The Rebirth of Biafra

by Tokunbo Awoshakin

Over the weekend, right here in the capital of America, we actually listened to the clandestine voice of the broadcaster from “Voice of Biafra”. The broadcast which lasted close to an hour came via the short wave band.

Somewhat shell-schocked, like other Nigerians across the globe who listened probably were, we listened to a programme which consisted of the same old passionate speeches advocating for the seperation of eastern part of Nigeria from the rest of the country.

For Nigerians resident in the Greater Washington metro area consisting of the District of Columbia, the state of Maryland and the commonwealth of Virginia, the shock was not much of the fact that the “Voice of Biafra” programming was spiced with anti-islamic curses, which the broadcaster called prayers, we were just numbed at the way the Biafra ressurection is taken shape in the light of events back home.




One side of the Biafran coin

The other side of the Biafran coin

When in September 28th 2001, some Nigerians from the east gathered at the law campus of the Howard University in Van Ness (just a few blocks from the new multi million dollar building which will soon be the official embassy of Nigeria) to organise a symposium for Biafra, many took little notice.

The sudden ressurection began to attract some kind of attention as hundreds of Nigerians joyfully paid $20 to be part of the gala night that same evening at the Ukranian Catholic shrine in Washington D.C. Word had by that time gone out that Biafra house was going to be opened the next day and Biafra warlord Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu and his wife Bianca as well as MASSOB leader, Ralph Nwazuruike were already in town.

Like snow in winter, Biafra House, which is actually a suite located at 733 15th Street North West Washington D.C., was declared open with Chief Ojukwu flanked by Nwazuruike cutting the ribbon while several hundreds of Nigerians joyfully sang -“The land of the rising sun”, the Biafra anthem, which is actually an adulteration of the “Finlandia Hymn” composed by Jean Sibelius.

These events here in same Washington D.C. which the Nigerian president has visited three times this year, sure got our attention. African correspondents at the Foreign Press center and those at the National press became curious. They asked question and this prompted some more inquiries which resulted in startling discoveries one of which led us to actually get the short wave band for “Voice Of Biafra”.

The truth is that, in a slow but somewhat steady way, the ill-fated Biafra idea, which we generally believed had died after three years of civil war in Nigeria is coming back to life. Apart from the official yet to be recognised embassy which they claim the suite is; apart from the “National” anthem, the flag and clandestine radio programming in Igbo and English, the movement, if it may be called that also has a detailed, active and properly hosted web-site.

So while President Obasanjo came calling to commiserate with President Bush and offer the country’s steadfastness in the coalition against terrorists, some people, operating under the auspices of the “Biafra Actualization Forum” (B.A.F.), were also busy producing radio and web programming calling for the break-up of the Nigeria.

Interestingly, most of these programmes, if not all, are produced right here in Washington D.C. Our investigations revealed that (B.A.F.) is made up of Igbos in exile in America who put their time, money and energy into the project of actualising the Biafra Nation. The are believed to be working closely with the movement for the Actualization of the Soveriegn State of Biafra, MASSOB.

A copy of the movement’s agenda, which they claimed to have sent in form of a letter, was made available to the press. The listed grieviances include: the recent killings of christians in Kano and Kaduna; What they termed, the federal government’s inability or unwillingness to protect igbos; Alleged neglect in infrastructural development; Nigeria’s continued membership of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, OIC and Presedent Obasanjo’s silence on the alleged role of Libya’s Gaddaffi’s sponsorship of anti-christian values and practices in Northern Nigeria.

Two things are particularly striking in their manifesto. One, the Organisation maintained that “there is no guarantee that the Nigerian government is safe and secure from military coups” and so it will use “all peaceful means” to ensure it’s objective of seccession. Secondly, members of these Organisation want President Obasanjo to give his go ahead to a Soverign National Conference. This according to them “will preserve whatever goodwill the nations of Nigeria have left for one another”.

These two issues, especially that of the realization of true federalism in Nigeria via the Sovereign National Conference really hits home in view of events back in Nigeria and how the international community appraises things. Already the nation, just like it was pre-civil war, is again strongly divided along ethnic lines. Apart from MASSOB, there is the OPC, Arewa, Middle Belt Forum and the Niger Delta Movement.

The North and Southern Nigerian polarity has become more obvious too. Just recently in Owerri, Imo State, seventeen governors of states in the southern part met for the fifth time since the begining of the Obasanjo administration and like they have insisted since their first meeting, they again called for state police, a national conference and true federation.

Similarly, the on-going face-off between these governors over the electoral bill as well as the resource control saga still reflects the need for true federalism. We can all imagine the implication of a scenario where seventeen out of the thirty states that make up the federal republic of Nigeria go ahead and hold election, thereby making nonsense of the supposed “National Assembly”.

