members of the National Assembly to get 2/3rd majority before coming out of his shell…This so much reminds one of General Abacha and how he kept mute, allowing his lieutenants to do the fighting for him, and get him life presidency.

We all know Atiku and the rest of them are corrupt, but Obj is just as corrupt! Even more so since he tries so much to tell us he is not a "manoeuverer", but we all know he is. We all know about Anenih and his dirty deals, also Ali, Adedibu, Chris Uba and all other President's men. Maybe these are the real patriots as Obj. would want us believe.

And why does our President believe that corruption begins and ends with people stealing public funds. What about lack of transparency in all he does?, what about his use of state machinery to rig elections, harangue his political opponents and generally make life unbearable for anybody that is anti-third term?, what about using coercion on the National assembley members?, what about his views and support for Chris Uba and Adedibu in Anambra and Oyo states?, what about all the instances in which he turns our constitution on its head just to achieve his selfish purpose and in open disregard for the very constitution which he swore to uphold?…ask the Owu Chiefs, ask Anambra state indegenes, ask The Niger Deltans, ask our National Assembly members, ask Nigerians, and ask Gbenga Obasanjo and they will tell you who this our President really is!

Obasanjo wants to remain in power for life. He believes he is the only option we Nigerians have…he is our Messiah. He does not listen to reason or good advice. He only hears from sycophants and evil men like Anenih, Ali, Adedibu who are just using him for their selfish ends, and his only begotten son, Fani Kayode…

Who the gods want to kill, they first make mad…We Nigerians will all be here when this madness comes to an end…watching…waiting…


Anonymous April 8, 2006 - 7:08 am

So convenient to rant from exile! Nonsense and jagbajantis!

Anonymous April 7, 2006 - 9:29 pm

Might I ask: what's logical in the enterprise called Nigeria and her citizenry? Please kindly oblige!

Anonymous April 7, 2006 - 9:14 pm

Obasanjo cast the first stone. Need I say that he (OBJ) lives in a glass house?

If he had not been talking from all the sides of his mouth (Fani-Kayode, Mantu, Ali, etc) about third term, Atiku wouldn't have seen an opportunity to lay claim to "the prince of democracy."

obi, USA

Anonymous April 7, 2006 - 1:09 pm


I have more questions than answers on Nigeria political system, which is non-democratic. Though I am not a follower of Atiku's boss (Obasanjo), I guess Atiku should be removed with immediate effect for treason. Treason is usually punishable by death! From all I have read or heard about him, he (Atiku) acts and talks like a bastard in a family, the black sheep.

By the way, how did Atiku…. a lousy custom officer…. acquired the kind of money he now has? How did he become (actual qualities/ character/ qualification) or got selected (within/ from PDP?) or nominated as the vice president? …. to Obasanjo?

He has to make a choice …. either be charged with treason or resign with immediate effect from PDP and as vice president of nigeria, methinks or both!

Anonymous April 7, 2006 - 8:29 am

According to Chief Audu Ogbuh, even Moses and Christ left the earth when God tenure for them was up. God did not allow then here until everybody turns to a rightous man. Why should mr. Paul T. Adujie indirectly be supporting someone that is planning to cause war and anarchy in Nigeria by altering the rule of the game in the middle of the game. I sincerely believe that Atiku is very right in the cause he is fighting, because if he does otherwise history will not forgive him. My only advice to Mr Obasanjo and others supporting him like Mr. Paul T. Adujie is that Gowon, IBB and Abacha have tried it before and we all know the consequences. So Mr. Paul T. Adujie should better join over 90% Nigerians that are fighting for the upholding of the constitution in other to forstall war and anarchy, and to save us from the starvation we are passing through here in Nigeria.

Anonymous April 7, 2006 - 6:38 am

It is in your own Banana Republic prsidents are not answerable.As far as the suffering people of Nigeria are concerned Mr.Atiku is speaking

their mind even though he may not be a saint.Why must Obasanjo toy with the constitution?Do you know what his foolish ambitions can cost?It is Obasanjo who is instead stabbing his vice.

Anonymous April 7, 2006 - 5:32 am

I agree with you in totality. I was begining to think I was the only one who held such thoughts but this has just reaffirmed my beliefs. Thanks for this


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