Why We Can’t Change Our Conception Of Europe

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Anytime you come across somebody who just returned from the white man’s country the first sermon you would hear is, Europe is not an easy place to live. You don’t enjoy a rosy or cozy life there. Europe is an eye opener. Some people do odd jobs they wouldn’t have thought of in Nigeria let alone doing them, there is neo-racism going on in Europe against the black aborigine.

But at home, there is unwarranted exodus of youths warming up for Europe. Upon the sermon that people live on in a false promised land overseas, Nigerian youth save heavily or at worse fall into debts to leave Nigeria.

There is this perception that money could be picked up on the streets and the streets are made with gold, but the tempting money our brothers who come back flash could be money gotten through prostituting, peddling drugs and involvement in fraudulent acts. No one cares!

Because of this tempting money we see, immediately a youth leaves his family for Europe the family start calling him up for money just barely few weeks of arrival. Though we don’t blame any body! The traveler will now begin to pursue money bumper to bumper to send money across in other not to be called name – a loser, a moron et al.

However, even when they send money across for a project some gluttonous family members just embezzle them without executing the project. This has been the bane of Nigerians overseas sending money home. But if our economy was good, no Nigerian would love to be a mortician, a prostitute, a thief and what have you abroad to survive in life whereas we are endowed with human and natural resources. Is it not true?

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