The recent Benue crisis, which President Obasanjo explained away in a simplistic fashion at the joint press conference with President Bush a forthnight ago remains another attestation to the need for true federation. It is not suprising that Ghali Umar Na’Abba, the Speaker of the house of representatives should warn and rightly so that “it could lead to the disintegration of the country”.

As we listened to the fervency and bitterness which the political programme on “Voice of Biafra” gave to international listeners last weekend, as we ruminated on the proven tenacity of people of Eastern Nigeria, we suspected that the radio was not going to just fade away like “Radio Kudirat”.

One thing also became clear: destabilising elements in Nigeria and the Nigerian diaspora must be checked. Each ethnic group, or as it has become fashionable, “Nationalities” in Nigeria is crucial to the country’s political equation. But why really can we not have the only thing which all the Nationalities seem to agree on, as a way forward for the country. Why can’t we extinguish the flame of seccession or Biafra by seating to talk about a true federation?

*This piece was first published in The Anchor Newspaper of Nigeria.

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Chiemezie March 8, 2012 - 10:02 am

Go and read books about the igbos and after the war howmuch they were given to irespective of how much you had before the war.

Meanwhile,who told you WE don"t go to school? Are you sur you are a nigerian? WEgo to school very well but we are republicans and want to be on our own.

Am a Biafrian and will always be.With time we will stepout from this egypt called nigeria and go back to BIAFRA MY FATHER LAND

Mickol July 1, 2011 - 4:51 pm

for all those wanting an indepentdsent iboland, you only have to look at the gulf war and what started it, and besides what are you all going to do when the oil runs out? or dont you all know that nigerias over-reliance on oil to the detriment of other industries is what got us in this fine mess and that there are alternative sources of energy are being sought? very soon there will be no need for oil and what are you going to do then, come running back to nigeria that is about to become big on tourism which significantly will be led by the game reserves of the north? A Lagos will always be the commercial capital of Africa so you see every tribe has something to contribute so please lets all work towards a better Nigeria because there is no one tribe that is superior to another otherwise the world will continue to laugh at our expense

Avaja May 15, 2011 - 1:18 pm

I wonder who the writer is? He wrote with somuch ignorance that I doubt if he is aware that he is writing online.How can one equate foundation of USA and Nigeria? The units in USA together agreed for creation of their nation and worked acidously towards it. Nigeria is the product of colonial draghtman and component units were never consulted nor were their supports ever taken to cognisance before the forceful unification of the country.This is root cause of mayhem, bitterness, acrimony, tribalism, lack of progress and frustration in todays Nigeria.The bloodlething the world is seeing is nothing but product of heterogenous assemblage of unlike terms and will continue.How long this death formulation will last is every bodys concern.Igbos want their own state and so also member tribes.Biafra is child of necessity and should be created.The EU,UN,G8, and world powers should put hands together and carve out Biafra from Nigeria.Then can the world see what the eastern Nigeria have for humanity. Those that do not want their own nation in Nigeria are simply saying that they have nothing to offer and wants to impede those that have a future and have gathernered potentials for futuristic developments.

max January 5, 2011 - 9:22 pm

On my take,i will be happy to see the actualization of the sovereignty of the state of Biafra. Because it is,and will always be a big bone for the igbos to share the same room with the carnibalous muslims in the north.

This is because, in life some people have chosen to live in the darkness of selfish destruction, while the wise ones live in the light of creative altrusm.

Chijioke August 4, 2010 - 1:30 am

My Dear Brother, if you trace your ancestry, you will discover that; somewhere down the line you are related to the Igbo man or infact you may be igbo. So you may have been killing your brother out of ignorance?

Secondly, we do not want your oil, check your facts; Imo state alone has almost 200 discovered(more to come) oil wells and it is an interland Igbo area. We have not talked about the Igbos in South South States?

However,depending on oil is a short term myopic approach; as it will soon run out and unless Jesus returns we will be living together for thouands of years(our decendants).What happens when the oil dries up?

We are also not landlocked by the grace of God, but even if we where think about Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world with no oil? Wealth is truly in people and investing in people something Nigeria has failed to do after 50 years.

Yes, the Igbos are not perfect just like every race on earth, but like someone has said, God will raise up the next leader-Amen.

We mut preach peace and not war and show love to all, yes even those that have killed us.We must surrender all to Jesus and He is a God that makes the impossible possible.

God bless you


Anenechukwu March 4, 2010 - 6:24 pm

This article is insightful and provocative. However, we in America know that Martin Luther Junior was not hailed for advocating freedom for the blacks there were many good articles like this one against him but now every body is hailing him. Whoever, is looking for freedom or equality whether the southern sudanees or Ibos should be tolerated.

Austine February 22, 2010 - 2:24 pm

Audacity of hope written by Barack Obama says, I quote…there`s change for you. I’m quite optimistic that this is the last step for the actualisation of the defaulted state of Biafra.

daga December 26, 2009 - 8:46 pm

The rest of the people who want in with Nigeria can stay with the muslim north… As for the other southeasterners who who always want to define themselves as people apart from the Igbos, try going to the muslim north and tell them that you are not igbo and see if they will care before chopping your head off… People are so deluded…

Muslims in any country see themselves as muslim first before ANYTHING ELSE… If you are not muslim and want to be involved with the north, good luck to you…

The issue that sparked the The Biafran War has not gone away and despite the fact that others are feeling the effects of these issues, people put their heads in the sand… But then again, that’s a typical nigerian pastime… Ignore the problems till everyone is destroyed or massacred…

Now with muslims in the north joining with Al Qaida and Taliban, its only a matter of time before they start taergting non-muslim states in Nigeria. Then we will see if the naive people will still want one Nigeria when they force the entire nigerian people to convert to islam or die…

daga December 26, 2009 - 8:37 pm

I don’t understand the logic of some people on here. Ok, here’s a random idea: If the igbos are incapable of ruling themselves, WHY NOT LET THEM GO RULE THEMSELVES? RIGHT? That way, all the people that want to stay with Nigeria can stay behind with Nigeria and let the rest who want to move on from colonial protectorate to a self-defined entity to get on with their lives…

This week in the news, a nigerian of muslim origins has put Nigeria on the terrorism watch map. Now, notwithstanding that this terrorist was the son of a former banker who enriched himself by stealing from Nigeria to raise and put up his children in a foreign land when many other Nigerians are treated like shyt when they go abroad…

Nigeria as a country is and always has been a joke and there are two kinds of people that want to cling on to this derailed train are those who are ignorant of the facts as to why the looters in charge of the farce are calling for one Nigeria.

But of course, such people who follow the bandwagon have never been known to be original thinkers or have a any critical thinking skills…

John Okoro December 4, 2009 - 4:26 pm

The article is worth reading and preserving keep it up.

emeka November 25, 2009 - 11:57 am

Why are we all acting selfishly. Have forgotten the theme of our independence which is one Nigeria. We are crying for an igbo state but we fail to look at how well the igbos govern ourselves. For heavens sake it is only in the eastern part of this country that I know sachet water is selling for #10(ten naira) instead of #5(five naira) as it is in other part of the country. It is also in the eastern part that we kidnap our own brothers in other to make money. we are (the igbos) naturally arrogant,proud and selfish. The reason why an ibgo man as not rule this nation is because we do not have a true leader and we also sell our voting right.Since time immemorial the hausas answer to the emir or sultan the yorubas to the obas, please tell me who the igbos answer too? is it the obi/ think again. Come to think of it who has the charisma of a great leader to do what no man has done before i.e to organise the igbo people as one,remember that not every igbo man was in support of the war that ojukwu selfsh entered. if it were up to me i would say we should begin to work on our children mentally and teach them about one nigeria and also break the mentality in which we are living in today that Nigeria can never be one. The Americans did it, we can do it

Dar November 16, 2009 - 1:44 pm

Igbo people need a revolution of the miond first. To understand the problem of the Igbos is to watch the Nigerian under-17 world cup team… There is no teamwork since everyone wants to be the leader… If you find what you are good at, stick to it and perfect it. Then find a way to work with someone else who has different strengths so you can complement your efforts with theirs rather than trying to exploit their weaknesses for your own selfish gain.

Igbo are a great people individually but hopelessly confused and lacking direction as a group. The effort must be made to elevate the status of the Igbo man by his fellow man or woman. Stop maltreating and disrespecting the other men, women and children. Treat them with respect and teach them to do the same to others. Then from there you form the bond of kinship and sense of belonging before you can take it to the next level… It has to be done in small steps

pastor mc fred July 24, 2009 - 9:02 pm

the worst evil is not when men do evil,but when good people watch and do nothing, you are good man,God bless stand for the truth.

pastor mc fred July 24, 2009 - 8:50 am

if biafra goes, the yorubas and hausa cannot co-exist because their friendship is for one purpose to intimidate the igbos.the yorubas joined the hausas because they are chameleons they have no stand and are always identifying with the person in power , if power changes hands today to the igbos the yorubas will shift their allegiance to the igbos.a man who is unstable as water has no future. look at what happened to rueben in the bible.he lost it all. as much as iam not a tribalist ,i have this to say.the yorubas are unstable,can be water ,ice ,gas at any time. the igbos are industrious and leaders in commerce chasing after money.because they have been marginilised even when they are educationally qualified they are not given jobs, so they devised their own means of survival.which have been termed as greed by same people who marginilised them.The hausa are mohamemedians and jihadist they dont see any body as a pure muslim except he is from the north and speaks hausa or fulani ,they hold on to nigeria becuase the arab world wants to islamise nigeria that why the muslim head of state ibb had registered nigeria in oic. in other words in the absence of religion hausas are very good people. nigeria problem started in 1914 when flora shaw gave the name niger area to nigeria. and then there was and amalgamation of 3 nations in one which does not agree in culture,language and religion. we shoiuld trace the root of “niger areas ‘problem to the british colonialism.if the nation of israel can re emerge, then i think biafra who are also jews will alos ressurect.

henro June 10, 2009 - 1:38 pm

Well your niger delta brothers are being massacred by the same nigeria you support.who knows if any of your family member,friends are involved.niger delta are paying for the betrayal of the igbos in the civil war.

kasey June 8, 2009 - 4:58 pm

i think its right time for the world to find the solution for Nigeria problem,

Biafra most be free from Nigeria, killing of igbos by the muslim hausas most stop, marginalization of igbos most stop, i don´t blem those that

saying things against Biafra, if their igbos or have been in the city where the killing of Igbos by muslim Hausas is going on or if their have been in a position of marginalizing like igbos they would understand it better, its the time for seriously thinking by international community to intervene in the situation of nigeria. we need our fredom from evil politicans and leaders of Nigeria. igbos most be free.

Livy June 1, 2009 - 10:55 am

Evil thrives when good men are silent. We need good and honest people like you on earth and in heaven.


Moi April 28, 2009 - 6:20 am

People keep talking about hausa, yoruba and igbo as if they are the only ones in Nigeria…what about the other ethnic groups who have been extremely marginalized since the conception of the country? Please get over yourselves!!! If anyone should be gripping about marginalization, it should be the numerous minority ethnic groups in Nigeria…sheesh…

Kelechukwu April 4, 2009 - 11:51 pm

I don’t think any right thinking Igbo wants any Biafra that includes the Niger-Delta minority. For what? So we can proceed to fight each other? Any sense of brotherhood that there was, went out the door with the civil war. All agitations for Biafra post 1970 have been for an all Igbo nation.

onwuadika ugonna March 6, 2009 - 10:32 am

God bless you for accepting and acknowledge that fact.long live federal republic of biafra.

Richard February 25, 2009 - 9:08 pm

If Biafra becomes a reality, the main fight will be between the greedy and landlocked IGBOs and the Niger Delta tribes. Lumping everybody east of the Niger together is a ploy by the Igbos to lord it over us and believe me, we will never go with them. If should be interesting to see how the IGBOs will fare from their mostly landlocked nation.

Valentine,genova Italy. December 7, 2008 - 8:18 pm

. Hello dear, i can understand your dream but how ready are the Igbos to achieve this dream?.For Biafra to exist, you must go back to your drawing board.The igbos are chassing rat while the house is on fire.How can you ellect your Biafran president when you don’t trust yourselves?.”IGBO E NWE EZE”,the Igbos don’t have a leader how can they speak in one voice rather, they are spoillers to themselves they only throw cash arround living in fools paradise.taking titles and making noise everywhere forgeting what it takes to be a champion.The question is how many of them can read news paper and understand the content.They only beleive in thier trade forgeting that they must go to school, have value for themselves, produce leaders who speak for them in Nigerian politics as one people not divided people.A weak man is always in retreat, shy, disappointed wanting to go under cover becouse he cann’t compete with his fellow nigerians.If Zik and other comrades had not fought for independece would the Igbos have gone to the whiteman(colonial masters) and tell them Biafra must be independent so the igbos must wake up from their slumber and join their mates in the nigeria poltics to fight for the rights of common nigerians who are paying with their lives in the hands of politicians,religious and economic cantabalances.So Igbos,e you don’t have a direction.”Igbo e nwe eze” is a course so better be wise,thank you. (Reply to this comment)

Dike November 15, 2008 - 10:38 am

i am a ful born of igbo land? am surpporting biafra for thier airfort.

we must have our own nation.

emeka muo November 10, 2008 - 5:33 am

Biafra is a dream that most be kept alive in the heart of the gbo nation.

gbenga August 7, 2008 - 2:00 am

I am a yoruba man.I love the crafty enterprising traits of the igbos,marginalisation is so much against them because of the following reasons;they are the lost tribe of isreal,they are lost because idols of mammon.God is not happy because of this,money first before God. a righteous person without money cannot lead.everyone that have no idea of leadership should lead if they have money.they are the kingmakers in nigeria and kingmaker dont rule.they singlehandedly voted for obasanjo even when his kinsmen will not do that.anything a child of God ask for shall be given to them,they ask for obasanjo and God granted it.Ojukwu a war hero,a presidential aspirant was not voted for by his people.a lot of ibos are not enrolling in civil service but rather being an apprentice to shylocktraders that will not settle them and will not put them in early education.child abuse is common.young igbos are made to be sleeping in shops several kilometers from their parental upbringing.Igbo women are so educated no wonder they in high places but where are their husbands,a petty trader selling an awkward goods somewhere in oshodi civil service and armed forces they dont like attending promotional courses if they are getting little money at their duty post.once they get some amount of money they pull out to start business or travel abroad.once abroad they also want to export whatever at sight and start new life elsewhere.few once that get promoted on federal character will not live an austere life.They are the most intellegent and energetic people of Nigeria easily swayed by biafra subversive cards by a tout with less commitment to national unity.A little bit of patriotic will open door of ruling in Nigeria.It will be a disaster if all igbo will have to withraw back to east as a country.leadership trouble,erosion,little land ,few resources,it will be a releive for the west ,south south ,middle belt and the are minority in delta and will not join biafra.they will become a land lock country with no access to the sea.I am praying for biafran utopia.Righteousness is what will grant free to God’s people.Isrealite became a nation only in 1948 after 5,3 million jews were killed in germany.God use britain and american to rescue them.I dont want situation like that in igboland,but freedom is gotten at the price of holiness.God will chose a leader to lead his people not all these stomach driven politians in the east they are in covenant with okija shrine.Descendant of a preast Abia shall be free in world to come amen.

martins June 13, 2008 - 5:52 am

i see you’re not good with spellings and i believe you don’t have a single course for agitating for Biafra.

the igbos are greedy and believe me, there will be war in igbo as regards to who emerge as the leader because they all will want to rule one..

the igbo are hoping that the niger delta people which am one, will fall to them because of our oil, that idea is wrong, i have to tell you now that Massob leaders and other biafia leaders are crooks, all they want is to enrich themselves on people’s expenses, be wise man… there is nothing like biafra, in fact it does not exist…

Great SIO May 21, 2008 - 1:10 pm

Its good to have people who always live in an all to head life “i can do it or i will stand” it is that patern of live in every igbo man that made them to survive the war as soon as the war ended which from the history of war , there have not been any country that fought war and the vanquished was able to rise up before 20 years. Its true that igbos segregate among them selves now , the reason is what the war madem them to be, the igbos are the suferers of the war”victims” many were abandoned as a result every igbo man wants to live a self reliance life because the hope of community or unity life have come and gone “the war”. The most important thing is to throw out the food out to the dog and forget the fight of the spirit .(Tupuru nkita okpukpu ezi… ) Let there be sovereign states of biafra, let the biafa be and for get about who will rule or govern the country.I strongly believed thae the nation will stand on its firm and will out live what ever obstacle any human person may think of. Biafra and her people are God’s own people and will one day come to be in the form the can never be broken. I thank Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, Chief Dim Odumegwu Ojukw,the Biafra war lord, Dede Philip Emegwali and the host of others who are bringing new the face of new biafra. The good God will surely crown all their efforts with success. Biafra will resurrect again! Biafra will rule again!! Biafra the real giant of the Africa!!!

Nwamadi Gabriel May 15, 2008 - 8:09 am

The Igbos including all Easterners of nigeria must go away from the so call Nigeria.Igbos are Biafrans.They have been persecuted too much by Nigerians.One day God will hear their prayers

Nzeribe Iwu March 8, 2008 - 11:23 am

One thing is for sure biafra has come to be my brothers/ a place i love so much and cherish

Chibuenyim February 20, 2008 - 4:21 am

Lets say it right, We/I love BIAFRA,

James November 4, 2007 - 12:47 pm

the author of this article and its supporters are the people that end up giving nigeria a bad name here in the states. all these biafra talk is bullshit. i'm from the south so dont think i'm just protecting my interest as a northerner. What are the current conditions in the southern states. do we not have governors that embezzle government funds and all. what is gonna be the difference when we have all the oil to ourselves. more funds to embezzle by a smaller number of people. the problem with nigeria is her people and their mindset. corruption is rooted in our hearts. nobody ever wants to do the right thing. biafra is not the solution. we need to look at ourselves as a people and re-evaluate our lives. so find something better to do with your lives you BIAFRANS. cause it's never going to happen: that era is over.

uche September 10, 2007 - 3:52 pm

let's do this national conference and agree on how to live together

Blunt speaker August 24, 2007 - 5:36 pm

I think all this talk about Biafra is nonsense, Nigeria as a whole is messed up even Africa as a whole is messed up. We black people tend to be very selfish and greedy , so even if the Republic of Biafra is created, there is still going to be disagreement and then another group will get up within Biafra and say they want to be syub Biafra or whatever the name they want to call; themselves. Even without the seperation within the Igbo community peopel are already grouping themselves that l am from this side or that side. The main thing to focus on is first how can we all work together as a group and live in peace(which l know is unheard of in any african nation). So all this people crying out allowed we want Biafra, Are you really ready to sacrifice yourself the new nation or you are just saying it for your own selfish reason. Why don't we try to see how we can help our country, comunity or villages first before deciding to seperate. Even right now are you telling me that Igbo states are any better than any other staes in Nogeria, we still here different stories of corruption like we hear in other states. So tell me how can Biafra be any better than the old Nigeria. so please let us leave our black people thinking, the Canada example is a good one both French and English are working together to make Canada better. So please stop saying the hausas and yorubas will pay for the evil they did to the igbos. Do you want to tell me that all Igbos are saint as well, l believe the right thing is all evil doers will pay for their acts. So let us think on how Nigeria can be better than how wwe can seperate better .

alika August 16, 2007 - 5:27 pm

Nigeria as a country is in a total mess, and they do not have any reason to keep oppressing the Igbos. One day a man of spirit will rise among the Igbos and paff!

unknown August 11, 2007 - 6:13 pm

I am sorry to say this, but I am tired of all this Biafra talk. The Igbos should be free to leave Nigeria if they want. Can anyone tell me what exactly the Yoruba people did to the Igbos and how they make them seem like the bad eggs? All my Igbo friends are the ones who usually talk about the Yoruba's negatively and not the other way round. I am a minority in Nigeria and the Igbo people do nothing but talk about how they are the best at everything, which by the way is totally impossible. Remember this, no man is an island and the South-South do not want to be part of it anymore. All the Igbo people I know discriminate among their own people, for example some Anambra people say bad things about Imo people and the other way around, so how can this work? I wish they will be free to go on their own, but mark my word, it most likely will not end there. This is because every Igbo person wants to be in charge and we can't all be leaders. Igbos will begin to fight among themselves because they are usually cocky and competitive from my experience.

Baba.. July 28, 2007 - 11:19 pm

I'm a Yoruba,I'd been born before the end of the civil war, So nobody can tell me Nigeria's History.

Simply,I'll put it point Blank, Nigerians should apologise to the Igbo's, I am a victim of the Hausa misrule of Nigeria since the existence of Nigeria. What's my business in America, if My country can provide me with what I need?

Igbo-qwunu— Long live Federal Rebublic of Biafra.

All Hausa's will one day ask for forgiveness, same as the Yoruba's.

The evil that they do,will forever live after them…

Biafra will Rise again..this time No War machine would be able to stop it. If that country called Nigeria is wise enough,this is the time they should call for a National refrendum, as to decide the future of that so called giant of Africa.

By the way,I've never meet an Hausa man here In America,fleeing Nigeria,for the fear of social economic reason,it's either an Igbo or a yoruba.

In the event of another civil war in Nigeria…. Indi-Igbo can count on my laying down my blood for them. The deserve every right to be happy and enjoy what properly belongs to them as their Birth right.

Long live Federal Rebublic Of Biafar.

Anonymous July 19, 2007 - 5:59 pm

y'all need to take it easy.

okechukwu June 14, 2007 - 8:04 am

The biafran actualisation is at hand, every igbo man and biafran lovers should contribute otherwise to these new borne biafra.

nigeria has falling to its feet, rotening and smelling these is our time.

hail biafra, today and forever

Immanuel June 11, 2007 - 4:10 pm

First, I think the authors writing skills needs more improvement. Moreover it is obvious he has a bias opinion…which is probably okay because this seems to be some editorial stuff.

Although I wouldn't mind Biafra being, I mean, I'm Igbo and know we are smart enough to build a country, but did anyone who of you who is asking why the govt. is afraid of seperation, actually asked themselves that question?

One big reason I see is economic. Both for the then new Nigeria and Biafra.

Its like here in Canada where the french have ALWAYS wanted to seperate since Canada was established…for really valid reasons, not the govt. won't let it fly.

However, since we black people are too selfish we cannot set things out and prosper like Canada where French and English are both official languages, and the French are usually satisfied with their # of reps in govt. and etc..all the while I'd say the percentage of French in Canada is a lot less compared to that of Igbo's in Nigeria.

Just fix things internally….Africa is already fragmented enough. Check your maps and compare with the rest of the world!

Anonymous June 3, 2007 - 1:37 pm

Biafra will come again. It is a matter of time. It may not be in the form of the 1967 Biafra, but it will return. Our of faith of having Biafra lies in the right of people to be considered equals. The Muslim Hausas run the show in Nigeria. (anyone who doubts this needs to look at the currency, where the only other language other than English on it is Hausa – in Arabic script, which is mainly used in Islamic contexts. Anyone who is not a Hausa, Fulani, or Yoruba (or does not serve their interests) has no place in Nigeria. Biafra will return, in fact it is already here.

Anonymous May 25, 2007 - 8:28 pm

i seriously think the international community should intervene in the situation of nigeria. i believe the igbos are suffering for what was not their fault.the british should have known that people with conflicting beliefs cannot stay so close to each other without problems. if they joined us together for administrative purposes, then upon independence they should have returned us to the status quo in which they met us. secondly, all the crises that have claimed the lives of so many sons and daughters of igboland were first concieved by the westerners who i believe were so much of cowards to face the reparcautions of there deeds and so left the blame to the easterners because we were called southerners altogether. but i believe it is time the easterners forge a common front so as to present our case well to the world and allow them to judge fairlly instead of fighting one another. we should begin to be our brothers keeper so that even if the world doesn't listen to us we can help ourselves.thanks. IKENNA

Tessy May 22, 2007 - 10:27 am

pls what is our faith of having biafra

Chuwitzsky May 17, 2007 - 9:14 pm

Speaking of journalism. I thought Journalists should have an unbiased and an insightful approach into the issues they write on. This article was presented in a subtle manner with bias. The writer should stick to the ethics of his profession. he wrote the story with a hidden and biased attitude towards who? The Igbos.

Anonymous May 4, 2007 - 6:11 am

I have few questions to ask ''N'' these questions are directed to any one who oposes Biafra……

I Biafrans slaves? Why are Hausas afraid to live on their own? Is hausas more populated than Igbos? do Nigerians have a common culture? lastly if a group of person(s) are living together and one wakes up one morning and says he or she is tired of living together would any one hold him back? when you answer these questions i will be able to coment. Mean while UP BIAFRA.

Ike May 4, 2007 - 1:11 am

why on the first place are people afraid of seperation?

ifyanacho April 4, 2007 - 12:29 am

the ibo's has every right to be free,long live biafra

Anonymous January 2, 2007 - 11:05 pm

Nigeria is a useless and irresponsible country ruled and will continue be ruled by retarded people who think they are smart. As for me,I am Igbo and in Biafra I stand.


Ihechukwukwuru Ga-eme August 28, 2006 - 9:35 am

What i have to say is that Nigeria is a failed state to the detriment of the black world. No body should blame the easterners especially Igbos for this failure because they have sacrificed a lot to ensure the continued existence of nigeria. They chose to go their own way when they found out that their efforts are being thwated by those with whom they think they could make a better nigeria and give the black skin a positive meaning.The Hausas and yorubas are always trying to potray the easterners as bad eggs who are bent on breaking up nigeria. But the truth is that they (the hausas & yorubas) are the true enemies of nigeria. The Igbos believe so much in dialogue. Therefore a forced union is not acceptable to them hence the popular saying among them- Akpaa akpa, a rahu n'ute(it takes agreement for two to shear a mat.)

All these are too obvious for anyone to doubt.

As for Biafra, it has been ordained in Heaven and no earthly power can stop it. I hereby call on all those who wish to see Africa move forward as well as those who are on the side of Justice, Equity & Fairness to support Biafra without reservation.


Chukwuabiame Buchi June 29, 2006 - 8:14 am

What i intend to comment is allready established in Heaven "for that which the heavens do not permit the Earth cannot give if otherwise then it must be temporary" Naturally God divided the Nation into three clear distinct parts, Biafrans have put in more to the unity of the Nation even thier blood have been sacrificed for the same purpose which allways yields a more aggressive negative results. Christ spoke to Saul(Paul) when he gathered all the authorities of the then state of Israel to go and arrest and exterminate collectively or individually any preaching Jesus Christ "Why do you persecute Me" and made it clear to him that he will never succeed even made him an instrument of the Kingdom. Biafra Nation as a matter of fact, Her main focus is Africa in general, Nigeria as a matter of fact is drawing Africa back. Nigeria that disappointed the international community in "Aburi" is the same one that Brokers peace talk for other Nations, we all are witnesses to the results of such peace talks held in Nigeria. Biafra is alive and is established that Africa in general may come to light. Any Nation that deemed it good the situation of the Biafrans in Nigeria at present whose Over three Million Children were massacred innocently no reason has been given for such attrocities and none has been tried in the international court of justice for war crimes as to appease the spirit of the dead, will likely and most likely going to face the same situation Amen.

chichi February 4, 2006 - 3:11 am

i agree with your comment offeke, as long as we are in the same country as nigerians, there will be no peace. ilook forward that one day we will have a country called BIAFRA

Anonymous November 19, 2005 - 4:29 am


i love biafra i hope soon biafra will stand.

joseph from spain

Ofeke 1 October 31, 2005 - 8:59 pm

Have anyone ever ask a question why is that the Hausa people never want to conceed power to the igbos If any of the reader here knows Nigeria very well will agree with me that the Igbos are the eangine of this entity called Nigeria.

The Igbos are not to be blamed should they go ahead to seck for "Republic of Biafra." Nigeria can never get better. It will always get worst day-by-day as long as the HAUSA and YORUBAS are in power. They know it very well that Nigeria have no future. The only way out for Nigeria is let the Igbos go on their own.

Have anyone again ever ask him/herself a question saying why is that the Nigeria government do not want the Igbos in Nigeria and at the same time do not want them to go. How can you force a Moslium and Chriatain one house. You are coursing a big problem here. There is no way the Igbos and Nigeria are one. Igbo food are different Dressing are different language are different Ideologies are different and for GoD's sake igbos do not knock their head on the ground while praying.

If anyone is listening there will be no peace in Nigeria until each an every Nationality goes there own saperate ways. Garry can never come back to N1 for ten cups.

I retire here for now readers.

Ofeke 1.

prince kennedy Iyoha June 21, 2005 - 12:44 pm

21 de junio de 2005.

Member’s of the above mention organisation are Sad,to acknowledge that in today’s world, These events are allowed to take place inWashington D.C. no wonder the predics of the American ints agencies about Nigeria. Its also Sad,to acknowledge that in today’s Nigeria some people still beleive in ethnic politic, which has cost Nigeria important sons . if our sence of history is not falling us, it was the very same actitude that lead to the only civil war that Nigeria ever had.the condition of the Igbo people in Nigeria, is secound to none. The fact that the Ibo comunity has not represanted a figure head in modern history, since greatmen like “ZIK” and “AGUIYI JOHNSON”means that all is lost? There are many ethnic groups like the hausas, edos,ijews etc.., that has never small that position, and are not claming for the seperation of the nation, regardless of gleam of hope that nigeria and nigerians are heading to a better understanding , and that the military are for ever out of the political life of nigeria?some people. Despite this fortunate news, particularly from the Igbo race, who either do not have a deep understanding of the plight of Nigeria and Africa in general. In either case, it is troubling, especially when those thought to be precocious demonstrate profound inability to discern the socio-politacal and economic situations of the African continents as compered to the rest of the world.. Nigeria cannot afford any distraction anymore on it’s road to it’s socio/political and economical developments. We all are in the very same boat, and most work together to reach this promiseland. Nigeria is the hope of many black people all over the world, and we the people of Nigeria owns our brothers in the diaspore the responsibility to build a united, strong and powerfull nation. Insteed of thinking ethnicity, we should be thinking of building a great nation.

Calle Tenderina nº 145 bajo 33010 Oviedo. Tel/Fax: 985217810 / 617776367 / 627424258

E-mail Asturias spain.

It is unfortunate that the NdiIgbo comunity were not present in the construction of the united states, our organisation is present today in the construction of a great union called the european union.high time we became serious and ignore people whose antics are all in one, self. Have you ever wondered how beautifull and strong it will be if what we call ECOWAS today, transform to what will be the WEST AFRICAN STATES, with it’s capital in what is known today as BOQUINA FASO? How great, strong, powerfull and proud it’s citizen will be in the world? progressive black people all over the world are screaming for a change in Africa and are looking forward to Nigeria for such change?

As we prepare to conclave, many are inventing ways to undermine. Would they succeed? Surely, they have no power to undermine the construction of this great nation that will be called ”THE WEST AFRICAN STATES”. What is written is written and no man or woman can change what was predicted and have been the hope of our black brothers in the Americas during the slave era.Can obasanjo think about this?





Anonymous May 17, 2005 - 6:03 pm

It appears the author has some anti Biafra sentiments, however, did well to mask those feeling


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